A Brexmas de-s… election: Is it too much to dream of a world without all the Brexit, Johnson, Corbyn & Swinson et al turkeys divide & rule ? The biggest truth is most people remain united in opposition to wars  (12.12.2019)



There’s only turkeys most people are not giving thanks for one way or another, with this Brexmas election’s ‘Hobson’s choice’.



... the world just needs happy families and lots of brotherly and sisterly love...



There are only turkeys on offer, whether it’s Brexit, Johnson, Corbyn or Swinson et al.


The biggest turkey in Buckingham Palace only ever serves up distractions of divide and rule with the well known tried and tested and peculiarly myopic ’Overton’s window’ of victim blaming global British propaganda.


People are nevertheless united in being divided by some government sponsored camps of Brexit or Climate Change with Remainers generally lining up behind Climate Change and Leavers generally lining up to deny Climate Change.


In reality rich people benefit most from finding ways to try and restrict the freedom of movement of others, including by using either the Brexit or Climate Change moniker, The real truth being hidden by governments ‘Climate Change’ label because of course the Climate Changes, is it is sensible to plan for all weather by transitioning to clean renewable energy which benefits everyone anyway by giving them greater freedom and autonomy too. 


The truth all governments know is the single issue most people are united by regardless of their race, politics or religion is opposition to war, so all politicians who are always united by wanting a ‘free vote’ on war, are always looking for ways to try and divide and rule.


It isn’t too much to dream of a world without all the Brexit, Johnson, Corbyn & Swinson et al turkeys.


What remains most important is people being united in opposition to politicians wars, which are the worst of all divide and rule.


Where is politicians love for the... people ?


It will always be natural for most humans to love one another.