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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: re: a) Legal Challenge to Australian 1984 legislation & b) Injunction against Politicians current Victoria ‘Inquiry’ along with c) Court Orders that DOJ et al comply with pre-action protocol, legal claims & mediation regarding reparations… (30.01.2020)





... catalonia is my home...



I have considered a range of information and as you know previously raised my concerns regarding the 1984 legislation to legally reclaim my true identity that distressingly I only recently discovered by pure happenstance. That legislation is very clearly legally defective on a significant number of legal points of law of the utmost public importance.


I do not reasonably believe the current government inquiry in Victoria is properly addressing the historical facts and very serious legal issues surrounding that legislation.


A responsible government could not legally pass the 1984 legislation that admits children are legally entitled to our true identities, while effectively giving immunity to the entire state apparatus that was used against innocent and defenceless children who like myself had no legal representation, let alone that was independent, when the most important decisions about our lives were being made.


It continues to be inconsistent with the rule of law that those of us affected who were literally robbed of our identities, cultures and families in closed courts of law, (incl. because we did not have legal representation) while the perpetrators did have legal representation themselves, are now expected to return to those same courts !! without legal representation !! to ask ‘permission’ !! to legally reclaim our true identities.



... the public money wasted on politicians endless 'inquiries' over the years, would be better spent on reparation payments to victims !!....



Of course, any idea that anyone affected should pay any sort of court fee etc to legally reclaim our true identity is not only clearly perverse in law, but deeply offensive. My identity has never been for sale.


These are very serious unresolved cases that deserve the necessary dignity and respect of those like myself affected, having at the very least, legal representation paid for by the government, including to try and work through all manner of accompanying very serious legal issues.


Suffice to say the original ‘policy’ of using the courts along with the entire apparatus of the state, to traffic children, made a mockery of the rule of law.


The public admission with the 1984 legislation etc, that state sponsored child trafficking and ethnic cleansing was taking place necessitated those affected like myself, who were innocent and defenceless vulnerable… children receiving free legal representation to try and safely build sustainable lives.



... 31 december 2020... they really are taking the proverbial...



We have huge obstacles to overcome to try and reclaim basic rights that others take for granted and enjoy.


The facts of my own particular case are of particular concern because the people involved in my own abuse did directly financially benefit from the perversity of legislation that effectively gave them immunity, while they were in the highest public offices such as the man who posed as my godfather who was the Director General of ASIO in 1984.


However it is a wider point of law I am arguing.


I suffer the reality of very serious prolonged physical and emotional harm and distress that continues with every single day I am held prisoner and hostage to the name that was imposed on me which is accompanied by so much abuse over so many years that continues to seriously disadvantage me.


My instructions are:


a) I would like a legal challenge to the 1984 legislation itself filed in the court next week.


b) an injunction to prevent the continuation of the inquiry until that legal challenge is legally resolved


c) a court order that:


i)  the DOJ and other state agencies engage with letters of claim, pre-action protocol and mediation in civil legal proceedings


ii) the government are legally obliged to fund legal representation


These are practical steps that need to urgently happen to help remedy historical abuses that have not been properly addressed for far too long, because victims like myself need to really be free to move on with our own lives making our own choices.


There is only at best political posturing with another ‘Inquiry’ after so many years, which is taking the proverbial spending public money that could be better used in the here and now as reparation payments for the victims  !!


I am not interested in politicians who are clearly pushing their own narrative, instead of helping victims.


I am very worried what has happened to me, which continues really as an adult because it has proven so difficult to even legally reclaim my true identity, can still happen to other vulnerable children, which is why I am stating the obvious peaceful resolution to ensure this really does never happen again.


It is common-sense it must be mandatory for all children in state care who are by definition vulnerable to all sorts of exploitation, to have a counsellor, legal representation (that is independent and paid for by the government) along with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover to protect them.


There have literally been years for successive administrations of politicians to legally address the legal issues. 


I wish to safely go home to Catalonia, sometime after 10 February 2020 and before 02 March 2020.


Kind Regards.


Donna Bugat




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!