'Deal of the Century' Draft Israel-Palestine Peace Deal better than Catalans have ever had & could go to referendum because Palestinians know any real argument is with British monarchy or Arab & Muslim leaders (17.12.2019)


The Palestinian politicians should really at least have the courage to put the draft peace deal which leaves room for negotiation, to Palestinian people in the form of a referendum, which would at least open up some public debate that includes the Palestinian public.





The draft peace deal is better than Catalans have ever had and Palestinian people really need to be able to get on with their lives too.


Most people know the reality is the British monarchy really do not represent international law and politicians have no real interest in Palestinian people which is at best just a talking point if it happens to suit them, but is really only all about divide and rule.


A peace deal will give Palestinian people greater opportunities to make their own decisions beyond politicians et al.


Any argument Palestinian people have (such as an offer $30 billion from the US, EU & Arab States which does seem a bit cheap, incl. when you consider what some countries waste on weapons) should really be with Arab and Muslim leaders. 


Al- Mayadeen TV channel Monday obtained a draft of the "Deal of the Century" clauses that US President Donald Trump set out to consider what he considered "a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."


The draft clauses of the "Deal of the Century" stipulate the signing of a trilateral agreement between "Israel", the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas, and the establishment of a Palestinian state called "New Palestine" on the West Bank and Gaza Strip without existing Israeli settlements.


The draft terms of the deal included the settlement blocs remaining as they were in the hands of "Israel", to which isolated settlements would join.


With regard to Jerusalem, the draft deal for the century states that it will not be divided, "and that it will be shared between Israel and New Palestine, and transfer the Arab population to become a resident of New Palestine and not Israelis."


According to the draft, the Jerusalem municipality will be comprehensive and responsible for all the lands of Jerusalem "except for the education provided by the new Palestine, which in turn will pay the Jewish municipality the Arnona tax and water."


The Jews will not be allowed, as the draft states, to purchase Arab homes, nor will the Arabs be allowed to purchase Jewish homes, and “additional areas will not be annexed to Jerusalem, and the holy sites will remain as they are today.”


With regard to the Gaza Strip, the draft "Deal of the Century" stipulated that Egypt grant new lands to Palestine for the purpose of establishing an airport and factories and for commercial exchange and agriculture, "without permitting the Palestinians to live in them."

The draft states that "the size and price of land will be agreed upon between the parties by the supporting state, which will be defined later," while a highway will be built between Gaza and the West Bank and allow the construction of a tanker for treated water under land between Gaza and the West Bank.


The draft dealt with details of the countries that have agreed to help in implementing the agreement and sponsoring it economically, namely the United States, the European Union and the oil producing Gulf states, highlighting that "an amount of $ 30 billion will be allocated over 5 years for projects related to the new Palestine."


As for the price of annexing the settlements to "Israel" and the isolated settlements, the occupation state will pay them the same, as indicated in the draft.


With regard to the distribution of contributions between the supporting countries, the United States of America will pay 20%, the European Union 10%, while the Gulf countries will pay 70%.


The draft spoke that percentages will be distributed among the Arab countries according to their oil capabilities.


In the military part, the draft of the century is prevented from new Palestine by "having an army, and the only weapon permitted is the police weapon."


At the same time, the draft terms of the deal indicate that an agreement will be signed between "Israel" and the new Palestine, provided that "Israel" will defend the new Palestine from "any external aggression", provided that the latter pays to the occupation state the price of defending this protection, while Negotiating between Israel and the Arab countries on the value of what the Arabs will pay to the Israeli army "a price for protection."


It also detailed the draft of the deal, its schedules and stages of implementation, highlighting that upon signing the agreement the following happens:


1- Hamas dismantles and arms all of its weapons, including the individual and personal weapons of Hamas leaders, and is handed over to the Egyptians.


2- Hamas men instead receive monthly salaries from Arab countries.


3- The borders of the Gaza Strip will be opened to international trade through the Israeli and Egyptian crossings, as well as the Gaza market with the West Bank, as well as by sea.


4- After a year of agreement, democratic elections will be held for the new Palestinian government, and every Palestinian citizen will be able to stand for election.


5- A year after the elections, all prisoners will be released gradually for a period of three years.


6- Within five years, a seaport and airport for New Palestine will be established, and until then the Palestinians will use Israel’s airports and ports.


7- The borders between "New Palestine" and "Israel" remain open to the passage of citizens and goods, as is the case with friendly countries.


8- A suspended bridge will be built between a highway that rises 30 meters above the ground and connects Gaza and the West Bank. The task is delegated to a company from China, whose cost is China 50%, Japan 10%, South Korea 10%, Australia 10%, Canada 10%, America and the European Union With each other 10%.


Regarding the Jordan Valley, the draft highlighted that "the Jordan Valley will remain in Israeli hands as it is today," while Road 90 will turn into a four-lane road.


Israel will also supervise, as stated in the deal, the construction of Road 90, while it will be two paths for the Palestinians, and it will link the new Palestine with Jordan and be under the supervision of the Palestinians.


The draft deal of the century included the responsibilities of the parties:


1- If Hamas and the PLO reject the deal, the United States will cancel all its financial support for the Palestinians and strive to prevent any other country from assisting the Palestinians.


2- If the Palestine Liberation Organization agrees to the terms of this agreement and Hamas or Islamic Jihad does not accept, the two organizations bear the responsibility. And in any military confrontation between "Israel" and Hamas, the United States will support "Israel" to personally harm the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, as America will not accept that dozens only control the fate of millions of people.


3- If "Israel" rejects the deal, the economic support for it will stop.


Finally, the deal included transferring custodianship of Al-Aqsa Mosque to Saudi Arabia instead of Jordan.


It is reported that several media outlets published several months ago unofficial speculation or formulas for the "deal of the century" items, and later Israeli media published several items citing fields, including the " Jerusalem Post " and " i24NEWS "