Charlie V/Czechpoint Charlie: Karel Ferdinand Vojtisek, Bagnoli 'Displaced' Persons Camp, Napoli, Italie 1949 in the Papal Bull's 'Age/Doctrine of Discovery'  (02.10.2019)



I remember when I was a very small child and the man I knew as Charlie V or Czech(point) Charlie, took my hand and walked me to school, when I was really traumatised and couldn't really talk. 



... karel was always known as charlie v, but he didn't think he was the holy roman emperor...



Karel knew what it was like to be a 'displaced' person.



There are centuries of Bugat's who know nothing but displacement across socially constructed borders imposed by rich people who buy whatever passport they like. 


The idea that Europe was liberated at the end of World War Two, is a falsehood similar to the dishonesty of those who claim Captain Cook 'discovered' Australia, as though it was somehow uninhabited by Aborigines. The cynical colonial propaganda of 'discovery' was originally promulgated by a Papal Bull from Pope Alexander VI.


The British et al illegally forcibly repatriated many people from the Bagnoli 'displaced' persons camp back to the Soviet Union, against their will. 


Of course Australia which has a very small population has become seriously over-governed by a peculiar combination of the British and American systems of government that imposes an unelected British monarch as head of state who rules over a state and federal system like the United States. 


The British who had betrayed Catalans in the Spanish War of Succession also refused to liberate Catalans from Europe's favourite military dictator Franco while offloading Eastern Europe to the Soviets, along with continuing to try and stop Jewish people building a Jewish State in self-defense that does not rely on the Balfour Declaration, after no government anywhere protected Jewish people from the entirely foreseeable Holocaust. 


My true identity that was stolen from me when I was a child, is very important to me, as indeed is a real freedom to choose my religion, which I have never experienced.  


The Spanish Constitution's Article 155 must be void ab initio because a true reading of it's construction that relies on a majority or mob rule, rather than the rule of law also does not permit the Spanish state to cede from Catalonia either, which Catalans would not want to prevent Spanish people doing if they wanted to.