Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am legally reclaiming my true identity as Catalan Italian Mediterranean Jew with Australian & EU citizenship by agreeing to give amnesty within Orwellian 1984 Australian legislation by 31 January 2020 (24.12.2019)


I have lived the real life of a true converso.


... Schrodinger's Catalan... the best of times & worst of times...



The suffering and distress of children whose identities were cruelly stolen because we had no legal representation when the most important decisions were made when we were innocent and defenceless children, are only recently beginning to be recognised.


I have already served a 57 year life sentence for the 'crime' of having the 'wrong' identity, so there has been a very serious miscarriage of justice.


We have had so many people's lies arbitrarily imposed and forced upon us through the abuse of entire states apparatus, making trust a very difficult issue. In particular this is true regarding the medical profession who were part of the whole social engineering 'eugenics' project in Australia etc who betrayed any trust when we were so vulnerable.  


Therefore freedom of expression is a very important part of a healing process for the stolen generations of children like myself who have to try to find our own way while dealing with so much.


Our families across so many generations have been profoundly affected as we have lost so many loved ones.


Sometimes it is easier to write what we cannot say because there is too much pain, grief and sorrow among so much loss. 


It has always remained my lifelong dream to peacefully reclaim my true identity.


I don’t want to be an outsider looking in on a world I do not understand because of what has happened to me.


I confirmed today that I do want to give an amnesty within the Orwellian 1984 “it never happened” legislation, which will be formalised sometime after 16 January 2020 and before 31 January 2020.


The true legal position arising from the Orwellian ’Amnesty’ legislation means I can legally reclaim my true identity as an Australian dual national Mediterranean Catalan Italian Jew.


I can choose any name I like and I obviously choose the name Donna Bugat because that is the name my mother and father gave me.


I love my mother and father.


I had a Hallelujah or epiphany moment.


My baptism certificate that names the people from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents will officially be declared null and void by the court, so I really can be... Jewish :):)



... the sisters and the brothers from the same mothers and fathers and different mothers and fathers...


My sons were never baptised, so they are free to make their own religious choices.


I love my sons with all my heart, and I want them to be able to enjoy the most freedom possible.


I have already done everything that needed to legally be done to assert and protect my own and my family's rights in the UK, Mediterranean and European Union, in my own right.


However anyone looks at it, I did legally live in the UK etc in my own right.


It is my intention to transfer ownership of my modest cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France to my sons.


I do not need to personally own property in France myself to claim EU citizenship which I have already as an ordinary person asserted in practise anyway.


... my 'super mario' brothers...



An ordinary person with Catalan ancestry has to claim EU citizenship first which is also the Israel Palestine peace deal, to peacefully redress everything.


My ‘waterboard’ case can peacefully redress everything with the relevant amnesty, which I do want to do because it would help me move on myself in finding my own way, part of which has always been trying to do my best for everyone else too. 


Catalans are only a minority because of so many centuries of a 'diaspora' which mean we are really a majority.


Jewish people want to live safely in Europe and on the Mediterranean and elsewhere without being anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’ too.


I loved my sister from the same mother and father and my brother from a different mother and father regardless of our race or religion.


I know from my own personal lifelong experience EU citizenship can become an acknowledged legal reality, so people have real choices.


An ‘international’ lawyer will need to confirm I have of my own free will, made an informed decision.


EU citizenship really can be "the deal" of the millennium.


I really do want to spend more time with my family, because we have missed out on so much in our heaven on earth.


Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navi... dad & all that.