Brexit 'One Party' elected dictatorship: Tory vote stays the same, propped up by Labour & Lib Dem enablers splitting any Remain vote, after large decline in voter turnout following referendum because most people know it’s a stitch up among politicians (14.12.2019)



The statistics suggest the British referendum is really all about the truth most politicians hate the public and most of the public hate most politicians with the only disagreement among the public being over which politicians the public hate the most.



… the biggest global illegitimate landholdings needs the biggest propaganda machine…




May 2017 13,636,684


Johnson 2019 13,966,565


Corbyn 2017 12,878,460


Corbyn 2019 10,269,076


Swinson 2019 3,696,423


Leave Vote 2016  17,410,742 (52%)


Remain Vote 2016 16,141,241 (48%)


Voter turnout in 2017 was claimed to be around 78% which had dropped to 67% percent by 2019.


Of course the referendum vote was always rigged in the sense… people in Northern Ireland (for example) were never leaving the EU except by choice anyway, because regardless of how people voted in Northern Ireland, and the majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, everyone in Northern Ireland has dual British and Irish nationality. So the referendum was inherently unfair and dishonest including because the people in the UK who wanted to remain in the EU never had that… choice. There isn’t really anything about the referendum which hasn’t been manipulated or lied about by politicians in the UK and EU and elsewhere.


The British politicians have always been the global leaders in nasty politics all the other politicians try and copy. The reason for that is the monarchy is the underlying global problem stopping true capitalism because its vast illegitimate landholdings which are not any kind of level playing field, simply are not justifiable under international law. The monarchy just attract like-minded arrogance etc.


There really is simply no real point in voting in the UK because it cannot possibly be a level playing field with the monarchy who create such disparity globally. At least there is no longer any pretence the UK is anything other than a 'one party' elected dictatorship. Westminster is a truly revolting place. You don't have to spend long in Westminster to know politicians are one united tribe. I would never personally vote for the monarch's politicians who did what they did to me, but the statistical information from elections which is not usually reflected in the media barons headlines can be interesting.