Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australian PM et al grandstand over Adass Israel & academics in Iran scandals while hiding Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ are Australian ‘citizens’ held hostage in Australia etc without legal representation in transnational cover up (30.12.2019)


The Australian PM and politicians et al are really grandstanding over the Adass Israel and academics in Iran scandals because they have always held Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ hostage without legal representation, despite being Australian 'citizens' too.



... the best of times, the worst of times... habeas corpus...



Their so called apology was a complete lie because they didn’t redress the historical failure that the state could only commit the original sin by denying its 'own' innocent and defenceless children legal representation.


That failure continues in the transnational cover-up because there should automatically be legal representation for Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ rather than the government legislating to try and give themselves an amnesty over child trafficking and ethnic cleansing !!


I now know, the reason I was illegally denied legal representation in civil lawsuits in the UK over the repeal of anti-competition legislation there, with the accompanying horrific consequences, was because of the legislation I did not know about in Australia until recently, so there is a transnational cover up. 


It obviously is not a 'co-incidence' I am 'discriminated' against because I have Catalan heritage.


I have served a 57 year lifetime sentence for the 'crime' of having the 'wrong' identity.