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Donna’s Law: I do not consent to the false identity arbitrarily imposed on me being used by any government, incl. to continue to rob me of all my basic legal rights like timely access to my choice of proper medical treatment… (02.02.2020)



... my name is donna bugat and my whole.... multicultural self is my best self...



... i do not consent...





I am my true self Donna who is a political prisoner trapped in the life of the false identity arbitrarily imposed on me by the state who have always robbed me of all my basic legal rights, which for most other people provides them with choices and opportunities they can enjoy and take for granted.


The fact I was obviously robbed of my true identity, culture and family etc as a child purely for financial reasons is not addressed or remedied by the defective 1984 legislation in Australia, which only continues to discriminate, by dishonestly purporting the state can give unlimited immunity to the perpetrators of state sponsored abuse.


I do not consent to my false identity being used by any government to rob me of all my basic legal rights incl. to continue to deny me timely access to my choice of proper medical treatment


I remember when I refused to join the intelligence services, the man who posed as my father grabbed me by the hair and assaulted me, dragging me across the room, and so I walked away. That was shortly before I was sexually assaulted by a priest and was then forced to go to England where I also refused to join the military.


Their web of deceit made my Aryan brother from another mother and father who had barbed wire tattoos try and commit suicide which they tried to deny had anything to do with them, before they claimed my friend’s little sister who was recruited by the intelligence services and resigned, blew her brains out.


It was the former Australian FM Alexander Downer who was falsely claiming in 2006 that I wasn’t an Australian citizen !! and so I still had no rights while I was being assaulted by men in the UK, I was running away from while trying to get help etc etc. He then went and hid as an Ambassador in the Australian Embassy in London, before now grandstanding in the UK, with Blair who tortured me in the UK. Mr Downer lives in the UK despite having claimed to be solely an Australian citizen while being an Australian politician, who discriminated against an Australian citizen legally living in the UK too.


I do not make apologies to anyone for naturally being multicultural.



... predatory... on the fmr australian fm downer's watch...



I am the female Australian citizen who was legally living in the UK, who did not have a legal entourage in the UK because I am also one of the people politicians like Downer label Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


I am a civilian who has never gone into 'self imposed exile'.



... this is what really happens to australia's 'forgotten children' ...



There is nothing but victim blaming which is being used because of course the last thing predators want is for victims to have a voice.


A competent medical professional could only conclude my recent medical records which incorrectly include the false identity arbitrarily imposed on me by the government, are a complete and utter disgrace, because the state has never cared so it has never wanted me to have any proper medical treatment, let alone that includes my choice.


I am asserting my right to my true identity which must be used on all documentation including medical records, which also means having all my other basic legal rights, that I was robbed of when I was an innocent and defenceless child without any legal representation.


It is common-sense it must be mandatory for any child held in ‘state care’ to have a counsellor, fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover and legal representation to protect them, so this never happens again.


My real identity and whole self, that was never for sale to anyone, is legally entitled to modest reparations so I can live a safe and sustainable multicultural life in Catalonia, without further delay.



27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!