Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: The financial records I was legally given show intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents did pay Cardinal Pell money, because Westminster Abbey’s Anglican church was also involved in ’oven ready’ child trafficking and ethnic cleansing (06.12.2019)


I was quite young when I was sitting in a tree one day as kids sometimes do, thinking about how I could get back my true identity, which has naturally always been my lifelong dream.



... it has always been my lifelong dream to legally reclaim my true identity...



The intelligence services sold the property I grew up in back to the government when I left because they knew by then there was a risk I might one day claim the property and or compensation from them.


The man who posed as my father worked for the royals Deakin-Brookes-Clarke revolving doors of politics and intelligence services, while married to the royals Fremantle, who royals could obviously never deny they were so closely linked to, because they were so integral to colonialism and started the GCHQ intelligence services.


I was legally given financial records which show intelligence services who posed as my parents and god parents did pay Cardinal Pell money, because Westminster Abbey’s Anglican church was also involved the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


The financial records I was legally given do highlight I was always personally discriminated against in numerous ways.


The Papal Knight Murdoch who is one of the British monarch’s bagman/’dhimmi’ paid a tithe to the Vatican, posing as ‘news’ media to build his global ‘news’ media empire by financially trading in ‘secrets’. The former PM Blair underwent a 'conversion' on 22 December 2007. 


I went to Ballarat with the intelligence services when I was young and stayed at a church vicarage while the Anglican church were involved in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing with the Catholic church, with their 'red' Herrings and all that. I witnessed the Anglican church trafficked the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal children along with Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ like myself too.


It was known I was sexually abused etc on a number of occasions including by a priest who was so brazen precisely because he knew I was vulnerable.


There was no adult a child held prisoner by the highest echelons of the intelligence services could turn to for help because the entire apparatus of more than one state were being used in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


There are independent witness statements showing Westminster Abbey was part of the “sequence of events put in place” when I was violently punched to the ground from behind by an openly neo Nazi thug, before life-threatening torture was used on me in the UK on 4 September 2009 by six people calling themselves ‘police’ who swear allegiance to protect the monarch before and rather than the public. So ‘police’ in the UK are really a private taxpayer funded protection racket run by the world’s biggest ‘property developer’.


I legally started to blow the whistle in the High Court in the UK on 21 June 2010, before the Judge ran and later illegally closed the court to the press who were involved anyway, and the public, of which I am a part.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents dumped on me big time when I was a child because I was never part of their world and they should never have placed such a large burden on an innocent and defenceless child.


I am not the former Oz PM Abbott who went to visit Cardinal Pell in prison in Melbourne this week, while neither obviously care anything about either Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ or ’stolen generations’ in their 'Overton window' which only extends to the monarch’s ‘victim blaming’ which is all about the monarch’s personal global illegitimate ‘property portfolio’.


What would I say to Cardinal Pell who while having the most expensive entourage of lawyers at his beck and call, because he personally financially profited in every conceivable way from child abuse while choosing as an adult to jump on the monarch’s bandwagon ?


It is illegal to completely steal children’s true identity, because it is foreseeable that adults who do that only intend to cause an innocent and defenceless child serious physical and emotional harm, because a child does not even know anything about their close familial medical history.


A monarch who uses 'oven-ready' child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of innocent and defenceless children with Jewish ancestry is an apologist for Hitler.


A child in 'state care' must always have independent legal representation like the intelligence services who grabbed me had for themselves.


All 'adoptions' must be banned because there is simply no reason ever for 'adoptions' of children, who should have the choice of adopting their foster-carers instead when the child is an adult, if all the adults are really so interested in the best interests of the child. 


The politicians in the Jewish State could have stood up to the British monarch because I did. 


The British monarch has no excuses because she could have always done what I did do in Parliament Square when I peacefully genuinely campaigned with Brian to try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone.


I have always consistently done the rule of law.