The Brexmas Election: I would pardon turkey in Buckingham Palace, to help stop politicians trying to restrict civilians freedom of movement, because most people more interested in true identity & ACC universal health and welfare package (rather than being ‘property developers’) (12.12.2019)


I would pardon the turkey in Buckingham Palace, who could not rely on ‘Wilmott v Atack’, because that would help stop people trying to illegally restrict civilians freedom of movement.



... the best of times and worst of times...


Most people are like myself and just want our true identity and the ACC of a universal health and welfare package, rather than being ‘property developers’.


The Jewish State have nothing to fear from joining the ICC because I am the child prisoner who is a slightly more credible witness than Oxford ‘alumni’ like Aung San Suu Kyi, who is an apologist for the British monarchy, which is why she has an entourage of British lawyers.


I remember when the Burmese who did not all support Aung San Suu Kyi, had a demonstration alongside us in Parliament Square, Central London in 2007 and we were invited to meet with members of the 8888 movement living in the UK, during our own removing the quisling Livingstone’s fences, which we sometimes used as trampolines, after carefully collecting all the joinery so no-one was injured. That was before Ms Kyi’s sons kindly brought, while Brian was sleeping one night, a ski-suit to keep him warm in the winter, but didn’t care about me. When Ms Kyi was released in 2010, she never came to speak to Brian or support him, when he was very ill, because she became just another person who grandstanded in the British Parliament on 22 June 2012, to try and give legitimacy to British politicians, while I was still in Parliament Square, Central London, during their Olympic extravaganza. 


The reality is people can make a difference inside or outside systems of governance because when I was a publicly elected Chair of Governors in a primary school in the UK, which was voluntary unpaid public service, I stopped Blair & Co stealing money from child education to fund war, which was before I was in Parliament Square Central London trying to stop all terror for the benefit of everyone. There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch. 


If the UK and Australia had had an ACC ’no fault’ system like New Zealand, I would have been able to legally reclaim my true identity which is part of the healing process, a very many years ago.


The ACC 'no fault' system which is an important work in progress can help with healing processes which are more important than anything else, because victims of natural or human made disasters do not need to all too often be re-traumatized by the inbuilt conflict etc etc involved in protracted etc legal proceedings. I sometimes find just being in Melbourne like 'tripping' on PTSD because I am revisiting what is for me personally, a major crime scene. Any kind of conflict I encounter is therefore hugely distressing and magnified for me, which in turns causes my auto-immune illnesses to flare etc etc which exacerbates my ill health. It would be a legal impossibility to deny there is a direct link with my being abused because I am one of Australia's 'forgotten children' and my ill health.   


I will personally obviously feel better in my own healing process, when the monarch does actually retire, because she is the chief abuser directly responsible for what happened to me.


I love my beautiful sons and I am very proud of them.


They make the world a better place. 


I wish everyone a Merry Xmas, Feliz Navi... dad and Happy Hanukkah xx