Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ grabbed by victim blaming Fremantle intelligence services that included Charles Fremantle who as a sadistic rapist of a minor, paid off witnesses & judiciary, before going to 'settle' Western Australia and arranging Hong Kong take-over (11.12.2019)


The Fremantle family who grabbed me as an innocent and defenceless child whose identity they completely changed, were no different from the royal ‘property developers’ :(






The entire state apparatus was used to abuse Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


They are a rotten lot paying off ‘politicians’ et al to spin Orwellian legislation that reverses the norms of civil procedure to try and avoid legal responsibility for child trafficking and ethnic cleansing, by continuing their trademark victim blaming.


They did have large ‘family gatherings’ in the UK, and they were never sorry about anything they did. I refused to have anything further to do with them once I was in Parliament Square, Central London, because I had always lived the reality that all they have ever done is lie.


There was no adult a child like myself who was really being held prisoner by the rotten Fremantle intelligence services et al could turn to really. 



... more 'property developers'... 



They never helped me to legally reclaim my true identity because they didn't want any legal proceedings of any kind, even if the norms of civil procedure had illegally been reversed in their favour, which I now realize was done for them, because the man who posed as my godfather who also didn't want to be legally 'embarrassed' was the Director General of ASIO in 1984 at the time of the Orwellian legislation.


The fact I live in the real world so I know there will never ever be a royal commission into the royals and their cronies, which really would be eye-opening, doesn't change my own lifelong dream has always been to legally claim my true identity they stole from me, which will obviously help me move on from the 'property developers'. They obviously envied my true 'wog and dago' identity, which I am rather fond of :) which is why they stooped so low as to steal it from an innocent and defenceless... child !!


I have always been an 'outsider' looking in, because you have lived 'abnormal' experiences, which is what happens to abused children which continued when I was an adult in Parliament Square, Central London too, with the abuse made all the worse when it happens to be the entire state apparatus. 


Yet it will always be natural for anyone to want their true identity. 


Brian was a real hero who helped so many people in so many different ways and did everything he possibly could to try and make the world a better place.