Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalan Australian 'dual national' on receiving end of a millennium of state harassment & bullying on New Years Eve (31.12.2019)



I am a Catalan Australian ‘dual national’ on the receiving end of a millennium of ‘ethnic cleansing’ that has manifested itself through a multiplicity of state abuses across all sorts of socially constructed 'borders' over the centuries.





I received an unsolicited phone call at 10.52am from an unknown representative of Australian government department ‘B’ bullying and harassing me on New Years Eve because I am one of the people politicians cynically label Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


I was not in a private space when the unexpected phone call was received, so a lot of people heard I was very distressed and what it is all about. 


The government department will need to produce their ‘anonymised’ record of the unsolicited phone call to me on 31 December 2019 for my legal proceedings.


I tried to explain to the unknown person making the phone call, he was only bullying me with trademark ‘victim blaming’ that is all I ever experienced from the adult employees of the state when I was a vulnerable innocent and defenceless child too !!


A reasonable person would know the only true purpose of the man’s phone call was to bully me, because he was talking at me not with me etc etc.


Any professional public official would know it is absolutely unlawful to try and take advantage !! of a victim of undisputed life threatening state torture when the victim has also been diagnosed with pre-existing multiple auto immune illnesses etc, while already undergoing onerous legal proceedings to legally reclaim their true identity which was stolen by the state, by contacting the victim by phone in the manner described.


The man strangely repeatedly kept denying that the fact I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ is indeed ‘inextricably linked’ to my pre-existing life threatening physical and emotional health issues, despite him not being a medical professional etc himself.


It is an agreed fact, the government department who contacted me by phone have at all times refused to have any medical professional working for their ‘department’ even meet with me including while I have a lawyer present to properly advise me.


I respectfully pointed out that since the one thing we do agree on is we are in disagreement all he needs to do which is normal due process is produce his government departments medical professional and reasons in court to argue whatever their unknown reasons they refuse to disclose to me either verbally or in writing that in any way dispute what I am very reasonably saying etc.


The true legal reality is it is impossible to deny that forcibly ‘disassociating’ me from my true identity as a child adversely affected my physical and emotional health causing life threatening illnesses etc etc.


The aggravating facts of my own case is there is considerable evidence of prolonged state abuse of me as both a child and adult because I am one of Australia's 'forgotten children'. 


The government department who telephoned me are not even professionally trained to even acknowledge let alone deal with the multiple serious issues facing Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ because the government have never cared.


I was telling the man I was being abused and had been abused by the state and he didn’t care which is very damaging for and only compounds the damage for a victim of state abuse.


The person repeatedly denied… anything !! is a legal matter, which of course he would reasonably know to be completely untrue, because of the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia to legally reclaim your true identity in onerous legal proceedings that are different to most people's life experience in many respects.


I had a reasonable expectation the man who phoned me would simply politely -agree- without argument to effectively 'join' the legal proceedings.  


I reminded him that what happened to me as a child was only possible because I did not have legal representation while the intelligence services who grabbed me did, which was not rectified by the Orwellian 1984 legislation to legally reclaim my true identity when the man who my baptism certificate shows posed as my godfather happened to be Director General of ASIO. At no point did the man on the telephone offer me legal representation either despite him knowing I am legally entitled to legal representation from his department too because his government department have a ‘duty of care’ too !!


I have nevertheless accepted the need for me to have legal representation from elsewhere.


I am 'the one' who proves the messianic Director General of ASIO in 1984 (Tudor Harvey Barnett 25 December 1925- 23 June 1995) who posed as my 'godfather' financially benefited (along with others) from Orwellian 1984 legislation that did not automatically give Australia's 'forgotten children' legal representation.


It is entirely inappropriate for an unknown male who could be anyone with any number of unknown conflicts of interest to telephone me over what is really part of my legal case, whether or not his government department agree.


It is absolutely unlawful for any public official to try and cover up other public officials use of life-threatening torture and all public officials have a duty of care to protect all Australian citizens.


It is a fact that unsolicited phone calls denying what has happened to me do aversely affect both my physical and emotional health because it is for me, a continuation of the reality that government officials and indeed the medical profession were originally directly involved in the government ‘policy’ of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


The politicians phoney ‘apology’ is in any practical sense meaningless without automatic legal representation and access to private health cover etc for victims to help improve our physical and emotional health in a 'timely manner' that was without any reasonable doubt damaged by the original failure of the 'duty of care' by the government.


My personal experience as a Catalan Australian dual national… victim of prolonged state abuse as a child and adult is that the fact I have served a 57 year life sentence for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity is and has adversely affected my physical and emotional health, causing multiple serious and life threatening illnesses etc etc.


I am a responsible adult who would know the same would be true for anyone who experiences and had experienced what I have.


We are all agreed government ‘adviser’ John Bowlby’s ‘policy’ of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing is completely discredited etc etc.


I am equally sure the person who phoned me would not be ringing the monarch to harangue her on New Years Eve.


A reasonable and rational responsible adult exercising a professional ‘duty of care’ would know it is foreseeable that for adults to force a vulnerable innocent and defenceless child to completely ’disassociate’ from their true identity will cause that child both physical and emotional harm, with the facts ‘distinguishing’ individual cases, including through life threatening physical and emotional illnesses, like numerous… auto immune illnesses.


I am trying to peacefully stop any and all state abuse that does begin by forcing vulnerable innocent and defenceless children to completely ‘disassociate’ from everything about their true identity.


How many evasive ‘professional’ voyeurs can claim they have been forced to walk in my shoes ?


I am personally close to legally reclaiming my true identity anyway, which is part of my trying to do whatever I can to improve my physical and emotional health, which the government have never and are not trying to help me improve in a 'timely manner'. 


Catalonia can ultimately end a millennium of life threatening physical and emotional harm through the forced ’disassociation’ of innocent and defenceless children from their true identity with 100% autonomous/independent Mediterranean multicultural country which would join ICC.


All Catalans want to peacefully safely move on from being persecuted and victimised.