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British Queen is white supremacist tyrant who robbed defenceless Catalan female multicultural... child’s identity, culture and family, denying legal representation & timely medical treatment in transit camp for displaced persons called Australia (27.01.2020)



... my name is donna bugat and my whole self is my best self just like anyone else...



I am the multicultural female child who was robbed of my identity, culture and family in the transit camp for displaced persons called Australia, run by the tyranny of the white supremacist British Queen.


The British Queen is a white supremacist tyrant who has obviously never stood up for women anywhere, because she doesn’t even treat her own daughter as an equal, while the whole world knows her king in waiting has obviously never been a peacemaker.


The only people who show deference to the Queen are quislings of one kind or another who do it for money. If they really respected women they wouldn’t let the monarch abuse her power to abuse other women, and worst of all totally innocent and defenceless female multicultural… children she robbed of our identity, culture and families, while denying our access to legal representation and timely medical treatment.


The fact the Australian Whites Only Constitution decrees the GG & PM top dog is always the worst of white British stock has made the transit camp for displaced persons called Australia, the most politically racist nation on earth, because the entire state apparatus is used to spin each incoming wave of immigrants against each other with tall tales about 'assimilation'. 


The history classes in Australian schools don't teach the Australian Constitution was the blueprint copied by Hitler who was in every way, one of the British monarchy's own, like Bowlby who was their Mengele conducting anything but 'scientific' experiments on exploited children like myself.


The spoilt and indulged British Queen has never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service her entire life. Yet she has viciously refused to settle lawsuits in the UK before quibbling over paying disability pension which is the same amount as the age pension !! along with access to timely medical treatment in what remains for ‘forgotten children’ like myself a transit camp for displaced persons called Australia.


The British Queen refused to resign when I was 13 yrs old & Franco died in 1975, before she legislated against me in 1984 Australia & 2011 UK to cling to the throne to try and avoid standing trial.


The apology to Australia's 'forgotten children' is clearly fake.


The British monarch has no defence that she is too old to be extradited to Australia to stand trial because she put an innocent and defenceless female... child denied any access to legal representation or medical treatment on trial for my ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity, before she tortured me etc as an adult in the UK.


I proved the British Queen could have peacefully done what I did really do in Parliament Square, Central London, but she never did. She could hardly have a tête à tete with me on her BBC because of what she is still doing to me.


I am the worst tourism advertisement possible for the British far from Commonwealth.


The staged spin from apologists like Corbyn, Johnson, Netanyahu and Abbas or Hanson and Wyatt et al who all show deference to a white supremacist British Queen, while having always had the opportunity to enjoy their own identity, culture and family is not impressive.


I would have had the opportunity others have, if I had not been robbed of my identity, culture and family while and because I am and was denied legal representation and access to timely medical treatment.    


Most people everywhere are ordinary people just like me and we naturally live 100% within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


A reasonable and rational responsible adult knows, there is far more money to be made by everyone that can help make everyone healthy and wealthy in so many ways, beyond the tyranny of the British monarchy.


Therefore, I am legitimately claiming modest reparations so I can safely return home to live a peaceful and sustainable life in multicultural Catalonia on the Mediterranean where it is possible to live 100% autonomously, within the Spanish Constitution in Europe. There are so many opportunities to develop clean renewable energy resources there, with the added bonus it’s somewhere free from the British monarchy.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!