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Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Why do politicians fear formal EU citizenship ? Because it gives people more autonomous choices beyond nationalist vs sovereign spin (24.12.2019)


The world has too many angry politicians arguing over the politics of nationalism or sovereignty, rather than more autonomous choices for people in a global world like dual or multi national citizenship.



...the fact remains most people are opposed to war. regardless of their politics...



The EU is not really sustainable unless it reverses decades of political horse-trading with meaningful EU citizenship so people can really first and foremost be united in peace, regardless of their race, religion or politics.


The historic betrayal of Catalans can only really be redressed by offering Catalans EU citizenship first which is the Israel Palestine peace deal too really, so people can genuinely make their own choices.


The formal legal reality of EU citizenship would mean people have the choice whether they prefer Catalans politicians or Spain’s Vox politicians or another EU country.


It is more than abusive for politicians et al to try and forcibly define and change people's identity, and in particular when governments including the UK and Spain were stealing children's true identities, which was ethnic cleansing.


Spain’s Vox grandstanding which is the trademark politics of distraction etc only really begs the real question why EU politicians more generally, have not formally put EU citizenship on the table so people do have real choices beyond binary political referendums.


After all, there is a substantial 48% of the public in the UK who agree there really is so much more to life than the myopic egocentric world of all politics.


Politicians do not ever speak for everyone all the time and they should not being trying to impose themselves on everyone either, because they are supposed to be the servants, not masters and oppressors.




27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!