Australia’s ‘forgotten children’: British monarch knowingly facilitated child sexual abuse because entire state apparatus could only impose predatory state ‘policy’ of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing by denying children legal representation (28.12.2019)



The adult British monarchy et al always intended Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ to be ‘forgotten’ which is why they completely changed our true identities and took away all our rights, which they could only do by denying us legal representation as children.





It is impossible for the Australian government to deny prior knowledge of the child sexual abuse scandal involving Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ because the entire state apparatus directly facilitated child sexual abuse themselves, by illegally denying Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ legal representation.


It was always foreseeable the state intended to cause serious harm to Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ precisely because there were no basic checks and balances and safeguards of any kind put in place to protect the ‘best interests’ of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ because the sole consideration was the financial interests of some rich adults.


There was clearly no-one Australia’s ‘forgotten children could turn to because the entire state apparatus was predatory in what was really a complete absence of any pretence of the rule of law. 


The reason Orwellian 1984 ‘Amnesty’ legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming our true identities, doesn’t redress the most basic right by automatically giving Australia’s ‘forgotten children’  legal representation is because any reasonable person would know the state always knew from the very beginning their ‘policy’ had ‘no recognised defence in law’.


Yet every day  'news' media who have an entourage of lawyers, sugarcoat the truth, while the perpetrators have an entourage of lawyers too.


In practise this means Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ are still completely ostracised by the ‘banality of evil’ of ‘bureaucracy’ when it should be self evident to any reasonable and responsible adult that our physical and emotional health would benefit by our having legal representation because we do have so much to try and manage. 


There's something seriously wrong with a society that arbitrarily changes some children's true identities without the innocent and defenceless children having any legal representation. The result for me is, I have served a truly harrowing 57 year lifetime sentence for the 'crime' of having the 'wrong' identity, which has seriously affected my physical and emotional health, all of which I would never wish on anyone, let alone on an innocent and defenceless... child !!


There were no all white 'journalists' in Australia ever gnashing their teeth over the plight of Australia's 'forgotten children' because the so called 'journalists' on all 'sides' were all too busy pointing the finger anywhere else. 


Australia's 'forgotten children' are still exiles and refugees in many practical respects because we are not yet treated fairly by the state, or really even recognised as 'citizens' by the state, let alone equal with other 'citizens'. There were never any unions bargaining for even the return of our basic rights, yet we really have been so disadvantaged and exploited. 


The Royal Commissions are obviously a waste of time because there isn't going to be a Royal Commission into the royals anytime soon.


All Heads of State who claim immunity for themselves are only encouraging predatory child sexual abuse.