Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Child Prisoner X Dossier (12.12.2019)


I am the victim of state abuse as a child in Australia, and an adult in the UK who had life-threatening torture etc etc used on me.



... schrodinger's catalan... and the 'difference' is ?... I am a little bit 'wog & dago' which I am rather fond of being...



One of the reasons I am giving a pardon to the chief perpetrator is because there is no statute of limitations anyway over the use of life-threatening torture, so that fact alone can and should of itself help act to discourage/as a lifetime ban/court order against the chief perpetrator.


It is important to me that after so many years remaining a child prisoner, even when I became an adult, because it has been so difficult to legally reclaim my true identity, that I can move on from an impossible legal situation where I am as the victim the one who suffers for far too long now.  .


The fact the Australian government made the Orwellian ‘racial laws’ in 1984, which were really about trying to continue to cover up what they had done in any legal proceedings to legally reclaim my true identity, can be turned around in the same legal proceedings so that I can help stop what happened to me happening to anyone else, while also discouraging states from using torture.


It is now clear to me the horrific incidents that happened to me in the real 1984 which was a continuation from when I was a child really, was because the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was Director General of ASIO at that time and he was not alone in not wanting me to legally reclaim my true identity through legal proceedings.


The military and intelligence services did not ever genuinely want to recruit me (which it would have been illegal for them to do anyway) but rather just wanted me to sign on any dotted line to try and cover up what they had been doing and even more so after my little sister who I was raised separately from was born, because everything they had done was a lie and so on that was only ever intended to cause me the most serious harm.


I just always wanted my true identity so I naturally would never have signed on any dotted line with the very people who had already covered that up and robbed me of my childhood and so on.


It is self evident I should not need to wait to receive Disability Support Pension, because the legal reality is the Australian government will never be able to produce a professional legal or medical person/opinion to give them the green light that it is okay to use life threatening torture and then sweep it under the carpet as though it a) never happened or had any b) physical, c) emotional or d) financial consequences for the innocent and defenceless victim.


There is no dispute I was abused as an innocent and defenceless child and adult purely because my DNA is a little too Catalan, Italian “wog and dago” etc, which I happen to be rather fond of being.


It is inconceivable that any respectable court could have ever considered it in the best interests of a Catalan Italian child with ‘converso’ ancestry to be placed within the highest echelons of the royal Fremantle British and Australian intelligence services who completely changed my true identity when I was a child.


There was an obvious financial conflict of interest involving the British betrayal of Catalans with for example the Treaty of Utrecht that led to British colonialism and the far from Commonwealth etc etc the Fremantle’s were fully involved in.   


It was well known that the royals Charles Fremantle had raped a young girl and paid off the witnesses and judiciary before being sent to settle Western Australia and organise the takeover of Hong Kong.


The royal policies at that time I was born were designed to be particularly racist etc by a government who was making policy on the cheap.


I am personally 'incredulous' as a responsible adult, that I could have been handed over as a child, during the Franco 'era' when he was Europe's favourite military dictator who got away with it all, when up to 300,000 children went 'missing', to the fellow royalist Fremantle family who were rewarded !! for the rape of a 15 year old girl. It was entirely foreseeable that I could only be caused harm while being a 'wog and dago' in their world which has never treated me as any kind of equal. 


... the 'area 51' children...


There was self evidently no adult a vulnerable child in my 'situation' could turn to.


So the legal proceedings in the Family Court in Australia can now be turned around to protect my privacy which was maliciously breached in the UK, so there is a court order that suits me.


I now realize the intelligence services must have been gagging over my successfully forcing the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 anti-competition legislation in the UK, because they had always hidden Australia’s Orwellian ‘racial laws’ from 1984 about legally reclaiming my true identity through legal proceedings they never wanted.


Barnett et al had done a Charles Fremantle in 1984 with the legislation that sought to reverse the normal civil procedure.


I always just wanted to legally reclaim my own true identity and have never had any interest in being a ‘property developer’.


I will need a Gold Health Card like soldiers in Australia, because I am legally entitled to have the choice of access to public and private health cover, because just like a soldier, I would not be able to get private medical cover because of what the state/s did to me.


The other problem I face is other sorts of insurance like travel cover, because yet again I do not have the choice to get any, through no fault of my own. I am not a terrorist so I am entitled to safely travel wherever I like but I will still need the ability to access my choice of public and private medical cover, and so on, wherever I live. I can visit somewhere like New Zealand who has ACC but that is about the only place that does.


ACC does however set a precedent that could sensibly eventually apply in for example the rest of the Commonwealth and EU. 


The Australian government will be legally obliged to pay my travel costs to return to Australia for any medical treatment I am unable to access elsewhere.


I was very fortunate to have three seats to myself on my journey between Hong King and Melbourne, but I would have preferred to share the seats with my family.


I will prepare a witness statement for the Family Court, with the help of Counsellor ‘Y’ whose identity will remain anonymous in legal records in the Family Court. Counsellor ‘Y’ is an independent person who I would like to act when necessary for me with the government whenever I give my permission because I sometimes find it difficult to speak to government people myself, because there has been so much state abuse. The information I give to Counsellor ‘Y’ is done in the strictest of confidence and is not to be disclosed to anyone else, without my permission, because it is only given to try and help me move on from what has happened to me. I recognise it is important to have someone completely independent of the situation who I can disclose anything to. I am able to contact Counsellor ‘Y’ when necessary to advise me and help me make decisions. I will ask the court to make an order that anyone who discloses the identity of Counsellor ‘Y’ is in Contempt of Court.


There are all sorts of very serious legal and medical issues that result from the use of life-threatening torture etc etc that no amount of money/financial settlement would solve.


It is my intention to try and enjoy being whatever an Australian ‘citizen’ is/should be, because I also hope one day that my own sons who have never lived in Australia, might enjoy a flavour of being Australian too.


It should be possible to then pretty much quietly travel wherever I want, whenever I want, because I wouldn’t be staying so long in any other country.   


Any agreement will be made under seal in the Family Court of Australia, so only non identifying information could be used if necessary as a legal precedent to help anyone else.