Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Brit & Oz intelligence services “prorogation” of my identity in Oz when I was a child is “void ab initio” as we proved ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 free speech ban was in UK (25.09.2019)


I love my true ‘mixed’ race Catalan Italian British & Australian identity.



... the Garden of No Distant Place... 18 September 2019...



The Bugat family who are and have been Jewish, Catholic & Muslim have lived all around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes in the mountain and valley regions of always changing socially constructed ‘borders’.


I am so a Donna Bugat and not a Babs Tucker. 


I have been forced to live the real life of a 'converso' in our 'modern' times.


Another Edgardo Mortara case.


There have always been Bugats with different ‘nationalities’ who have for example lived in the... same Pyrenees, (s0metimes in autonomous areas) with much the same situation in (the also autonomous) Friuli- Venezia Giulia region in Northern Italy which was the Italian Verdun in World War One, before Bugat partisans were executed by the Nazis in World War Two. Bugats were in the Black Sea region of Trabzon in Turkey after the Armenian Genocide, and Galicia in Eastern Europe (the region between Ukraine & Poland) during the Holocaust. 



... Museo Italiano.... in Carlton where I was born...


The “prorogation” of my true identity that was stolen from me when I was a child in Australia during the Franco era, by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services (who posed as my parents and godparents) when I was a child, is “void ab initio” as indeed we proved the ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 free speech ban was in UK.



The Chosen Few: Maristella Botticini Zvi Eckstein( 2012 p.174)


The distinct patterns of Jewish settlement in southern Europe and in central and northwestern Europe … “during the early Middle Ages, the Mediterranean-Hellenistic Jewry of antiquity separated and developed into Byzantine-southern Italian, Roman, Catalan-Southern French and Arab-Sicilian branches. Subsequently, Ashkenazi (northwestern and northern European) and Sephardi (Iberian) Jewry became distinctive communities”… Economic activities of German Jews in the Middle Ages, edited by Michael Toch (2005 p.547)…


The Jewish State, was legitimately built in self-defence that is not reliant on the Balfour Declaration, because there were no governments who sought to protect Jewish people from the Holocaust, which after centuries of persecution and expulsion was entirely foreseeable.


Rina Spiegel’s diary describes conditions in Nazi-occupied city of Przemysl until her murder in 1942.




... Bugat... Przemysl... (Jewish surnames in Galicia in Eastern Europe)...


The experience of the entire apparatus of a state depriving you of your true identity as a child does cause an acute sense of loss and bereavement of so much. The loss profoundly affects your emotional and physical wellbeing, when you are trying to make sense of the adult world.


The British and Australian governments have only ever… intended to cause me serious emotional and physical harm, because my true identity is my most basic right. There were no adults I could turn to as a child while in the ’state care’ of the highest echelons of the intelligence services. The intelligence services are by comparison, adults who make informed choices to use false identities.


The former PM Gillards 'apology' for people politicians wishfully labelled "forgotten" was so incredibly false


I should have been able to legally reclaim my true identity at any time, including when I was living in France, without being caused unnecessary distress, or needing to return to Australia.



... Stanislawow... Hebrew.. 'luck'...


My true identity was only changed because the British government who betrayed Catalans did not want a legal challenge to the colonial Treaty of Utrecht etc. Most people know the stolen generations of Aboriginal children only happened because the British government did not want to make a Treaty with Aborigines either.


... from Alpais de Bugat and the Counts of Toulouse & Avignon Papacy in 1255 etc etc, to Mendel Bugat who spoke Yiddish and was a Hebrew teacher from Poland who emigrated to New York...



I was a child Prisoner of War and hostage to the fortunes of others.


The old electoral records in Australia of adults claiming to be public servants, do not match for example the information on my Sixth Schedule birth certificate. 


I had every motivation to try and stop children everywhere experiencing terror, when I was an adult in Parliament Square, Central London, because I knew what it was like to be terrorised by a gunman when I was a small child. That left me so traumatised I never really spoke until I was ten years, when my first words of my own were, I wanted to go home.


At least the Catalan issues that arose during the Franco era, when I was born, are in the public domain now.


It was only when I recently returned to Australia that I was truly shocked and then devastated to discover by pure happenstance the existence of (albeit flawed) ‘Schrodingers Cat’ legislation (that needs to be amended)… from 1985 the British and Australian governments had “forgotten” to tell me about.


I have been lied to for so long, because of course, intelligence services did not want to be cross-examined on a witness stand before a civil jury.


The British & Australian intelligence services illegally prevented me from making informed decisions in and about my own adult life.


... 85 Jermyn Street, SW1... 16 August 1951...


Nevertheless, I try to look at Australia, which for me, returning to is like revisiting a major crime scene because so many terrible things happened, through new eyes, to try and make some good new memories. I love that in Melbourne, we are all mostly immigrants. Australia would benefit from building the most beautiful eco cities all around the coastline to develop a country with many natural resources that is largely unpopulated when you consider the similar size to the EU or US.


Mediterranean countries could similarly build eco cities all around their coastline.   


On a personal level there are so many things to learn because there are so many choices other people take for granted that I have never been able or had the opportunity to make an informed decision over.


Unfortunately, I also have to try and learn how to cope with a new health reality too, because I am used to getting an illness and getting better. Now I have multiple auto-immune inflammatory illnesses to try and manage, which have already caused permanent damage, because I have never had proper access to medical treatment for so long.


.... 346H instead of between 28-100...



The British government used life threatening torture to exile me from the UK because it was inconvenient for them to have a civil jury case over their free speech ban in the UK. They knew it would be impossible for me to ever get private medical cover after they used life-threatening torture etc which I would always need to disclose.



... 81 instead of <20...



I will go through the harrowing ordeal of a County Court hearing in Australia, to reclaim my true identity, which no-one should ever need “permission” from any state to have or reclaim. It is my intention to properly assert my rights through legal proceedings to achieve the best possible peaceful outcome for myself and my family. It is not really legally possible to pretend what happened by changing my true identity did not happen.


What happened to me has affected multiple members of my family across the generations in all sorts of ways.


I honour the memory of my little sister when I go to visit the peace and tranquility of the Garden of No Distant Place, which unlike other parts of the Botanical Cemetery, is for people of all and no religions.  My little sister was Roman Catholic.


....joyly you will live and love the things I loved, and hope the hopes I held...



I arrived in Melbourne to meet my little sister I was raised separately from on 10 September 1996, which was the same day the UN passed the Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Treaty. My little sister suddenly died exactly four years later on 10 September 2000 during the Olympics in Australia, while I was living in the UK.


... a single white rose in the Jewish cemetery...


The day after Pope Ratzinger strangely gave a speech to the British Parliament on 18 September 2010, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, there is a recording of Brian filming Press TV (Iran) asking me about the nuclear industry. Corbyn & Johnson et al knew they had choices to be Jewish or not be Jewish, that I never had because I have never experienced religious freedom. I know I don't want to ask anyone's "permission" to practise a religion of my own choosing. In the Nixon era, Fred Malek made the 'Jewish lists'. 



... the Garden of No Distant Place... 18 September 2019...


What everyone knows is the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has still not come into force because 8 states have either not signed or ratified the Treaty, while there is of course a need for better governance of the nuclear industry more generally.





Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.