Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Catalan independence in new regional autonomous states with choice of dual national Spanish and EU citizenship in EU too, a blueprint for Israel Palestine peace deal ? (29.12.2019)


I personally think the avant-garde is that all states should become autonomous, however that does not preclude states being autonomous -and- independent.



... there are successful small states in the EU which both Catalonia and England could be too...



Catalans must legally be able to decide if they wish to maintain or improve autonomy or have independence within a revitalised EU with the choice of dual national EU citizenship that must give EU citizenship to Catalans first because of the historical betrayal in the colonial era.


It is incredible the UN approved Algerian independence, but not Catalan independence, following the military dictatorship of Franco.


There are only historical reasons from the colonial era that led to growing inequality globally that have precluded Catalan independence.


There is currently only a choice for Catalans to argue over autonomy within a flawed Spanish Constitution, which means even if Catalans achieved dual national EU citizenship people would either be Spanish or have EU citizenship, which doesn’t help people maintain their Catalan identity.


It is an anomalous situation in many respects because there is Australian citizenship although Australia is not independent of England, while there is not Catalan citizenship within Spain.


The government in Madrid in Spain cannot legally just arbitrarily change Catalan autonomy whenever they feel like it and worse, without consultation and referendum in Catalonia.


A revitalised EU would see smaller regional states with greater autonomy so people have the choice of being dual national Catalan and or Spanish with EU citizenship too, which is a win-win for everyone really.


The EU has proven it can make trade deals, but it was organised the wrong way around because of the colonial era and the failure to make a proper peace settlement following World War Two because of the Catalan 'question'.


In the same way England could remain in the EU along with a separate Scotland, Wales and Ireland with everyone having the choice of dual national EU citizenship which would help end the perpetual colonial era divide and rule. The fact England and Wales voted to leave the EU, in the case of Wales presumably because the EU did not help re-generate Wales following the mine closures, does not mean Northern Ireland or Scotland who voted to stay along with Gibraltar should have to leave.


Catalonia should not have to leave the EU if Spain chooses to leave the EU one day.


There are successful small states in the EU which both Catalonia and England could be.


In reality, if the EU had been built on the solid foundations of people having the choice of dual EU citizenship, the current manipulations by politicians and media would never have happened. The fact UK politicians have chosen to leave the EU, shouldn’t mean people in the UK who want to stay in the EU should be forced to leave, because they should have the choice of dual EU citizenship. This becomes even more obvious when you consider the UK relied on enough people in Northern Ireland voting to leave, to produce the narrow English ‘majority’ so obviously propped up by Corbyn, despite everyone in Northern Ireland who voted to leave and who were a minority in Northern Ireland knowing they would in fact be completely unaffected, because they are dual British and Irish nationals. 


However you look at it the British referendum vote was manipulated and dishonest, and Palestinian people have always had more choices than have ever been offered to Catalans. 


Catalan independence with dual national choices of Spanish and EU citizenship could be a peaceful blueprint for an Israel Palestine peace deal too, because people would have similar choices, regardless of whether they are for example Jewish, Catholic or Muslim.


The reality is people and politicians will all benefit from more choices, because most people are moving towards wanting more eco life-style living and villages with sustainable clean renewable energy which will in turn save on health and welfare costs.