Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am 13 year old girl Murdoch exploited, so Catalan EU citizenship is Israel & Palestine peace deal too, with equality of opportunity for everyone bringing world peace closer (22.12.2019)


I am “the” child prisoner who Murdoch exploited as a 13 year old girl in 1975 to build his own global empire, so I could legally win EU citizenship for all Catalans, which is really the Israel Palestine peace deal too




... 1975...



The her story of Catalans is about a millennium of betrayal.


I lived the truth of the betrayal in 1975 when the intelligence services who posed as my parents returned to the UK for a ‘holiday’ while I stayed with the intelligence services who posed as my godparents.


I should have been with my own family, which is what was in the best interests of the child and I had said by then was what I wanted.


That was when Murdoch jumped on the bandwagon at the end of the Franco era to continue to exploit Catalans too, and specifically the story of one child prisoner, which was me, which is how he built his global media empire.


There are no words that could ever explain how I feel about the loss, grief and pain.


I repealed his legislative leverage in the UK with the real peace and harmony of the rule of law, for the benefit of everyone.




… the ‘waterboard’ case… Inverloch when i was an innocent and defenceless child, is pretty much what they watched happen in the uk too when i was an innocent and defenceless adult…


I am not a formally trained lawyer but I stood on the front line for free speech, and made a positive difference.


There is no point in Catalonia pursuing a secession referendum.


The Australian born American Murdoch is not going to be extradited to face justice anytime soon.


I do need legal representation to do the 'banality of evil' called 'bureaucracy' for me because it is a legal impossibility to deny the fundamental failure caused by my not having legal representation when the biggest decision about my life was made when I was an innocent and defenceless child has had a lifelong overwhelmingly adverse impact on my physical and emotional health. 


All Catalans would most benefit from EU citizenship which is really the peace deal between Israel and Palestine too.


The EU is not sustainable without legally addressing the Catalan question.


Most people know it is more constructive to build more autonomy which is the real avante-garde, by creating functioning legal systems that give people sensible and sustainable choices.


The only way a millennium of betrayal of Catalans can be fairly redressed is by a formal offer of EU citizenship for Catalans ("a" Catalan) that with genuine equality of opportunity, would bring world peace closer. It is legally straightforward enough to use the relatively clean  'waterboard' case. I want to transfer ownership of my property to my sons, which helps avoid others blushes but doesn't change I would still be able to visit there etc. 


I really would like to retire to spend more time with my family.