Beautiful Britons & Brexit bores and bullies: ‘Journo’ Johnson’s victim blaming ‘culture’ in denial reality freedom of movement remains for most people who can ignore politicians and divide their lives between different countries (13.12.2019)


I am from a ‘converso’ culture who has long been forced to endlessly live on different ‘sides’ of socially constructed ‘borders’. The best way to resolve that is by finding ways to live on both ‘sides’ of any socially constructed ‘borders’. 




... an analysis of the statistics tells a different story to the headlines...



My own literally lifelong experience of being one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ who was abused in Australia and the UK by both states because of their underlying connivance in ethnic cleansing, means I learned there is so much more to life than the nasty and vicious self serving world of what passes itself off as politics.


There is no love of any kind from politicians towards the public because politicians only ever use the public as a commodity for their own ends, so they are always trying to find ways to bully people. The world is always a much better experience without boorish and bullying politicians who do live in a myopic ‘Overton’s Window’ of propaganda that can so easily manipulate any political result they like among themselves.


The statistical information in elections rarely match the headlines because politicians are obviously not trying to improve any electoral process, they only want to be able to continue to manipulate. It is interesting that a political party who cannot even achieve a 50% threshold in the number of voters they attract, despite such a truly appalling supposed opposition, frankly doing everything they could possibly do to lose, can claim so many seats, which highlights another problem with poorly drawn boundaries/gerrymandering. 


The true picture is 'Journo' Johnson only limped across the finishing line with a small 'lead' that relied on a) there was no real 'choice' on offer with the preplanned b) First Past The Post gerrymandering producing a 1.2 % swing from the 2017 election, which was only c) enabled by the tactical vote rigging of the still True Blue Lib Dems & ghastly Corbyn's Labour 'vote splitting' alliance. There is only clear evidence there is no genuine, let alone credible opposition. Corbyn was always Johnson's enabler who put Johnson in place with the help of the likes of Starmer who happily worked for both Labour & Tory as the horrendous Director of Public Prosecutions who was never a supporter of human rights. 


The only good news in politics is when politicians lose or leave politics (74 rogues have thankfully stood down in this election, although some will presumably be reincarnated in the gravy train of the unelected House of Lords) which is the only 'guaranteed' thing about politics, while there is no disagreement among most people that all politicians lack credibility one way or another.


The British referendum only highlights it really is much better and indeed healthier for people to find ways to live their lives in more than one country to try and avoid boorish and bullying politicians as much as possible, while instead experiencing a richer and more diverse blend of real culture.


The rest of the world won’t miss boorish bullies like 'Journo' Johnson with their victim blaming culture but instead beckon and welcome the millions upon millions of beautiful Britons who still want to be part of the rest of most people’s world.


It is challenging but inspiring to try and live in more than one country but in today’s world, there are more and more opportunities for young people to enjoy fuller lives, living across more than one politicians socially constructed ‘border’.