Donna 'Black-Cat' Bugat: The false messiah DG of ASIO Barnett (25 Dec 1925-23 June 1995) posed as my godfather & hid behind Australia's Orwellian 1984 legislation with entourage of lawyers, coz impossible to claim baby Donna a 'National Security Risk' !! (31.12.2019)



I have shockingly served a 57 year life sentence for the 'crime' of having the 'wrong' identity, which is by any stretch of anyone's imagination an appalling miscarriage of justice that only happened because I had no legal representation as a child to protect my best interests.



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The predatory adult false messiah Director General of ASIO Tudor Harvey Barnett (25 Dec 1925-23 June 1995) hid behind Australia's Orwellian 1984 legislation with an entourage of lawyers, while victims politicians cynically label Australia's 'forgotten children' did not by comparison automatically have legal representation, because Barnett (et al) could never claim baby Donna had been a 'National Security risk' !! 


What he and others originally did in Australia was even more unlawful than I proved it was to call me a Serious Organized Criminal as an adult in the UK which on a personal level, very seriously compounded the harm that had already been done to me in Australia before it led to the repeal in the UK of that ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 anti-competition free speech ban 'legislation'.


It is frankly a badge of honour politicians in the UK publicly declared Brian and myself were a 'national disgrace' on 25 May 2010.


It is self evident it would have been a legal impossibility for the predatory Barnett to claim he was my guardian who had ever cared about my best interests while he hid behind an entourage of lawyers in Australia, while I was his victim who by comparison did not automatically have an entourage of lawyers, so there was at least a pretence of a level playing field.


The politicians et al all too often self-serving legislation should never be confused or conflated with the real democracy of the autonomous peace and harmony of the rule of law which has equality of arms with the level playing field of demonstrable checks and balances like due process.


Australian 'politics' is notoriously corrupt and has only got worse, because it only ever has endless staged royal commissions.  


It would be obvious to anyone that Australia's 'forgotten children' who are the victims of a vicious state 'policy' targeting particular groups of children for all sorts of nefarious reasons, should have automatically had legal representation on request, because it is impossible to claim that a state that did not even bother to appoint legal representation for children never considered children's 'best interests' ever. 


The state completely stole the identity of a living child !! because I was a 'social experiment' in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing where they just wanted me to sign on the dotted line as an adult to use me as a 'universal soldier' which I refused to do because I naturally only wanted my true identity to find my own way in life. 


The good news is that 2020 is a turning point for me personally, because one way or another, I am finally so much closer to legally reclaiming my true identity. That can only help improve my physical and emotional health which has been so seriously damaged, because it has been so distressing having other people trying to force me to live their lies for too long.