Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat 'Peace Deal': Oz PM Bob Hawke illegally used Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ to spin Australia ‘Act’ 1983 etc, while I can by contrast use Meowgli ‘reservation’ in Melbourne (stolen by council ‘property developers’) to withdraw to West Bank ‘land claim’ (09.12.2019)


I have always had a dream to legally reclaim my true identity.



... I have always had a dream to legally reclaim my true identity...



It is also in my best interests to try and extricate myself from ‘property developers’ arguments.


The British monarch’s Oz PM Bob Hawke (9 December 1929 - 16 May 2019) used Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ to spin his own political 'career' with the disingenuous Australia ‘Act’ 1983 as some kind of supposed ‘independence’ for Australia from the UK, which is of course completely untrue.


The Australia ‘Act’ 1983 ‘sidestepped’ much because it still stopped some people becoming politicians etc etc etc etc.


Mr Hawke was also responsible for the disgraceful 'legislation' regarding Australia's 'forgotten childrens' right to legally reclaim our true identity, which reverses normal rules of civil procedure, because he was just another self serving politician who didn't care about children. 


I can by contrast legally make a ‘land claim’ in the West Bank, using/trading the ‘Meowgli ‘reservation’ where I was ‘raised’ in Melbourne that is now mostly a 'land reserve' (the 'reservation') that is part of a government run property racket that made millions horse-trading over one of Australia’s ‘forgotten (Catalan Italian) children’.   


The fact I will never be able to have the choice to have private medical cover because of what happened to me as a child in Australia and adult in the UK means there is no real point in my claiming financial compensation in my lawsuits.


The best possible outcome there can be for me in my situation is a) receipt of the Disability Support Pension from Australia and b) transferring my property in France to my sons now c) while living on some land in the West Bank.


It is strange but true that my living in the West Bank would be less controversial than my current situation, which also makes it in the interests of the British and Australian governments to reach a sensible compromise.


There have always been indigenous Jewish people living around the Mediterranean who are just as entitled to have at least one state like Europeans, Arabs, North Africans, Christians and Muslims.


There was a Jewish synagogue in Rome long before the Vatican and all the subsequent 'racial laws'. 


My peace deal would legally resolve the central legal 'impasse' over the use of life-threatening torture etc on me, which is obviously directly related to me being one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’.


The Australian Disability Support Pension should be paid to me by the Australian government wherever I live, which has to be my choice, and they can if necessary always make a ‘social security’ agreement with the Israeli government if they so choose.


The fact life-threatening torture was used on me because I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ is never going to change, just like the reality anyone would know it all caused me serious physical and emotional harm etc.


The transfer of my property in France to my sons now would benefit everyone because my sons also then have a permanent base in the EU regardless of the British referendum, while I would relinquish my right to be ‘resident’ in the UK/EU.


I would have transferred my own right to legally live in France and therefore the EU, which I did by myself, so it is not dependant on anyone else or my living in the UK etc, to my sons, while still being able to ‘visit’ my former property.


I have the necessary ‘locus standii’/legal standing however anyone looks at it, to make a genuine 'land claim' in the West Bank which would mean I would not need to own a residence in either the British Commonwealth or EU, but would instead ‘visit’ what would become my former home in France, or Australia whenever I wanted, so the governments can maintain the fiction around their use of torture in the British Commonwealth and EU etc.


I would ideally spend three or four months in a number of countries, while returning to Australia for healthcare if necessary. 


It would also mean I care less about if/when the monarch/y who have been my chief abusers retire. 


It wouldn’t frankly really bother me living in a tent in the West Bank and I wouldn’t really mind if I had to withdraw to live elsewhere like in Jerusalem or the Golan etc etc.