Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarch’s 'Orwellian' Bob Hawke ‘racial laws’ in 1984 which are 'void ab initio' involving Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ are holding me and my true identity hostage, with perverse reversal of normal civil procedure (11.12.2019)



I have zero interest, in my true identity and therefore myself, being held hostage by the chief global ’property developer’ and abuser who happens to be the British monarch.





The Orwellian ‘racial laws’ of 1984 in Australia that were supposed to ‘liberate’ Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ like myself who were innocent and defenceless children who had our true identities completely changed, do nothing of the kind because they perversely reverse normal civil procedure because they are purely designed to maintain the monarch’s global empire etc etc etc.


It is self evidently seriously illegal to try and 'retrospectively' (ie: continue to) punish the... victim !! 


The revolting former PM Bob Hawke horse-traded Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ to spin a similar legislative wheeze grandstanding centre stage with the Australia ‘Act’ in 1986.


It is the obvious inequality of the monarch's global 'property portfolio' that is really undermining true capitalism which is about the level playing field of equality of opportunity for everyone. The reality is it is a fundamental human right for everyone to if they so choose own some land to build shelter necessary for their survival. 


The best I can do is ‘notify’ the court of my right rather than asking ‘permission’ to have my true identity, while trying to legally reclaim my other rights, and those of my family members that other people have, some of which we have legally acquired over time, despite endless changing 'legislation'.


The reality is I am Catalan, Italian & British Australian regardless of royal ‘legislation’ which has been constantly ‘offloading’ people through child trafficking and ethnic cleansing which has only ever been designed to maintain the monarch’s property portfolio (which I really don’t have any interest in) 


The British monarch’s father told the Nazis to stop Jewish people of “German origin” emigrating to Palestine, while he selectively interned Jewish people of “German and Austrian origin” in the UK,  who were deported to Australia, and often interned again.




The British Establishment were central to causing the Holocaust, along with the deaths of millions upon millions of other defenceless civilians too, before the latest British monarch is directly responsible for continuing the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing in Australia with “racial laws” involving Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ like myself.


I did prove in the UK I do not need the monarch or anyone else’s “permission” and nor did anyone else, Brian and myself forced the repeal of their ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005’ anti-competition’ legislation there, for the benefit of everyone.


I am obviously naturally interested in legally reclaiming my true identity with ‘Protected Heritage’ status, while trying to best restore the same rights as anyone else, which would be impossible to do in practise without a Gold Health Card etc the monarch hands out to foot-soldiers from the military and intelligence services.