The Melbourne Zombie ‘Eco Camp’: An 'activist' theatre of duff ‘legal advice’ & zero passion block free trams in CBD, declining to engage constructively with public -or- be ‘first responders’ in ’climate emergency’ with their own clean renewable energy companies (08.10.2019)



I spoke to the Queen who was peacefully protesting in Bourke Street on the steps by H&M which used to be the old GPO :)



... it's true... the Queen in Bourke Street doing a solo protest... (I am a Catalan Italian converso and we were 'excluded' from the Treaty of Utrecht, so I understand her legal point, although I prefer autonomy myself)...



I later happened to be passing through Carlton Gardens in Melbourne (which I regularly do) when I saw Melbourne’s supposed ‘eco camp’ tucked away there. So I stopped to have a look and see if there was anything good happening. What I found was a supposed ‘eco camp’ mostly staffed by patronising white privilege that was very far from being something fresh and new. It was more like a re-hash of PM Boris (the ‘journalist’) & Corbyn’s ‘Democracy Village’ in the UK in 2010, because it had the same closed mind theatre of circus clowns performing for media cameras.


More echo than eco:


... the 'eco' camp...


There were ‘workshops’ on how to (groan) ‘Occupy’ the Melbourne CBD while lecturing the unsuspecting with duff ‘legal advice’ that consisted of the same old mumbo jumbo to entrap people in governments long discredited canard of ’civil disobedience’. 


The language of 'Occupy' is to... exclude others:



... 'occupy' is the language of colonialism... which is a major turn-off...



I was incredulous to hear zombie collaborators who called themselves protesters, instructing the innocent to give their names and details to the police simply “because” (whoever) “they” (are) only wanted people to be “arrested” for whatever some unknown person’s concept of “protesting” might happen to be. The “reason” the “protesters” gave for instructing… other people to give their details to the police was, and I quote, because “that is the (unknown) law” (presumably some kind of legislation and well we all know not all legislation is lawful) Their stated intention was for people to “only” get arrested for “protesting”. 


The so called 'legal advice' was completely and utterly bogus and far worse.


The premise of… intending to get arrested (putting to one side the language of 'Occupy' which means through the exclusion of others) was very confusing to me (& it was anathema to us in the UK which is why we did actually make a real difference including by forcing the repeal of the free speech ban there) because of course there are and always should be all sorts of ways to effectively protest… without people being arrested.


I do really worry about and caution against protesters who say the purpose of what they define as protest must be to get arrested !! not least because they really are not your friends in a world where too many civilians are already being unlawfully arrested. To be arrested is always a very, very serious matter that should never be treated so flippantly etc by others.


Nevertheless each to their own, but it definitely wasn’t my kind of thing because it was all very pre-arranged and not at all open minded or flexible.


In my experience, governments approve of (and sometimes start) protests that spin the 'civil disobedience' lie because such protests cannot by their own design really challenge 'the system' because 'civil disobedience' is part of the failed 'system'. 



... it's just plain weird to stop free trams which are in the CBD to reduce traffic and pollution... 



When I was then walking in the CBD, still on my way to my destination, I came across a number of the zombie protesters strangely blocking the… free trams at an intersection on Swanston Street. This puzzled me because the free trams in the CBD are clean and green because they help reduce the traffic in the city. (Part of Swanston Street is like part of Bourke Street, also a car free zone) 


So I peacefully stepped in to the middle of the group of protesters who were being protected by a cordon-blue of police and politely raised my hand in the air to publicly ask the lead mouth on the loudspeaker… a question.


(I did mistakenly presume that given the stated purpose of their protest is to inform people, the protesters would actually appreciate being asked and want to answer a question or two, which also seemed more than fair enough since while they had stopped the trams, they had also stopped moving themselves)


But no.


... the old cordon-blue... 



It turned out the youngish lady with the loudspeaker didn’t have an answer to my question, which was “Why were the protesters blocking the free trams which reduce traffic in the CBD?” so she started very hastily moving herself and her fellow protesters on.


The sudden haste of protesters who publicly profess to want to be arrested, was quite odd.


When I nevertheless persisted to ask several youngish men in the same group departing, they were actually very rude and patronising.


They firstly said the problem with the trams were the trams were made of the wrong products ?? without further explanation. So I then asked the youngish white male privilege if what they really wanted or were demanding then was for everyone the world over to walk everywhere, and they actually said "if need be" whatever that demand might mean. So I pointed out that was of itself discriminatory nonsense that would immediately for example exclude disabled people from so much. 



... it was an 'act' alright that lacked any real passion or genuine enthusiasm...


The old eugenics.


I did by then observe the protesters unsurprisingly didn’t have any disabled people among them and they didn’t cater for disabled people in any way either, while what they really did not want to do was stop and… talk with the public more generally, disabled or otherwise. 


I just thought it was pretty weird the so called protesters wanted to stop the free trams in the CBD running despite the free trams reducing traffic, and pollution, while not wanting to talk about that, including with the people affected. (The tram drivers have their own separate strike about money, later in the week, that is a fairly regular occurrence most weeks) 


Undeterred, I then asked the protesters who clearly lacked any passion, a big question.



... the doomsters are of course free to do as they wish in a beautiful park ... (affordable solar powered boats/travel would be great)


I asked “Why didn’t (the gaggle of) eco protesters start their own clean renewable energy companies ?” which you would think they would really want to do, BUT the protesters didn’t want to and didn’t support other people who did, so then I just said they were just bollox.


I confess to being genuinely astonished that supposed ‘environmental’ protesters who are publicly declaring there is a ‘climate emergency’ do not want to be the ‘first responders’ starting and supporting their own clean renewable energy companies to help alleviate energy problems, of which there are many.


There can be clean renewable energy companies started and run by the public too.



... not in my name... this job lot of protesters are bystanders not first responders...


I don't know whether the eco 'activists' are opposed to the public owning clean renewable energy companies, because they bizarrely refused to engage on that specific subject. 


So then I briefly embarked on my own spontaneous “counter-protest” which I did actually rather enjoy until I peeled off when I was near my destination. The official “protesters” marched on one side of the road, with a loud speaker with their slogans… without stopping again, while I didn’t need to be on the road pointing out without the benefit of a loudspeaker, the protesters are actually (refusing to discuss they are) FREE to start their own clean renewable energy companies (they are all into crowdfunding these days) which the public agreed was true.


What was so peculiar to me, is environmental protesters who do not want to even discuss the fact they could start their own clean renewable energy companies.


The eco protesters could have had a marvellous discussion with the public while the protesters blocked the trams at Swanston Street but strangely it turned out it was the protesters who did not really want to engage with the public at all. I was very surprised to learn the people in the protest who had incredibly closed minds, didn’t really have much idea about anything to be honest.



... the australian defence forces were parked up in a bus nearby, outside the old melbourne gaol... 


The problem with the dynamics of the protest was it only targeted the freedom of movement of the public, which didn't happen as a consequence of the protesters challenging their government, because the protesters didn't do that. 


(The Victorian state government is Labour and the Federal government is Liberal (ie: Tory) (The Labour and Tories in Australia are still bickering over divvying up the spoils of their French sub deal that politicians say could still be turned into nuclear subs, while French companies still award themselves instead of Australian companies, contracts)


There is therefore in those particular eco protesters own minds, less of a ‘climate emergency’ and more a desire for some quick theatre of protest for the cameras with an ‘eco camp’ that is frankly bollox. If those folks were really worried about a ‘climate emergency’ they really would at least be considering starting their own clean renewable energy companies, which could also actually challenge the status quo they purport to criticise.




The 'eco' activists were so lacking in the basics of any real passion or genuine enthusiasm they were more closely aligned to the Australian Defence Forces who were parked up nearby, next to the Old Melbourne Gaol. 





Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.