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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am going to pardon the British Queen so she retires & I will receive modest reparations so I can peacefully live a sustainable life in Catalonia, which also means Heads of State and embassies will no longer have immunities… (28.01.2020)



... my whole self is my best self...




... it's common-sense another ! ongoing 'public inquiry' in victoria, australia (which i was only informed about today !!) already knew before it began, the british queen committed... criminal offences with the state sponsored kidnapping of children like myself who have been subjected to child trafficking & ethnic cleansing etc etc...





The facts are the British Queen who always tried to use me as a pawn, which I have always refused to be for anyone, refused to resign when Franco died when I was thirteen years old, before maliciously legislating against me in 1984 Australia and twice again in 2011 in the UK after the High Court there confirmed yet again that I had in all practical respects, 'won'.


I will receive modest reparations from the Australian government, so I can peacefully live a sustainable life in Catalonia making my own informed choices using the best available clean renewable energy resources.


I wish to go home to Catalonia sometime after the 10 February 2020 and before 2 March 2020.


It is my choice to live in Catalonia regardless of anything else.


When I am settled in Catalonia, I will establish my Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust that will raise money through small private donations or grants, to contribute to developing, sharing and progressing information on safe and sustainable eco living.


It must be mandatory for all children in 'state care' to have a counsellor, independent legal representation and fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover so what happened to me can never happen again.


The Catalan and Australian governments are and will remain responsible for my safety and security. If I ever raise any concerns with my counsellor or any Australian consulate, the Australian consulate will always help me, and my counsellor will always have full and unfettered access to me at any and all times. For the avoidance of doubt, I do not give my consent to ever being held in a medically induced coma.


I will give the British Queen a pardon so she can retire, and that will also mean there are no longer any immunities for Heads of States or embassies with regard to civilians like myself.


I will withdraw my lawsuit over the legislation made against me in 2011 in the UK so the other staged legal proceedings that named me without my consent, but did not include me about that legislation stand, but the accompanying legislation made at the same time giving immunity to Heads of State will not. 


I am confident Catalonia and Spain can successfully co-exist peacefully with 100% autonomy for everyone within the Spanish Constitution in Europe.


Therefore Israelis and Palestinians are equally capable of making a similar peace deal about a Jewish State, which will mean Palestinians can make their own choices like myself about where they want to live as equal citizens whether that is in the Jewish State or wherever else they are living.


This will also mean no-one ever needs anyone else's 'permission' to be Jewish.


Women everywhere will be able to make their own decisions, including to wear whatever they want.


The UK will obviously be welcome to rejoin the EU whenever it wishes.


I am certain Brian would agree that’s quite a lot of peace for everyone.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat ♥♥♥♥♥





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!