Brexit ‘One Nation’ Tories have a majority in umm… one country England (& possibly the Kremlin) but not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (14.12.2019)



… the monarch’s turkeys… well, there was only ever as usually happens, the 'hobsons choice' of one lying king or another…


Most people still don’t like most politicians with only some differences between people over which politicians people dislike most.


Little Englanders are happy and the rest of the world is happy too, to be without boorish bullying Little Englanders.


It’s saying something when Little Englanders biggest supporters are the Kremlin, not forgetting of course American born 'Journo' Johnson's mentor, the Australian born 'American' Murdoch.  Corbyn's unpopularity is obviously directly attributable to most people realising he is not only false opposition, but the enabler Johnson and Murdoch et al have completely relied upon, who also got exactly what he always wanted too.


Most people the world over will continue to welcome and embrace the millions upon millions of Beautiful Britons who still want to join in with the rest of the world who are really most people.