Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ must have ‘protected heritage’ status & I am transferring ownership of my cottage in France to my sons, and want to ‘transfer’ land 'right' from Australian ‘reservation’ to West Bank outside British Commonwealth & EU (10.12.2019)


I have been forced to live the life of a true ‘converso’ by the British monarch/chief ‘property developer’ arbitrarily imposing all sorts of ‘racial laws’ reminiscent of the Albigensian ‘Crusade’ along with Inquisitions, Expulsions, Fascism and the Holocaust.



... the best of times, the worst of times...


It has nevertheless always been my lifelong dream to legally reclaim my true identity.


The British monarch/chief ‘property developer’ obviously does not have a ‘reasonable excuse’ as to why I have been waiting 57… years !! to legally reclaim my true identity.


The chief ‘property developer’ and abuser who was herself an heir to a chair obviously didn’t drag me half way around the world when I was four years old in 1966 to literally meet her face to face in Buckingham Palace because she cared about a ‘mixed’ race child considered a ‘wog & dago’ in what was her white privilege in the overtly ’Whites Only’ Australia at that time. They knew there was a problem because my little sister who was born in 1964 was another heir I was raised separately from, but the monarchy et al had gone already gone too far, which was happening with the 'stolen generations' toowho want a Treaty started in Victoria, while claiming $290 billion compensation in the royal Fremantle's Western Australia.


It’s fair to say the royals intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents and who I now know had lied in court affidavits, knew I was never going to be another Mussolini who they had recruited after the Risorgimento which was designed to limit the Popes power as a ‘property developer’ etc etc. So anyone looking into my childhood would know the intelligence services did the best they could using ‘plausible deniability’ etc to try and dispose of me by terrorising me or trying to get me to sign on the dotted line to no doubt send me off on any kind of ‘mission’ designed to fail, in the hope their ulterior Catalan motive would never be discovered.


There was no way I was ever going to sign on any dotted line to work for the very same military or intelligence services who completely changed my true identity when I was a child, because I naturally always dreamed of legally reclaiming my true identity.


It is self evident, no respectable court of law looking after the best interests of an innocent and defenceless child who had no legal representation while by contrast the intelligence services did have legal representation and still lied, would place a Catalan with the royals Fremantle et al, but they did.    


The intelligence services were extremely hostile when many years later, I found my little sister, before she “suddenly” died exactly four years later, when the intelligence services said to my face that “something good” might come of her death. Any decent human being would know that was an incredibly abusive and unhinged thing for them to say, which was typical of people who had never really cared about me. When I then turned up in Parliament Square in Central London to publicly try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone, that became a true 'tipping point' over so many lies in a significant chapter in my own life.


When the British royal ‘property developers’ curiosity got the better of them, when they passed me leaving one of their ‘State Openings’ while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, I did remind them and they did hear, “When the Queen was in her counting house counting out her money, was the Duke of Edinburgh counting dead brown babies ? because that is what has been going on. A miserable trench-coat complained I spoiled his day, to which I responded they were destroying people’s whole… lives.


In 2010, the Jordanian intelligence services who must have been wired, openly visited me in Parliament Square, Central London asking what was going on. I explained the British ‘property developers’ were running an ‘undercover operation’ against Brian and myself, which they said they could see (like most people could) but why ? before presumably becoming spooked by whatever their earpiece was also saying to them. Of course Jordan had historically previously ‘annexed’ land themselves which they didn’t give to Palestinian people. 


The only way I can reclaim some of the same rights and equality of ‘opportunity’ which is true capitalism, and something most people take for granted, like their true identities, is by Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ having ‘protected heritage’ status like other ‘minorities’ in Australia and elsewhere.


It was not enough for the chief ‘property developer’ to vaguely admit some wrong about Australia's 'forgotten children' without there being proper redress and protections etc for what are individual cases.


The fact the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was the Director General of ASIO in the real 1984, who wouldn't have wanted to be 'embarrassed' by civil court legal proceedings either regarding what is the Orwellian 1984 legislation, explains a lot.


It would be a legal impossibility to claim the intelligence services had ever cared about me in any way, with their child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


Mr Hawke's shameful legislative wheeze to supposedly make it legally possible to reclaim your true identity, was really a swift one size will fit all to cynically suit the chief 'property developer' while continuing to ignore any realities of individual cases or any kind of redress.


The disgusting former Australian PM Bob Hawke was only able to grandstand centre stage with his Australia ‘Act’ 1986 etc by horse-trading over Australia’s innocent and defenceless ’forgotten children’ like myself, because the disingenuous relevant ‘legislation’ to legally reclaim our true identities reverses the norms of civil procedure.


(Brian and myself forced the repeal of the anti-competition ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 ‘Act’ in the UK because legislation is not always the same as the peace and harmony of the rule of law)


The real consequence of reversing normal… civil procedure in legislation in Australia, is trademark victim blaming, that has enabled the ‘property developer’ who used the entire state apparatus to arbitrarily engage in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing, to carry on with 'business as usual'.


Hawke’s legislation is a truly perverse version of even the ‘tort of conversion’ because it simply does not legally or responsibly address or redress the real lives civilian people have led and do lead.


The issue about the betrayal of Catalans predates the colonisation of Australia.


This meant there were children like myself who became adults, who were not Marcelle Ninio, but had always been ‘left behind’ while entire families can also in reality be affected too.


The British monarch who is the chief ‘property developer’ and abuser has never cared about Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ which is why we need ‘protected heritage’ status so the monarch/y not only stops robbing any children of their identities, but people of all our other rights forever too.


The legal reality is I am (and indeed anyone is really) entitled to access the same universal health and welfare package as the monarch/y who didn’t have any ‘insurance cover’ for what they did, but I don’t want or envy what they have and instead prefer to do the most good I can.


‘Protected Heritage’ status.


The state who are complicit, because it took the entire apparatus of the state to do what they did, are legally obliged to give Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ ‘protected heritage’ status which means:


The Gold (health) Card


a) I have access to whatever medical treatment I want whenever I want, which is paid for by the state, because I do not have through no fault of my own, the choice of private medical cover because of what the British Commonwealth who are part of the EU, did to me as a child and adult. So I cannot be disadvantaged regarding medical treatment because of what was done to me by the state.


I should have the same as the veteran soldiers ‘Gold Card’ because I have peacefully soldiered on through all adversity, since I was an innocent and defenceless… child !! That would mean I have access to whatever public or private medical treatment I like and the state pick up the travel costs too.


Disability Support Pension 


b) a Disability Support Pension which can be paid to me anywhere (linked to wages not interest rates) because:


i) a reasonable person would know the fact I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ which is also why life-threatening torture was used on me, because I have been subjected to a lifetime of state abuse, affects my physical and emotional health


The former PM Bob Hawke was grossly negligent in not caring properly for Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ by giving us ‘Gold Cards’ for medical care.


i) I am legally obliged to disclose to any employer what happened to me, which while being forced to breach my… own privacy (which is something I have never enjoyed) which also means no responsible employer would ever employ me because of what has happened to me that includes the use of life-threatening torture, over which there is no statute of limitations, which only leaves me open to further exploitation etc etc.


iii) there is a universal ban on the use of life-threatening torture which covers ‘transitory torts’ but in the practical sense, a financial settlement/compensation is meaningless in my true situation.


Legal representation/mediator


c) I have whatever legal representation/mediator I want, whenever I want because everyone who did what they did to me has always had by contrast legal representation. So I should have what in reality is a ‘mediator’ of some kind, because I understandably want to limit my own contact with state departments as far as possible.


Freedom of movement


d) I have real freedom of movement to choose where I live and to access whatever medical treatment I choose.


People who have suffered life-threatening torture etc (which is impossible to deny in my case) must have freedom of movement to make our own choices. Governments who use life threatening torture will be discouraged from doing so if they have to pick up the bill, (there is no practical difference in my case between the UK & Oz government) while it means freedom of movement for the victim. 


Rich people like the Australian born 'American' Murdoch, who still has property in Australia and btw the Golan, and propaganda outlets in many places, just buy any passport they like.


Transfer of Property Ownership in France


I intend to transfer ownership of my property in France which is my own and where I legally lived between 2013 - 2019 to my sons now, so they will always have a continental European property regardless of the British or any other referendum, which I will then still be able to visit, without my ever having to return to England, which I never chose to live in anyway, and because there is no refoulement.


I didn’t really choose to return to Melbourne either which is like ‘tripping’ on PTSD if you are me because apart from so many overwhelming memories/flashbacks, I still have so much difficulty in accessing anything approaching the same rights as anyone else.


Nevertheless I can see it is good to at least try to make some good ‘new memories’ that I need support to be able to safely do.


The reality that in practice it is more controversial for me to live in Melbourne, than if I was living in the West Bank !! highlights the real truth of being one of Australia’s ‘mixed’ race, ‘forgotten children’ because some still face overwhelming problems with the state, because of Bob Hawke’s ‘legislation’ etc etc. 


Transfer of land 'right' from Australia to West Bank 


There is no real reason I can’t ‘transfer’ my share of a property 'right' in the ‘reservation’ that was stolen by council ‘property developers’ et al in Melbourne and use it in the best possible way that actually does benefit everyone, in the West Bank, because I don’t actually personally care what the eventual ‘land deal’ between ‘property developers’ is there.


I don’t even care if I lived in the West Bank in a tent, although I would prefer not to. I am the same as most people who just want politicians/‘property developers’ to do the ‘property deal’ between Israelis and Palestinians.


In Australia, the local ‘council’ made many millions becoming ‘property developers’ by belatedly claiming a whole tract of very valuable land between four main roads, which they decreed had to be sold back to the council in the Catalan cover-up, on the obviously false pretext they might one day diagonally build a highway which they would obviously have never done between four existing main roads.


I do actually have a genuine verifiable legal history of peacefully giving the finger to the chief ‘property developer’ for the benefit of everyone in the UK, because there is no legal reason anyone should be anyone else's ‘dhimmi’ so I know it really is possible for Israeli and Palestinian people to stop being played etc by the chief ‘property developer’ and do a peace deal.


The Australian government could make a mutual ‘social security’ agreement with Israel if they like, but it shouldn’t delay my legally reclaiming my rights and freedoms.


The fact I can claim land ‘rights’/ transfer land ‘rights’ from Australia to the West Bank legally means I have the option/am living outside the British Commonwealth and EU so the ‘property developers’ don’t blush etc over the use of life threatening torture etc on me, which does cause all sorts of life-long legal issues for myself as the victim.   


I have a lifelong interest in living in peace in the West Bank and the British Commonwealth and EU have a more recent interest in my living in the West Bank that is related to their use of life-threatening torture on me which is a ‘transitory tort’ because there is supposed to be a universal ban on (life-threatening) torture.


The damage done by changing innocent and defenceless children’s true identity goes far beyond the individual to include families and friends.


I have my Australian passport which needs to be updated with my true identity, to use in my own ‘transition’. I lost so many members of my own family including my little sister, and my uncle and grandfather while I was ‘missing in action’ and my brother who has passed away lost his two sons. I have a half-sister on my mother’s side who uses my father’s name which my father never cared about while I have other half-siblings on my father’s side too.


I lived in New Zealand which I didn’t choose to leave, for ten years. It is a beautiful country, but I have no ‘rights’ there either really, because I have been unable to reclaim all my rights in Australia, so I need to reclaim all my rights in Australia, so I can visit family in New Zealand too, from time to time, which is important. My own sons have Australian passports but have never lived in Australia and would not consider themselves Australian, particularly when it comes to rugby which is the national sport in New Zealand.


We have never even had the opportunity to explore and enjoy our Catalan Italian heritage. Yet, the reality these days is many people have universal families with family members often having all sorts of different identities they usually choose. There are so many families who are ‘mixed’ race etc really these days. 


The Australia 'Act' 1983 has not yet caught up with the real world and real people's lives.


I am very fortunate that my sons are safe in New Zealand which has just had the tragedy of a human disaster because of tourism on White Island while a volcano was known to be active. Everyone’s  thoughts and prayers go out to families affected. Thankfully, people who live in New Zealand along with tourists are covered to some extent by a 'no fault' ACC.


I am quite grumpy with the British monarch, because I cannot celebrate a happy Hannukah, which is around the same time as Christmas in New Zealand this year, because of the Australia ‘Act’ 1983 legislative duck and dive that means it has not proved easy to legally reclaim my true identity and rights.


A lovely Christian lady in Australia asked me the other day if I was Jewish and I explained I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ and I have chosen to be Jewish, and she asked if she could say a prayer for me, which I said was okay and so she did. No-one wants repeats of Beziers during the Albigensian ‘Crusade’ against its own Christendom. 


Not everyone, myself included wants to be ‘property developers’ who including in the West Bank which has Palestinian property developers too, will not go out of business anytime soon. People sensibly want ’property developers’ to first and foremost, just act more responsibly. The British monarch/y who is the chief ‘property developer’ will after all, eventually one day want ‘protected heritage’ status too, because all reasonable and responsible adults know it is a basic fundamental human right that everyone should own some land to build shelter necessary for human survival. 


The betrayal of Mediterranean Catalans in the name of colonialism is slowly unravelling anyway because people will naturally have more freedom with clean renewable energy. It’s impossible to understand why Australia which is sort of an inverted Mediterranean land mass, that has so much clean renewable energy options, doesn’t build more satellite cities around coastal areas where most people would prefer to live, rather than everyone being herded into existing cities.


My personal view as a Jewish person is small can be beautiful too, so there is every reason to have and enjoy a Jewish State on the Mediterranean where everyone knows Jewish people have always lived and there are also European, Arab, North African, Muslim and Christian states people can or should be able to choose from too. People will sometimes choose to live in a state that is a different religion or ethnicity and so on, for all sorts of reasons, that nevertheless must only be through choice.


The Jewish State will not protect anyone by just becoming yet another ‘property developer’ etc but by instead really making a real peace deal trading land if necessary now, that really does draw a line under so many centuries all around the Mediterranean and elsewhere.