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I had an interesting conversation with a friend about journeys in life.



... melbourne is "the" mecca of op-shops...



The British monarch did not have the intelligence services drag me and my Aryan brother from another mother and father half way around the world to visit her in Buckingham Palace when I was four years old in 1966 because she cared about me, because I was a mixed race ‘wog and dago’ child in what was still openly ‘whites only’ Australia at that time. I now know it was after my little sister I was raised separately from was born in 1964, and everyone knew there was no legal reason I could not be with my own family.


What has happened to me as a child and adult would be overwhelming for anyone to experience.


The people who posed as my parents and god parents worked for the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who completely changed my true identity when I was an innocent and defenceless child and they falsified affidavits for the court. The court and public records show the man who posed as my father claimed he was a company manager while claiming in electoral records he was at the same time a public servant working for the the revolving doors of the Deakin-Brookes-Clarke intelligence services (refer: the dirty washing in the Velvet, Iron and Ashes cover-up in State Library in Melbourne, Australia) The entire apparatus of the state was involved in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing, so the most perfunctory checks were either not carried out or people were paid off, like when Charles Fremantle raped a 15 year old girl and paid off witnesses and judiciary before being rewarded himself with settling Fremantle in Australia and the take-over of Hong Kong during the Opium Wars, the Fremantles were involved in, when they legalised opium. The man who posed as my father had been trained by the Queen’s ‘art curator’ Anthony Blunt who was a double agent in the Cambridge spy ring. So if you believe Blunt was a double agent, the Australian intelligence services must have been compromised from the beginning, because the man who posed as my father was one of Australia’s original spies. The man who posed as my father recruited Tudor Harvey Barnett who became the Director General of ASIO, and married the woman who posed as my mother who was from the Fremantle intelligence services, who go back to Vice Admiral Fremantle who fought with Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and Vice Admiral Sydney Fremantle who started GCHQ and Vice Admiral Edward Fremantle. The people who posed as my parents were married in the Cathedral in Hong Kong in the same year as the coronation of the latest monarch, who is responsible for everything that has happened to me. 


I don’t know how the adults could have been so cruel to me when I was a child and they stole everything from me.


The fact legal proceedings to legally reclaim my true identity which is what is personally important to me, can be in a closed court, although I am now an adult, does give a judge the necessary ‘latitude’ to simply confirm an out of court agreement, like any other civil proceedings. I must be able to protect my family who have been through so much too.


There is no point in a financial settlement because there are too many legal issues, most of which relate to my reclaiming by some means the same rights as anyone else.


I will just need my witness statement filed in court under seal, and some help with the right words that I don’t always know and sometimes just can’t bring myself to say, because a part of me is still the small child.


I am an original scarface because of the ‘accident’ that happened to me when I was small that ‘marks’ me out so anyone can easily recognise me, because I have a large scar on the right side of my upper lip.


I was only 5 years old in 1967 when I was terrorised by a gunman as a small child in Australia, which was the same year as the Six Day Golan War, during the Vietnam War and continuing Franco eras too. The Jewish State had earlier been founded in self defence (ie: S(3)1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967)  that was not reliant on Balfour etc, because no government, including the British monarchy who asked Hitler to stop Jewish ‘emigration’ to Palestine, protected Jewish people from the Holocaust, which was entirely foreseeable given centuries of expulsions and inquisitions etc. There should obviously be space for at least one Jewish State around the Mediterranean because Jewish people have always lived around the Mediterranean, just like European, Arab and North African, Christian and Muslim people.  I have significantly more credibility as a witness than either Aung Suu Kyi or Assange who I know are both apologists for the British monarchy who held me as a child prisoner, in a similar story to Edgardo Mortara. The facts of my existing legal cases alone prove I was actually standing up to the British monarchy and the entire state apparatus in Parliament Square, Central London, while they were by contrast grandstanding with politicians and news media. The reality is it would look very strange if the Israeli government refused a Jewish peacenik like myself with ‘converso’ background medical treatment if I was visiting there, because I am the proof there could be a peace deal… yesterday.


The British monarch knows me and has seen up close that I always do the right thing.


I have more credibility than the monarchy who have seen up close that while they are prisoners of choice, who have never lived in the real world, I am the real child prisoner who has always done the right thing, against and despite the odds, while living in the real world. I love the inspiring human creativity of my fellow human beings.


I would give the monarchy the same rights and immunities I have had to struggle for because it is actually in both our interests for me to do so, because the monarchy know that one day they will need what I struggle to have.


"I have been to paradise, but I have never been to me" and all that.


I only want to legally reclaim my true identity, along with the legal 're-dress' of DSP and a military gold health card, while I plan to transfer ownership of my property in France, to my sons, and quietly visit where I want, just like other people. I do 'reasonably believe' the Australian government are legally liable for all my costs in France, that should include adapting what will be my former property so I can still visit, along with re-imbursing medical evacuation costs to Australia as and when necessary.


It would be a legal impossibility for anyone to deny the cruel and unusual lifelong physical and psychological suffering I have been subjected to.