Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I don’t need anyone’s ‘permission’ to be Jewish dual national Catalan with Australian citizenship from country I was born in or Italian Mediterranean EU citizenship to help unite global human family in peace (21.12.2019)


I am one of Australia’s ‘mixed’ race ‘forgotten children’ who as an adult still in practice suffers from the same overwhelming oppression I experienced as a child, because I have never had so many of the basic rights my whole life that many other people enjoy and take for granted. 



... the best of times & worst of times...


The fact I have had since I was a small child, unlike the exile Dante, so many obstacles to overcome in my lifelong dream to peacefully legally reclaim my true identity does mean I know no-one has any ‘reasonable excuse’ to intentionally harm anyone else.


I have lived, loved and been exiled as an ‘outsider’ from all round the world, having watched and listened, trying to understand what went so wrong, while I have always tried to do the right thing for everyone.


I have learned the natural human state is to peacefully live autonomously so any and all states should be working towards 100% autonomy within one global functioning legal system.


This would mean that one day it would be a fundamental human right for everyone to be able to choose to own some land to build shelter necessary for their human survival, rather than the current global system of ‘property developers’ of all sorts.


The global world has a multiplicity of socially constructed arbitrary borders that have only been created for the financial benefit of a few, so most borders do not reflect true international law.


Any genuine international law would naturally give citizenship to people born in a country.


The fact someone is born in a country doesn’t change many families are naturally multinational nd global too, because family members can be born in any number of countries for so many reasons.


I have Australian citizenship, although I am Mediterranean in origin, while my family members have a multiplicity of citizenships because they were legally born in various countries too.


My own family is truly multinational.


The Australian born American Murdoch by comparison built his worldwide empire by working with the intelligence services to exploit… a 13 year old ‘mixed’ race girl in Melbourne, because of course he really trades in secrets. The intelligence services went to the UK in 1975 because Whitlam was trying to horse-trade over “me too” etc etc.


Many people have horse-traded over Catalans during the past millennium because of the Mediterranean Phoenician and then Catalan thalassocracies preceded European and Ottoman empires.


It would be helpful if I had a lawyer myself now, because although I know law, what has happened to me is so overwhelming, it does make me physically and emotionally very ill trying to cope with the ‘banality of evil’ called ‘bureaucracy’.


I did incredibly against worldwide odds create a legal precedent in the UK with my repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 ‘anti-competition’ legislation. The court records prove that in practice, politicians et al switched a purported notification people would give to receive authorisation from the chief of police that politicians publicly claimed could not be refused, with permission that was arbitrarily violently refused by any means including by the judiciary who didn’t even have any prescribed role in the published authorisation process.


This was the original malicious prosecution on 22 February 2006 which is the same date the Nazis executed the White Rose in Munich in Nazi Germany in 1943:


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


There were Bugats who were partisans executed by the Nazis in Northern Italy in 1944 without due process too.


It would be self evident to any reasonable and responsible adult that Brian and myself did not have to ‘apply’ to any judge under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 to and before we peacefully campaigned together according to Article 11 Freedom of Assembly.


... 19.11.2011...


The British government did know I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ with Jewish converso ancestry when the intelligence services told me I was being monitored, although it was agreed I wasn’t doing anything illegal. In particular, they did know I did not know about the Orwellian 1984 legislation in Australia about legally reclaiming my true identity. The intelligence services told me the British government would never let me do what I did do anyway in the UK, because however you look at the intelligence services weren’t doing their job, and hadn’t been doing their job for a very long time.


I do therefore know I do not need permission from a judge including according to Australia’s Orwellian 1984 legislation to legally reclaim my true identity that was stolen from me when I was child by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents.


In the EU, the Catalan Quim Torra who is a qualified lawyer, filed a lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights in 2011, against the Constitutional Court's re-writing of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia


The legal cases are not so different, although I never had any formal legal training.


I am by nature a Catalan Italian Jewish girl.


I slapped the British government with the mother of all High Court civil jury lawsuits on 17 August 2011, while I was illegally imprisoned again without legal representation or trial in the UK. I told the Australian embassy I could legally break out of prison because the government could never prosecute me before a jury which is what you are supposed to get when you escape from one prison or another. On 7 October 2011, the High Court in the UK confirmed my jury lawsuit would have to go ahead even if the government withdrew another of their malicious prosecutions which they did have to do, because of course I still had my original High Court Order from April 2008 everyone was trying to ‘overtake’ with all sorts.


I guess it’s similar to jailed Catalan leaders.


The Spanish government can’t extradite Catalans from anywhere if we support autonomy or independence.


Catalans stood alone in Europe at the beginning of World War Two when Franco began his war against Catalans on 19 July 1936, and were never liberated at the end of World War Two while Franco continued being Europe's favourite military dictator who got away with it all.


The hardest thing for me to do would be being a Catalan Italian Jewish woman living in Catalonia...


I do believe in god, and that god gave everyone the ability to try and make equality of opportunity for everyone, through most importantly genuine reform and redress, which is why I try to forgive those who do whatever they did or do to me.


God sent me into the wilderness of an autonomous region in France, when he knew I was too weary in the UK, because he knows I like peace, and helped me make the right choice with my modest cottage in a nature lovers paradise in the EU.


I always loved the birdsong, which helped me try and deal with PTSD.


I told a friend who visited me while we were sitting in my garden-forest which has it’s own bat colony too, I didn’t really care if I didn’t speak to another human for two years. I was really suffering very badly from a lifetime of PTSD.


The Pyrenees have been used to divide the Bugat family forever.


There is a rose in the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, thirty miles from someone else’s ‘border’.


My experience is that genuine reform like real autonomy that benefits everyone along with redress where possible is more important than any personal views.


The Bugat family have lived all around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes. The Eastern European Galician Bugats identified themselves as Jewish Polish people when they moved to New York at the turn of last century like French Bugats did earlier too and so on and so forth in a global diaspora because we are just like most people really.


The Bugats are related to the Bogods and probably Bogomils who people think became Cathars who I think were really Jewish and Catholic reformist conversos.


The Avignon Papacy married into our family when the matriarch was a Bugat.


I wouldn’t wear a yellow star Cathars were made to wear along with Jewish people, but a yellow ribbon is okay.


The French government would have to take me to court to turn off my ‘leak’ or water I would have been able to collect water from the numerous local streams for free if that water was not polluted by the run-off from chemicals used to grow food often to feed animals because farmers have to make a living. 


I have a Mediterranean world view myself, which can help unite the world in peace, because no-one, including what are really socially constructed minorities of any kind, including Jewish people, within one global human family, should be anyone else’s dhimmi because we are all one global family.


There is plenty of space for at least one Jewish State around the Mediterranean which has European, Arab, Christian and Muslim states too.


Brian and myself made a New Jerusalem in the Golan of Parliament Square, Central London, relying on s3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967.


Catalans are never mentioned in Australia because the British betrayed us to build their colonial empire.


The Australian government have never cared about me or they would have given me access to basic medical information about my immediate family when I was a child. That was long before the British government used the ‘poison gas’ of diesel emissions from their buses, they knew were in breach of EU law, on Brian and myself with their five lane one-way traffic system, which High Court records show I did say was illegal. I was referred by doctors in France and Germany to hospitals when I had an EHIC card, so I guess I had probably been unwell for a long time, with numerous ‘pre-existing’ connected serious illnesses.


I had no choice about being baptised as an innocent and defenceless child, but my own sons were never baptised in any church so they have always had the freedom to make their own choices as adults. I don’t need anyone’s permission to be Jewish which is a choice I have made myself as an adult. I shouldn’t really need anyone’s ‘permission’ to live in a Jewish State either, because all they should want is people to accept it is a Jewish State. My personal view is Jewish politicians really should have the courage to join the ICC because then they can really help protect all Jewish people.


I am the child prisoner who has more credibility than the likes of Aung San Suu Kyi et al who were grandstanding while I was an  adult in Parliament Square, Central London, when I really did peacefully stand up to the biggest ‘property developer’ in the world.


I think if Catalans can make peace with the Spanish government, then Israel who is much more powerful can make peace with Palestinian people who are being offered a better deal than Catalans have ever been offered, in what is a mix of royals, independence and autonomy.



... 1975...


The court records show the people who posed as my parents (and godparents) in Australia had lawyers when they falsified court affidavits, but I never had any lawyer and the court did not appoint one to protect the best interests of the child, so the court was grossly negligent too. That fundamental failure meant the most perfunctory of checks to ensure some safeguards, were not carried out, because any basic check would have highlighted the man posing as my father claimed to be a company manager in court records while he claimed to be a public servant on electoral rolls.


The governments didn’t care about Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ when we were children and they still haven’t cared about us as adults, which is why the Orwellian legislation was rigged the way it was at the same time, the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett, was Director General of ASIO.


Most people know ‘following orders’ is not a ‘reasonable excuse’ in criminal or civil law, which is why governments and their intelligence services know that whatever 'doublespeak' they spin, they still have criminal and legal… liability.


Any and all children who are going to be taken from their parents for whatever reason must have proper legal representation as a starting point so there is a level playing field of some kind.


I have been through too much as an innocent and defenceless child and adult that is so overwhelming because I never had a lawyer representing my best interests when I was a child.


In many ways, I am still the small child trying to find my own way back from exile, because I am still generally treated as someone who doesn’t have the same rights, most other people take for granted.


The people who politicians cynically labelled the ‘forgotten children’ are really the ‘Lost Children’ because we have never really had all the support we need to find our own way.


I saw the pain my Aryan brother from another mother and father also suffered and the intelligence services tried to deny when he horrifically tried to commit suicide. His barbed-wire tattoos were a visible clue, but the intelligence services denied they were in any way responsible. No-one came to rescue the ‘Area 51’ children, so we became the ‘Lost Children’ and my Aryan brother from a different mother and father, was in many ways more trapped than me.


I remember when I saw a young man who was a doppelgänger of my brother from another mother and father. I asked if I could speak to him because it naturally occurred to me my brother could have a twin but the intelligence services said I could not speak to the young man and I must never mention what I had seen ever again. So I also knew the intelligence services didn’t care about me either, while I was additionally discriminated against and ‘punished’ because I am ‘mixed’ race. The intelligence services for example paid for my Aryan brother from a different mother and father to go to a private school which he was expelled from, but when I won a half scholarship to a private school which was giving out one full scholarship and two half scholarships, my getting a half scholarship, wasn’t good enough for the intelligence services etc etc. The intelligence services did actively ‘discourage’ me from being successful at anything, because they only really wanted me to join the military or intelligence services so they could cover up what they had done.


They made me an exile from ‘normal’ society.


The 'Black Madonna' is Catalan.


I am Jewish but I loved with all my heart, my little sister who was raised as a Catholic.


When I see families with children with their parents and grandparents all enjoying themselves together, it makes me happy to see that, but I am also sad at the same time, because I will never know what that feels like.


A Catalan person obviously does not need permission from anyone else to be Catalan and the Catalan right to a Catalan identity and autonomy needs to be enshrined in EU law, so it is not subject to arbitrary change at any local or national level.


The British government can similarly leave the EU, but the right of British people who want to choose to remain in the EU should be enshrined in EU law too, through EU citizenship, which people in Northern Ireland almost have with their ability to choose to have dual British and Irish nationality. 


I am transferring ownership of my property in France to my sons, for multiple reasons, that include it will happen eventually anyway. I want my multinational sons to always have a home in the EU, with the bonus it is a Mediterranean country, and it could mean they are less likely to be subject to the whims of politicians, like I have been. It also means I am resident outside the EU, which avoids some politicians et al blushes over the use of life threatening torture etc on me within the EU.



There is plenty of space for at least one Jewish State which was founded in self defense that was not reliant on Balfour, around the Mediterranean which also has European, Arab, Christian and Muslim states too.


I have a Mediterranean world view myself, which can help unite the world in peace, because no-one, including what are really socially constructed minorities of any kind, including Jewish people, within one global human family, should be anyone else’s dhimmi because we are all one global family. 


Australia is like a reverse version of the Mediterranean that could build smaller connected eco cities all around much of it’s coastal areas too.