The Brexmas Turkeys: UK PM ’Journo’ Johnson limps across finishing line with more than a little help from Corbyn Labour & True Blue Lib Dem enablers with 1.2% 'swing' from FPTP gerrymandering (13.12.2019)


The latest election confirmed most people don’t like most politicians, with the only slight disagreement being which politicians people think are worst.



... there is a whole big wide world where birdies really don't bother too much about passports ...



The ’news’ media to do in an election is much ado about nothing.


The ‘choices’ people are given which are only what politicians choose really were no choices for the public at all however you look at it, because at most the referendum showed some people just want politicians to rule their lives with boorish bullying.


The British monarch's politicians of all shades remain most closely 'ideologically' aligned with errr.. Moscow !! over Brexit, of which Putin is possibly it's biggest cheerleader. So nothing's changed then since 2010 or indeed the Romanovs who were related to the Duke of Edinburgh.


The Brexmas Grinch 'Journo' Johnson can claim a politically Tory England, but there is no Tory majority in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.


The most interesting truth to emerge from the referendum and its accompanying elections is there are millions upon millions of people who still see a life for themselves beyond Britain regardless of whatever politicians try to manipulate.


The millions upon millions of Beautiful Britons who still want to share in a life and world beyond Britain are the true majority because they are like most people all around the world.


I am pretty sure the British monarch's borders don't stack up as 'international law' so there are better ways of people organising themselves.