Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: My legally reclaiming my true identity is biggest personal victory possible in lifelong journey to take back control with new beginning including same rights most people enjoy and take for granted (16.12.2019)



I have always had a lifelong dream to legally reclaim my true identity.



... the best of times and the worst of times...



I have always been an outsider excluded from society by politicians et al who as adults stole all my rights as a child and have always bullied and persecuted me simply for peacefully being human.


The fact I am a female with Catalan Italian ’mixed’ race and religion ’coverso’ heritage etc ticked… all their ‘wrong’ boxes, which led to my becoming one of the children politicians cynically wishfully labelled Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ in their child trafficking and ethnic cleansing ‘scandal’.


Over 300,000 innocent and defenceless children like myself went ‘missing’.


I look at the world and I don’t understand why adults could be so cruel to children like myself, even when we become adults. 


Politicians et al completely changed my identity as a child because it was a ‘crime’ to be a ‘mixed’ race ‘wog & dago’ with ‘converso’ heritage in Australia before politicians in the UK then also called it a ‘crime’ for me to be an adult peacenik trying to save children’s lives.


It didn’t matter what I said as a child because I had no rights and no-one cared about me or stood up for me. 


I had to stand up and do what I did in Parliament Square, Central London for everyone, because I know all about and still feel the pain of the little lost girl.


I have carried a huge burden since I was a small child, because I had to learn to try and suppress all emotion to try and survive.


Yesterday, a woman said she wished I would one day have my own “finding my way day”.


I went and sat in the park and thought about what she had said and the tears came.


I have been crying inside for so long now.


It was an emotional day because a friend had taken me to a community gathering that turned out to be close to where my little sister who died last lived, which is not so far from where I was born in Little Italy in Carlton.


I noticed when I travelled to the State Library, the Victorian police had publicised a test of their ‘public address’ system in the CBD in Melbourne today between 10.30am and 12 pm. Shortly before midday, I had a break and went and stood under the clocks at Flinders Street Station where police I observed left before midday. while I hadn't heard any test of their ‘public address’ system myself. I privately had my own minutes silence at midday in memory of my little sister, because I first met my little sister under the clocks at Flinders Street Station, before I then returned to the State Library to continue my research, which involves ‘spending more time with my human family’ really however you look at it.


It isn’t really strange, but it is true, that my legally reclaiming my true identity is the biggest personal victory I could ever possibly achieve on a lifelong journey to take back control and bring an end to a lifetime of suffering and persecution with a new beginning & some of the same basic rights most people enjoy and take for granted.


I hope one day I will be able to go and visit where I quietly go to honour my little sister and take a brand new passport with me that has my true identity.