Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: The common-sense fundamental human right to own land to build shelter necessary for human survival along with universal access to health and welfare will remove socially constructed borders and bring world peace (08.12.2019)





The old crony capitalists version of democracy which is well past it’s use by date, is populist monarch’s or military dictators et al and their hangers on mob rule which means sometimes arbitrarily voting without the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The autonomy of true capitalism by contrast is about equality of opportunity for everyone with the peace and harmony of the rule of law which has checks and balances and safeguards that define civilised societies boundaries of democracy.


It is common-sense true capitalism lives within one functioning global legal system that creates a level playing field by recognising the fundamental basic human right of everyone to own land to build shelter that is necessary for human survival along with having universal access to whatever medical treatment they choose along with welfare payments.


There is no justifiable need for socially constructed borders because people can choose where they want to live from any number of autonomous states or regions selling any number of styles of decentralised administrative governance. All politics should be voluntary unpaid public service, which could help discourage people using politics as an opportunity for corporate sponsorship, while legislating to give themselves intrusive and unnecessary power that also leads to over-governance., which is currently commonplace.


The fundamental human right to own land to build shelter necessary for human survival will increase the numbers of healthy people, while simultaneously reducing the false economy of rents and social housing along with the cost of health and welfare.


There is no need for any housing or corporation taxes etc, which will do away with the ‘politics’ of envy etc.


People will instead be encouraged by land security to contribute to a single tax collected through people’s purchasing power to increase and improve infrastructure including in particular clean renewable energy which will also increase people’s autonomy which is the natural human state.


People will be able to choose their own identity, which will include multicultural families having the ability to live all around a world, which will have equality of opportunity for everyone.


There is finite sustainable living space on earth which will inform social policy relating to land distribution, so people will still be able to choose to trade their land however they like whether through swaps or sales, that help encourage and maintain diversity and demographic balance. People will be able to loan money if they want, to build their shelter, but the land will not be able to be used as collateral.


There could be common land that people separately rent to run hotels and businesses, for those who do not or cannot run businesses from their own land, although families or groups of people could have the choice to live together on some land, while using other properties for businesses. 


There is always a combination, rather than any single reason, which makes people choose where they live. 


The fact more people will have peaceful sustainable lives with improved physical, emotional and financial health is more likely to mean most people choosing to have smaller families, while sharing and enjoying greater creativity among one human family.


All humans have so much capacity to love and learn, that our world can be a heaven on earth which is a ‘win-win’ for everyone.