The Australian Heatwave: Why the 'Bloody Hell' aren’t 'selfie' PM & all politicians volunteering to serve on front line fighting fire emergencies as temperatures soar during their holiday break ? (20.12.2019)



It’s surreal the Oz "where the bloody hell are you" PM is taking selfies on holidays overseas instead of all the politicians volunteering to fight on the front line of fire emergencies.



... two brave volunteer firefighters lost and families devastated, while politicians pose for selfies on holiday...



When I stepped outside in the Melbourne CBD today as temperatures soar, and the city was suddenly smokey from the distant bushfires in NSW, it instantly reminded me of Johnson et al in the UK illegally using ‘poison gas’ in defiance of EU emissions on Brian and myself when we stood on a front line for free speech in Parliament Square, in Central London in the UK.


The court records in the UK show politicians et al ‘sidestepping’ our evidence filed in the High Court in 2011, of their cover-up in illegally forcing us on to the pavement closer to the one way, five lane, traffic system’s dangerous emissions from their diesel buses, that were also in defiance of EU law. It was only after I filed that evidence in the High Court of what all politicians knew they were doing and after Brian died, politicians switched to making a show of dabbling in electric buses for a time. The politicians did obviously know the health consequences of their deliberate state abuse.



... it is strangely smokey outside, from bushfires far away in nsw...


The Australian government have all sorts of public health issues they don’t address, including they strangely don’t even build public housing with air-conditioning either. Politicians really should be building or fitting public housing with air-conditioning because they wouldn't want to live in public housing without air-conditioning themselves, and particularly if they had multiple serious illnesses. 


The firefighters couldn’t stop a lightning strike which started the Buxton fire, but politicians can do more to listen to and help the firefighters.


I remember when I lived in rural New Zealand, many years ago, all the men in the local communities were volunteer firefighters.



... it's officially hot... 


This generation of ‘selfie’ Australian politicians whose primary interest appears to be photo opportunities, should begin by actually volunteering, to genuinely fight on the front line of the bushfires themselves, including so they have real first hand experience of the myriad problems firefighters face.



The politicians on all 'sides' really, haven't been minimising risks because they're too busy stuffing the wallets of their cronies:



... politicians and their 'shonky deals'  & murray darling basin plan etc...






Brexit: All White Oz PM holidays in Hawaii during fire emergency because he’s too posh to hold a hose, while siphoning off $15 million to keep fellow all white rich Australians living in UK rich with ‘Neighbours’ whitewash ’Tourism’ promo (26.12.2019