Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Referral of Article 50 referendum impasse to ECJ for legal ruling, could help people make an informed decision for a second referendum and help build foundation of an… EU Constitution, so everyone is a winner (09.09.2019)


I have recently been very much enjoying quietly visiting Carlton, which is the area I was born in, that includes what is known as the ’Little Italy’ of Melbourne along Lygon Street. This has brought me some real happiness, because at the moment, I am currently personally trying to work through how I can best make a series of informed decisions on a number of difficult issues.


... the referendum affects many people in the far from commonwealth colonial half-way house called australia too...



Everyone should always be able to make the best informed decisions they can.


My own personal issues include firstly addressing, following a number of medical tests, several serious illnesses I have thus far been diagnosed with, that I now think I must have had for some time. However, it wasn’t possible to return to the UK or access medical treatment in France, before finally now being referred to a specialist in Australia, which still takes a long time, because I don’t have private health cover. I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis (despite my not being a drinker, and no longer smoking) along with rheumatoid arthritis which appear to be connected by my immune system attacking me. It does seem to be one illness feeds off the other in a cycle of ‘flare-ups’. Apparently, chronic pancreatitis is difficult to treat and manage anyway, including because it can cause all sorts of other problems. While it can be quite debilitating being nauseous, and generally in almost constant pain from the chronic pancreatitis and/or rheumatoid arthritis, I nevertheless try and focus on what I can do.


I currently have to take pig pills !! called Creon, which while neither kosher or vegan, contain the enzymes that are supposed to help in the digestion of food, which is difficult. However, I have been unable to take prescribed pain relief for the rheumatoid arthritis because that upsets my digestive system. It is unlikely I would be able to take medicinal cannabis even if I could afford it, unless there was a suitable format of delivery for people who have chronic pancreatitis too. A pharmacist said the combination of illnesses does pose a number of dilemmas in terms of treatment.


In addition, there are other illnesses various x-rays and a CT scan and so on also highlighted, (it became overwhelming that every time I have had a test of one kind or another, something else has been discovered !! which has been difficult) some of which I can and am also being treated for like anaemia and hypertension. I also apparently have pelvic congestion syndrome, which I guess just ‘adds to the package’ so to speak.


Unfortunately my pancreas has been permanently damaged and my right hip has apparently definitely seen better days as have my sacroiliac joints, which I didn’t even know I had, but my left hip is still “reasonable”. This has meant despite periods of a state of denial, that I have been forced to consider I may indeed be getting older, and may just have to concede I could probably no longer campaign in the way we once did in Parliament Square, Central London.


It is possible physical trauma could be responsible for initially triggering much, but the fact the British government have always refused to hand over the relevant CCTV from the UK, does makes that difficult to determine and is not something I am interested in dwelling upon anyway. The fact my hand that was broken clicks and freezes with increasing regularity, is frankly the least of my problems !! albeit it is true it is very painful when that does happen.


I also discovered, on what has turned into quite a medical mystery tour, that along with the fact I have prominent what I call ’bone spurs’ on my ribs that are thankfully okay, I have an ectopic kidney which apparently is relatively common. The ectopic kidney does make you think however, that perhaps governments really should be far more careful when throwing members of the public around. Eye tests have revealed the beginning of cataracts and so on and so forth, so I need two pairs of glasses etc.   


The second issue involving the need to make informed decisions, relates to going through the very real distress of legal proceedings to reclaim my true identity. It is not as straightforward as it may seem for a very many reasons. The reality is that relevant legislation in Australia is obviously defective because governments are defensive over what politicians belatedly with no doubt wishful thinking labelled  ‘forgotten’ children in 2012, while I was still in Parliament Square, Central London. I guess the seriously adversarial legislation I had never even known about, was framed the way it is, simply because politicians and the monarchy would obviously wish to avoid legal redress over what was child trafficking etc. The relevant legislation should have been amended because an adult should not have to go through an ordeal in court to reclaim their true identity that any reasonable person should know should never have been taken from them as a child. No-one else could possibly have any legal reason reason to… deny someone else their true identity.


The legal recognition of your true identity can only help to develop a sense of belonging and healing. I should be able to celebrate being Mediterranean too, which includes being part of Europe, without being ether European “-or-“ Arabic. My true identity is a central part of building new good memories, because what I really do not want to have to keep explaining and more importantly remembering is the horrific parts of my childhood in Australia, which only continually reinforces, post traumatic stress disorder.


I completely reject what was the forced “assimilation” policy which completely changed my identity to suit an Australian Constitution which put rich white British people “first” purely for financial reasons. The highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence agencies who posed as my parents and godparents obviously did not have my informed consent to completely change my identity which robbed me of so much including really … belonging anywhere.


The fact the intelligence services only cynically grabbed me, because of course a Catalan Italian with an uncommon surname Bugat “could” challenge the British-led colonial Treaty of Utrecht which betrayed Catalans, so the British could most profit, is not really of huge interest to me. It is an extraordinary irony that in Melbourne in 1964, those intelligence services put Italians under investigation on suspicion of mafia links, yet the supposed adults from the intelligence services who grabbed me, only ever intended to use me for a “social experiment” to see if they could ‘train’… children to be ‘universal soldiers’. This inevitably involved abusive situations. It was what it was and it was a long time ago.


The intelligence services could not possibly have believed they could legitimately recruit me, and they should have been able to comprehend my refusal was based on the obvious fact, they had completely changed my true identity when I was a child, that I always wanted back. It was unconscionable what the intelligence services were involved in doing.


Sadly, it is all too true that completely changing a child’s true identity does impact in so many ways, including on other people too, across the generations, that include so many cultural and health issues.   


It is ridiculous for politicians to pretend that anything other than permanent harm was intended in completely changing a child’s identity.


One of the things I do love about Melbourne, is that we are mostly all immigrants, so there is so much to learn from each other and celebrate. And at least what was going on during the sixties, is now more openly spoken about among people in Australia.


I was considering while I was in the State Library recently there is surely no way anyone could ever read every single book there, so there will always be something new for anyone and everyone to learn. It reminded me that the only good thing about Parliament Square, Central London was that there was always something new to learn from someone from somewhere in the world, because the world does pass through Westminster.


I have been finding the Bugat ancestry which was hidden from me for so long, enormously interesting because it includes Jewish, Catholic and Muslim people. Having never experienced freedom of religion myself, I do not personally think anyone needs anyone else’s permission to peacefully practice any religion. I think we made that point with the permission for free speech legislation. There have always been Bugats on both ‘sides’ of the Pyrenees. Some of the Jewish Bugats in Galicia (Poland and Ukraine) who were Yiddish and got out before the Holocaust, became emigres to New York. Others lived in Stanislaw and Lwow and the name Bugat was recorded as Hebrew for luck. A Bugat who was born in Trebizon by the Black Sea in Turkey, after the Armenian Genocide there, must have been Muslim (although there was a Jewish community there many years earlier, some of whom converted to Islam).


It made me think about the British referendum in a number of respects, because so many people in the UK must have continental European ancestry. I was talking with a young Frenchwoman in Melbourne recently and we both agreed on the point about trying to find the right balance, which I had hoped to do by switching my residency, although my home that I do really miss is in France in my nature lovers paradise. (The general discussions about finding the right balance have included the contribution solar power can make to the shipping industry)


I am so grateful to have known Brian in the UK, because he really did bring genuine faith, which I do believe in, back into religion which should be possible for people to peacefully practise alongside politics, for those who wish to. Brian never found and I never saw, any personal conflict in his practising his religion and his politics alongside each other and indeed he did show that genuine religious beliefs are compatible with democracy and the rule of law. 


The Cardinal Pell abuse case in Melbourne is by contrast a ghastly and gruesome, dreadful reminder of what went on, among “the churchianity” that was often very brazen. I was sexually assaulted myself while I was on a brief trip to the Gold Coast shortly before I left Australia as a teenager. I was stalked with the priest on the same flight back to Melbourne wearing his dog collar. In hindsight, I was fortunate to have been able to struggle and call out for help to a couple nearby, alerting them to what did take place in broad daylight in a public place.


A jury in Melbourne who recently found Pell guilty of sexual abuse, were obviously legally entitled to do so, because Pell purposefully gamed the system, to put the victim through an ordeal, while cynically avoiding being cross-examined himself. The church must now carefully rethink it’s own policies, that Pell put in place.


I sometimes think Australia was used for all the terrible social experiments on children, while New Zealand often seems to trial some more constructive social programs. Children in Australia, who did not have an independent adult to go to who would legally protect them, which you certainly didn’t have with the involvement of the intelligence services, were very vulnerable. There were multiple layers upon which there was most certainly no informed consent.


The controversial British referendum is an example of a situation where there are numerous valid arguments on all ‘sides’ but no sensible or fair framework because Article 50 was very badly drafted.


In fact, the EU really does need an EU Constitution so that people who join or stay, really are able to genuinely make an informed decision. It is possible the current referendum impasse may only progress through the ECJ, with a legal decision that could then go back to the British public so they are then able make a better informed decision in another referendum.


A decision at the ECJ along with a second referendum with an informed decision could well become the foundation of an EU Constitution, which everyone in the UK would then have taken part in building, helping to make everyone a winner. In any event it is better to at least try and find something for everyone.


The British referendum, which does affect people in the far from Commonwealth too, is one important strand among global change, that can and really should become an opportunity to make everyone a winner.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.