Donna 'Black-Cat' Bugat: My little sister was murdered on 10 September 2000 in Melbourne, Australia because she protested against crony capitalists who kidnapped me when I was a child (03.01.2020)




The fuel protests in the UK began on 8 September 2000, before my little sister was murdered on 10 September 2000 in Melbourne Australia, because she had protested against the crony capitalism who kidnapped me when I was a child and there were anti-capitalist protests in Melbourne on 11, 12 & 13 September 2000 against the 'World Economic Forum'.


I remember travelling to Australia in what was the worst journey of my life, stopping off at Changi airport in Singapore en-route and seeing the surreal images of the summer Olympics in Australia on TV screens. When I arrived in Melbourne and was given something to eat, I was so distraught I just threw up everywhere. 


My little sister was correct when she observed the people who posed as my parents were really horrible to her. 


I could only conclude they were seriously unhinged when they actually said to my face when I came to Melbourne for my little sister's funeral that "something good might come of her death".


I now know everyone was trying to cover up they would never have been able to hide the connection between the Director General of ASIO in 1984 and the Orwellian legislation in 1984 about legally reclaiming your true identity (that I didn't know about until I found out recently by happenstance) and me, which would have seen the intelligence services et al on trial that everyone knew led all the way back to the latest British monarch, myself and my brother from another mother and father were taken to visit when I was four years old in 1966, because my little sister from the same mother and father had been born in 1964.


I was kidnapped when I was a child, because I was the only and oldest child of my parents with Catalan heritage and Catalans were betrayed by the English et al with the colonial Treaty of Utrecht which built the growing inequalities with colonial empires, the English politicians and their cronies, most benefited from.


My little sister had known about me and had always wanted us to be together, while her existence had been hidden from me.


It had all really started in the Pyrenees in medieval times in the endless battles between popes, royals and caliphates continuing to compete to stop autonomy, which is the natural human state of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


There is no doubt whatsoever about what happened to me in the UK, which only confirmed the people from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents et al had never cared about me in any way.