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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British Queen & her intelligence services who posed as my parents & godparents legislated behind my back in real 1984 Australia to give themselves immunity from Catalan betrayal (30.01.2020)


I was recently so shocked to discover by pure happenstance the existence of the real 1984 legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming my true identity, which also cynically reverses the norms of civil procedure.





It is very difficult to fully comprehend the enormity of the devastating betrayal within that legislation, that directly affects me that I was never even consulted over, and didn’t know about. It is self evident the intelligence services never told me about the 1984 legislation because they knew their own self serving deceit could never be explained away to my face over a cup of tea.


They wrote their own confession confirming they never cared about me, in that legislation.


There is small consolation they must have all been gagging over my repeal of their free speech ban in the UK, before the British Queen spun another version of the 1984 betrayal in Australia in the UK in 2011, when she sought to hand out more immunities, against me !!



... the pyrenees...



I now know they always feared discovery of their Catalan betrayal in the 1984 legislation in Australia because knowledge of the deceit within the legislation at a time the monster who posed as my godfather was also Director General of ASIO could only lead to the finger being pointed at them.


They are responsible for so much human pain and suffering, and of course I now understand why they didn’t want me ever returning to Australia.


... more bugats :)...



All they ever did was tell lies and abuse me while doing their legislative betrayal behind my back !! because they disgracefully sought to give themselves immunity, when they were unable to make me their pawn because I refused to join their intelligence services or military.


The three heads of the intelligence services directly involved were all alive in 1984 Australia along with Bowlby who was their very own Mengele, who was paid to spin Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ as ‘scientific’ experiments.


It is obviously unconscionable they all abused any and all powers to legislate over their own personal undeclared conflicts of interest, against me.


It is fair to say I have expended my vocabulary of expletives but there is beyond that so much grief and sadness about their unrelenting cruelty.


When I was discussing the horror of it all yesterday, I said what I still really worry about every single day is that it is happening to another child somewhere, because it could still happen to any innocent and defenceless child.




I did everything I could to try and save innocent and defenceless children’s lives throughout many long and arduous years peacefully campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London, because I do know what it is like to be terrorised as an innocent and defenceless child.


There was never any adult I could turn to, to protect me when I was a child because there was only the banality of evil of the highest echelons of the intelligence services in the state bureaucracy.


Even now as an adult there is only the banality of evil of bureaucracy with politicians who are not the victims giving speeches with their patently false apologies, while staging inquiries that sidestep the obvious peaceful resolution to what are criminal acts, that includes modest reparations.





I can’t change what happened to me, but I know I can stop it ever happening to another child in ‘state care’.


The peaceful resolution is it must be mandatory for any child held in ‘state care’ to have a counsellor, and legal representation (that is also independent of the state) along with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover.


A reasonable and responsible adult does know that any state that refuses to implement those basic rights for vulnerable children in ‘state care’ has an ulterior motive making it unfit to govern.


It must never happen again and Donna’s Law would make it that much harder for it to ever happen again to an innocent and defenceless child or indeed the many thousands of innocent and defenceless children.


I am a prisoner and hostage and real life 'converso' every day I am forced to live with the suffering and abuse that comes with the name that was imposed on me, when I was robbed of my identity, culture and family, because there were no basic checks and balances and safeguards.


I live with the reality of the prolonged physical and emotional harm and distress they have caused me.


Donna’s Law which really would help to make the world a better place, is also part of my own healing process, as I move closer to legally reclaiming my true identity which means I can also personally build a new and sustainable life where I really will be free to make my own choices.


When I am settled in Catalonia I will establish my Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust to raise small private donations and public grants to contribute to developing and sharing information on sustainable living with clean renewable energy.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat ♥♥♥♥♥ 




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!