Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalonia & Spain are similar to Israel & Palestine because we all need real and sustainable peace deals to be secure safe havens around Mediterranean to help ensure global peace (04.01.2020)


Catalonia and Israel who are similar yet not, in many ways, both need real and sustainable peace deals.



... most around the mediterranean like everywhere else want to live in peace...



The gold rush in oil saw Catalonia left behind because of Franco, yet they have still built a tourist industry, but only have tenuous autonomy, while Israel rely on the United States which is not sustainable including in a global transition to primarily clean renewable energy.


The situation between Catalonia and Spain is similar to Israel and Palestine. 


There should be a Jewish State on the Mediterranean where Jewish people have always lived, alongside European, Arab and other Mediterranean Catholic and Muslim states.


Catalonia will naturally become 100% autonomous first with clean renewable solar, wind and sea energy, while Israel does it’s gas deals etc.


The transition to clean renewable energy cannot be used as the pretext to exclude Jewish people from around the Mediterranean again, which is less likely because there are more choices with regards to clean renewable energy.


Jewish people are no different from any other people because all sorts of people want to live in different states for all sorts of reasons, and so there should be a choice of a Jewish state or other states for Jewish people to live in too.


I would not personally be asking the permission of anyone to choose what religion I practise.


Catalonia needs to welcome Jewish people to return as do other states around the Mediterranean and elsewhere apart from Israel, because when Catalonia and Israel are peaceful and secure safe havens around the Mediterranean that will help ensure global peace.


There is no real reason there are not peace deals now between Catalonia and Spain and Israel and Palestine with regards to land and autonomy.


The only real issue is military.


Catalans have to pay into someone's military budget in the EU, just like Palestinian people will have to pay into either the Israeli or Arab military budgets which in all the true circumstances is pretty much the same in real terms.


The only real way to consistently try and keep contributions to military budgets as low as possible is to encourage as many governments as possible to join the ICC with an entourage of lawyers instead.


Military skills are easily transferable to the growing clean renewable energy industry.


The real point is there is unlimited clean renewable energy to help make everyone healthy and wealthy in the beautiful heaven on earth we are all privileged to live in.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalonia and Palestine should only contribute a minimum to military budgets in EU, Arab or Mediterranean world because there will only really be sustainable peace when all governments join ICC with entourage of lawyers instead (04.01.2020)