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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am the Catalan Australian who has established numerous legal precedents for 100% autonomous multicultural Mediterranean ‘El Call’ within Catalonia & Spanish Constitution in European Union (26.01.2020)



... my name is donna bugat and my whole self is my best self...







Please pass this to the DOJ Legal Department.


I am the Catalan Australian who has set numerous legal precedents for 100% autonomous multicultural Mediterranean ‘El Call’ within Girona where members of the Bugat family once lived within Catalonia & what is now the Spanish Constitution within the European Union.


I am legally entitled to modest reparations from the Australian DOJ department, because I now know the government cruelly robbed me of my identity, culture and family etc to try and use me as a pawn, which a reasonable, rational and responsible adult would know has caused me significant prolonged physical and emotional harm and distress etc.


The Australian government stated in 2011 that the facts of my case are unique.


I am the eldest child and daughter of my mother and father and I have two sons and half siblings on both sides of my multicultural family and the British, Australian, Italian, French and New Zealand etc governments have my DNA and relevant legal records. 


My beautiful little sister with the same DNA who died, was a Trekky fan who said we are the next generation, which is true.


... el call... the call of catalonia...


The records show the Australian embassy in Paris forced me to travel 12,000 km to Australia in 2019 when they knew I was seriously ill with pre-existing medical conditions !! while I have obviously not had timely access to medical treatment in Australia, let alone of my own choosing. This is because of the state failure in the duty of care when I was a child, and it should have been mandatory for children in 'state care' to have had fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover so we couldn't be exploited as 'scientific' experiments etc. The Australian government will therefore need to cover any excesses in medical and insurance cover so I can make my own informed choices as a matter of urgency now. 


I explained the other day, I am in a lot of pain in my legs, arms and back that is worsening and is not part of the multiple diagnosed auto immune illnesses etc, so I am obviously not feeling at all well. For the avoidance of doubt, the longstanding understandable breakdown in my trust in the medical profession means I want to avoid hospital treatment in Australia. I have said I need access to proper pain management to better manage the multiple illnesses and to try and avoid their progressing and multiplying or necessitating hospital treatment I do not want. I can have an MRI scan and see relevant specialists in Catalonia instead and have advice on the best way to safely travel there. 


It is my intention to use modest reparations to find my own way to peacefully live a sustainable life in Catalonia with the best available clean renewable energy resources. I would need to stay in a small hotel in Catalonia, until I find some suitable land I can build a tiny eco home of my own on where I can live quietly growing some vegetables and lots of flowers.


I would like to leave Australia sometime after 10 February 2020 and before 02 March 2020.


When I am settled in Catalonia, I will establish my Donna Bugat Global Family Eco Trust to raise private donations and/or public grants to contribute to and progress the sharing of information and knowledge about sustainable living.


Catalans could have Catalonian passports within the Spanish Constitution, like Australians have passports within the British Commonwealth.


It is obviously possible for Catalans to have 100% autonomy within the Spanish Constitution. 


I own the trademark on my name and I am entitled to safely go home to Catalonia first, but Israelis and Palestinians are obviously welcome to copy my pink peace print if they wish.


There is a rose in the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, 35 kms from someone else’s border.


This statement is true,


Donna ♥♥♥♥♥

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!