Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am ‘notifying’ court of autonomy of dual national Catalan Australian Mediterranean Jewish EU citizenship by 31st January 2020 (which is same as Israel Palestine peace deal) (27.12.2019)


I have served a 57 year lifetime sentence for the ‘crime’ of having the ‘wrong’ identity’ which is another massive miscarriage of justice in the history of all ‘socially constructed’ borders in the past millennium.



... Schrodinger's Catalan... and the 'difference' is ?... I am a little bit 'wog & dago' which I am rather fond of being... 



The Bugat family who are and have been Jewish, Catholic, Muslim (& autonomous Cathars who I personally think were probably Jewish Catholic ‘converso’ reformists) have always lived all around the Mediterranean in the valley and mountain regions, including the ‘diasporas’ in Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes and the Americas and Australasia.


It’s all Pyrenean to me.


The highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services completely changed my identity when I was an innocent and defenceless child because they didn’t want me to ever find my own way to freedom from their world of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


I am most definitely not the ‘Immaculate Conception’, so I guess I am more a female Moses or Edgardo Mortara.


My 'baptism' certificate (which will be nullified) from the ‘Church of the Ascension’ (which the career minded intelligence services were founding members of) identifies the people from the highest echelons of the intelligence services who posed as my Mary and Joseph ‘parents’ and the three wise king ‘godparents’.


My personal view is the story of the baby Jesus only encourages people to do nothing and in particular when it comes to protecting female children and women.


I was born during the ‘Whites Only’ Australia and Franco era, when Franco was Europe’s favourite military dictator, while Eastern Europeans were offloaded to the Soviets who were not at that time exploiting their vast oil reserves for the benefit of everyone. 


I am more Schrodingers Catalan, rather than the all white Little Englander ‘Pavlovian dogs’ while my DNA does not match the people from the highest echelons of the intelligence services who posed as my parents.


I think my Aryan brother from a different mother and father who could have had a twin brother, could have been Dutch, but most Dutch people didn’t protect poor white Jewish people either. I guess he could have been German too. 


Ashkenazi often practise tokenism towards Sephardi, but it so happens I am ‘both’ across numerous socially constructed ‘borders’ in a global world of 'divide and rule'.


My brother who had barbed wire tattoos had tried to commit suicide because he never got the support he needed because the intelligence services were using us as ‘social experiments’ which was before the public execution and death of the twins. My friends little sister who was recruited by the intelligence services resigned before everyone claimed she blew her brains out. And so on and so forth.


It would be a legal impossibility for politicians et al to claim they ever cared about the health and welfare of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’. The intelligence services had legal representation as adults that I did not even have as an innocent and defenceless child, which is the only reason they were able to grab me, while I was denied the most basic medical information about my immediate family.


I was taken half way around the world to England by the intelligence services to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace when I was four years old in 1966 and my brother was seven years old, because my real little sister from the same married mother and father was born in 1964. Everyone did know the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing going on was seriously illegal. 


I was very seriously traumatised into silence by my childhood with adults who so obviously did not care about or want me.


The people from the highest echelons of the intelligence services who posed as my parents took an extended holiday in the UK in 1975 at the end of the Franco era while I was dumped with other people in Australia, from the highest echelons of the intelligence services who posed as my godparents.


The British monarch hired ‘five eyes’ Murdoch who jumped on the bandwagon (to work with the man who posed as my godfather) to exploit me as a thirteen year old Catalan girl held prisoner, to build his global media empire in ‘reputation management’. The Whitlam ‘controversy’ was spun to hide the real Catalan truth, in the continuing centuries old betrayal that had inevitably once again led to the growing inequalities of colonial empires.


The monarch obviously didn’t want to stand trial for child trafficking and ethnic cleansing involving the highest echelons of her intelligence services on her watch.


I was a 13 year old girl who could make my own decisions and there was no legal reason I could not go home to my own family, which everyone knew I wanted to do, and would have been able to do if I had had my own legal representation which the intelligence services did not ever offer.


It is very distressing for me, that I didn’t get to go home to my own family and sister even when I was 13 years old, purely because of royal ‘blushes’ and it’s accompanying continuing horse-trading.


The Catalan, Italian and Jewish politicians didn’t go searching for the ‘lost children’, presumably because they were doing their own deals that didn’t 'remember' the ‘forgotten children’.


I was sent to England when I was a teenager by the Fremantle (Deakin-Brookes-Clarke intelligence & political) circles because I refused to join the intelligence services and so they wanted me to join the British military, only to try and cover up what they had done, but I refused because I have only ever had a lifelong dream to legally reclaim my own true identity.


I was seriously traumatised once again during the real 1984 when I was in Europe and the Middle East and the man Tudor Harvey Barnett who posed as my godfather had horse traded his way to Director General of ASIO. I now know no-one wanted to be ‘embarrassed’ by my legally reclaiming my true identity with Hawke’s Orwellian ‘it never happened’ Amnesty ‘legislation’ in Australia in 1984 that I only recently discovered.


I was devastated to recently discover the existence of the Australian Orwell legislation which does anything but pay homage to Catalonia. My entire life flashed before my eyes because I realised the intelligence services et al had... always been trying to avoid legal proceedings against them.  


My little sister from the same mother and father died exactly four years after I arrived in Melbourne to meet her on 10 September 1996 on Alexander Downer’s watch, before he incredibly denied I was an Australian citizen in 2006, while I was in the UK and he was still the FM etc etc. He knew the Australian government had the same duty of care towards me as an ordinary civilian, they do exercise towards their own embassy staff. Downer found it 'convenient' to hide away in the London embassy behind 'diplomatic cover' when he was no longer a politician !! 


My own youngest son was 14 years old when he went to live with his father, so I could go to Parliament Square, Central London, to do whatever I could to genuinely try and stop the terror.


Brian showed me while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, there are good Christians like he was, unlike the gruesome Westminster Abbey where the monarch annually goes to celebrate the slaughter of indigenous people all throughout the still far from ‘Commonwealth’.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch in Parliament Square, Central London, except the government campaign of terror against Brian and myself, because we did genuinely stand up to repeal the terror of the anti-competition free speech ban, which anyone could have done, but we did very publicly do.


Freedom of expression is very important to children and then adults like myself who have always lived the terror of child trafficking and ethnic cleansing, because it helps us peacefully express our grief, sorrow and loss, which no politician or terrorist ever does in our name instead.


The British monarch could never take me to court for asserting my freedom of expression to say on a 25w loudspeaker when she passed by with the Duke and her grand entourage leaving a State Opening in 2007 “When the Queen was in her counting house counting out her money was the Duke of Edinburgh counting dead brown babies ?”.


The Pinochet defence wasn’t going to save her from the ICC.


I repeatedly proved in UK courts, the British monarch has “no recognised defence in law” for “putting in place a sequence of events that puts… my life at risk” (ie: Murdoch’s Davison suffragette case on 31 January 2007) which is why I was kidnapped in court… during proceedings !! on 19 July 2007, to stop me giving evidence, before the High Court in the UK was closed to the press (who were involved) and public in 2010 before I was definitively denied all legal representation on 23 June 2010, all while it was admitted Special Branch et al were involved.


The 31st January 2007 case involving Murdoch and Special Branch et al was a repeat of my being kidnapped in a court as a child by the intelligence services !!


The obvious truth is I could never have been stolen as a child, and had my identity completely changed, if I had had legal representation when the intelligence services et al so… obviously falsified affidavits to the court. All children in court systems must have access to counsellors and legal representation, but I never did. 


I remember the quisling Livingston was cozying up to Mandela while trying to Biko me with his 'unknown' assailant on 17 August 2007, which was after the government had said on 27 June 2007 (during the Blair Brown switch) they were going to invade Iran (which I never personally believed) but before Livingstone refused to meet young people from Tehran in 2007. Corbyn, Blair, Brown & Livingstone (and later Johnson et al) had all illegally hidden emails from 8 March 2007 proving politicians were illegally 'influencing' the top cop Lord Blair over the legislative anti-competition free speech ban we repealed. Corbyn who is the Freddie Scappaticci of the UK peace movement incredibly took money from Tehran for... himself to try and cover up what he was doing to Brian and myself in the UK. 


I have the Habeas Corpus High Court Order from April 2008 because the government sought to deport me under the cover of a Mayoral election because I am a Catalan ‘converso’ who won the ‘decisive’ legal victory at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.


I remember some males from the UN Geneva branch came and spoke with Brian (and were incredibly rude to me because of course the UN had always managed to 'somehow' completely ignore what Franco did to Catalans)


On 26 May 2010, Ofcom stopped Tehran publishing anything about the undercover operation used against Brian and myself on 25 May 2010 that led back to for example 17 August 2007, because it involved many of the same people who all profited from the cover up. 


In 2011, I asked the Australian embassy exactly how many Australian citizens all around the world they had in my situation and they said I was the only one, because the politicians didn’t care either before or after their insincere apology to Australia’s ‘forgotten children’. 


I am not an all white male posing as a 'journalist' with an entourage of lawyers making excuses for the Australian born American 'citizen' ... Murdoch !! who won't be extradited anytime soon. 


Frederick Forsyth is another ghoulish voyeur, who is not terribly accurate historically speaking, because of course he was never remotely bothered about child trafficking and ethnic cleansing in Australia.


There is the mother of all Catalan transnational miscarriages of justice.


It was seriously illegal and unconscionable when Murdoch had incredibly published a 'contract' to illegally 'remove' Brian and myself on Sky News in the UK on 19 July 2009 (the anniversary of the date Franco attacked the Catalans) without any caveats on how that was done, which brought every 'Pavlovian dog' and then some running to collect, and continue collecting, as it so happened on 4 September 2009, when the government used life-threatening torture on me etc etc. The UK government have always refused to hand over their 'trophy' footage that does exist.


I remember Tehran have the goods on Murdoch because they happened to film his seriously OTT 'extravaganza' against me on 16 January 2012 at the moment in time the chief of police sarcastically said to me to camera, in front of a Murdoch 'reporter' that I would have to ask the New Scotland Yard 'media' (Murdoch) department for the legal grounds for what they were doing to... me. The Leader of Westminster Council who by 'co-incidence' had lost a massive lawsuit against me decamped to Switzerland. Someone told me Tehran had published some footage before they were made to leave the UK the same day, and later Europe.


I seriously doubt the Australian born American 'citizen' Murdoch cares about Iranian children starving, because he was happily exploiting me as a thirteen year old girl to build his global 'media' empire and I am an Australian 'citizen'. 


It is well known I absolutely refused to have anything to do with the Russian government when they contacted me in November 2016, because I have a 'reasonable belief' they were only trying to 'go behind'/'circumvent' my lawsuits in the UK which involved them, because they were part of the undercover operation against us too, in the UK, between 2010-2012, which included the British government promoting the 'Green Revolution' in Iran, while also spinning 'Hands off Iran' at the same time) It wasn't a 'big secret' in 2010 the British and Russian government were the best of friends which of course remains true in the G20 etc. 


I have the 'water-board' case in France, which is relatively clean so to speak. 


The best I can personally do is ’notify’ the court  (in the first instance in Australia) of my (dual Catalan Australian) Mediterranean EU citizenship in the Orwellian 1984 Amnesty ‘it never happened’ legislation for the benefit of everyone by 31 January 2020.


EU citizenship is going to happen sometime anyway, and ordinary Catalan people should be first in the queue and never excluded again !!


(The Australian politicians only need to support me with a) DSP and b) the ‘excess’ of any and all private health cover I choose, because I will never have the choice of access to private health cover because of what has happened to me, which included the medical profession c) reasonable refund of annual travel costs (incl. because I can no longer drive) d) over 55 rental accommodation in Australia which will need aircon/heating because of my pre-existing medical conditions. It is better for all my medical conditions to spend my time between warm climates e) reasonable costs of adaptation of my modest cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France so I can transfer ownership to my two sons but still visit so others avoid ‘blushes’)


Catalan Australian EU citizenship is the Israel Palestine peace deal too really.


I do need to be free to safely retire to spend more time with my family.