Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat:  ‘Adoption’ of children should be banned & if adults really care about very vulnerable children they should accept being child’s foster carer/s who give child choice to adopt foster carer/s when children become adults (07.12.2019)



The far reaching legal ruling supposedly against a council is really against any consideration of what might be in any child’s ‘best interests’ because the ruling is really a cynical back door way of council’s saving money etc etc etc etc.



... the... child's right to errr... privacy has been completely ignored by the courts et al... the case is really just a backdoor way of still trying to legitimise royals trafficking of very vulnerable children ...



If adults really are so interested in helping very vulnerable children then they would be willing to accept the role of foster carer/s on the understanding that it was up to the child to choose to adopt the foster carer/s when the child reached adulthood.


The ‘adoption’ of children should just be banned, because the whole disgusting 'process' that has historically been so abused, and which is so open to the continuing abuse of very vulnerable children, is still even with the best intentions, which aren’t very good, too adult focused. 


It's just not natural or right that adults who are not a child's actual biological parents are able to just arbitrarily impose themselves on very vulnerable children. 


There are no conceivable circumstances when adults 'adoption' of a child, is preferable to foster care.


All children who are 'adopted' must have the right to lawyers and to reverse the 'adoption' at any stage, including before they are adults.