Donna’s Law (28.01.2020)




Donna: My Court Order in Case 352 in the County Court of Victoria, Australia (28.04.2020)







Thanks for your email this afternoon.


I note from your previous email, the DOJ who have failed for unknown reasons to provide me by email with outstanding legal documents for seven months, also failed to inform me of another inquiry in Victoria, Australia, presumably because the Attorney General et al wouldn’t want me to contribute.


It is self evident to any reasonable and responsible adult, the British Queen abused her powers, committing criminal offences with the state sponsored kidnapping of children like myself who were subjected to child trafficking and ethnic cleansing etc.


It is too painful for me to remember too much, and particularly when I am not at all well.


My greatest concern is that what happened to me could happen to other children.


It must never happen again.


Donna’s Law


The Victorian Attorney General is invited to take a common-sense global lead to ensure it can never happen again by making it mandatory for all children in state care to have a counsellor, independent legal representation and fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover.


I hope that people who work with survivors known as Australia's 'forgotten children' will agree with me.


A state that is unwilling to take those most basic steps to protect the most vulnerable children is not fit to govern.


(The only reason I am personally offering a pardon to the British Queen so she can retire is because that is a generous compromise that really would help in the recovery of survivors like myself, so we could feel the world is a safer and better place.


Too many people have profited from too many years of horse trading over the lives of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ so that the state sponsored abuse has always continued for people like myself as an adult in the UK etc too)


Kind Regards,