Donna Black-Cat: Is Golan key to ambitious peace deal; Jewish people could have ‘Old’ Jerusalem as capital while Palestinians build ’New Jerusalem’ as their capital in Golan in either ‘One State’ with two capitals or Two ‘Independent’ states ? (19.06.2019)


I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion woman.



... brian wanted to unite people of all religions or none in peace...



The highest echelons of the British and Australian Fremantle ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ intelligence services posed as my parents and godparents when they completely changed my identity as a child in Australia, during the Franco era, and despite everything that had happened during WW2, including the Holocaust.


Franco was Europe’s favourite military dictator, who “got away with it all”.


The fact I was terrorised by a gunman when I was only five years old, which was the same year as the Six Day War in the Golan and during the Vietnam War, formed my ‘world view’. I was so traumatised by what happened, I never really spoke until I was ten years old when the first words of my own, were I want to go home to my own family.


I never suffered from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ because I only ever wanted to go home to my own family


However, I was always… punished, purely because I wanted to go home to my own family, so it was always very difficult for me to try and find the different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of my cultural heritage.


I was also always discriminated against because I am a ‘mixed’ race Mediterranean, in what was in those days, a ‘Whites Only’ (the ‘politics’ hasn’t changed much) colonial half-way house and the original Guantanamo called Australia. The global colonial Treaty of Utrecht also meant there wasn’t any peace deal with Aborigines either, which led to the well known child trafficking involving stolen generations of Aborigine children.


The Bugat family are historically both Jewish -and- Catholic and live in for example Catalonia, Italy -and- Jerusalem and have always lived in the mountain and valleys on both ’sides’ of the always changing ‘border’ regions around the Mediterranean (and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes) between European, Arab and Asian ‘empires’.


I was not motivated by any politics or ideology when I stood for peace in Parliament Square, Central London as an adult woman to try and stop terror, because I do know exactly how children feel.


My campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London was simply a natural extension of voluntary unpaid public service I was already doing and had done.


I had never had any religious freedom myself, so I learned a lot listening to Brian who was a genuine evangelical Christian who enthusiastically embraced people from all religions or none without proselytising. We complemented each other because religion and the rule of law are in so many ways inextricably linked.


The British Establishment would never have laid a hand on Brian and myself with their ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 ‘anti-competition’ legislation (now repealed) if Brian and myself had had ‘private’ health cover. The only real ‘difference’ with ‘private’ health cover which doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, is you have some genuine choices beyond the whims of politicians et al. Mr Blair & Co certainly knew politicians like Corbyn and their cronies who purported they could ‘exempt’ …themselves from the legislation, had no insurance cover to use legislation against Brian and myself, which is why the legislation really sought to ‘legalize’ the torture and exile of peaceniks. The legislation was certainly not something politicians wanted to argue with ‘private’ health insurance lawyers. There wasn’t a single ‘journalist’ who are often ‘politicians’ too who prefaced what were really their published ‘hit pieces’ against Brian and myself with the information the National Union of ‘Journalists’ /PR firms/propagandists was for example ‘exempt’ from the legislation.


I did not go to Parliament Square to accumulate unprecedented High Court civil jury lawsuits, which is what happened, because I am not a doormat either.


My experience has made me reflect that all local, national and international politics should (voluntarily) be voluntary unpaid public service because millions of civilians all around the world peacefully participate in voluntary unpaid public service every single day, including on juries.


When I switched my ‘residency’ from the pavement in Parliament Square, Central London which was administered by numerous ‘different’ public authorities, to the ‘green space’ of the grass, Brian followed me. I said however you looked at it (after the life-threatening barbaric and medieval torture the state used on me on 4 September 2009 when the government did try to physically break my body in half !! & 18 November 2009 when the government unlawfully ‘arrested’ me & completely trashed all my property on the pavement) the ‘green space’ of grass was safer than the pavement.


Brian and myself had by switching ‘residency’ from one part of Parliament Square, Central London to another, created a ’New Jerusalem’ based on ‘self-defense’ on the green space of grass on 18 November 2009. We had gone the full circle so to speak from/back to the life-threatening attack by an ‘unknown’ assailant (undercover agent) against me on 17 August 2007, the government orchestrated and covered up because they knew they could no longer ‘prosecute’ me.


The facts are the British Establishment never won any ‘costs’ against me in any published ’landmark’ cases they maliciously brought after 18 November 2009, because the evidence is they only sought to ‘overtake’ my real lawsuits. The government made sure when they published their legislative ‘follow-up’ Act against moi in 2011, it was written according to the demands contained in Corbyn and his quisling Livingstone et al’s 8 March 2007 emails they always… hid. The government did violently attack me and destroy my campaign property while I was on the green space of the grass, using their ‘new’ 2011 legislation, but they never took me to court (while Westminster Council et al failed in a ‘private’ prosecution on the pavement with ‘new’ legislation, not least because I never ‘chose’ to be on the pavement !!)


The Jewish State was unusually founded in self-defense that wasn’t contingent on the Balfour Declaration because there wasn’t a single government who helped Jewish people during the Holocaust.


The UN which essentially comprised the same countries who stood by or participated in the Holocaust which took place during WW2 arguably only then wanted to control Jerusalem as an ‘international city’ for their own interests. The UN wanted a two state solution offering an Arab state around Jerusalem with a road through the Arab state for Jewish people to visit Jerusalem. I do not know and it is impossible to fully understand why Palestinian politicians did not agree to an independent state back then, which would have meant so much to so many people. 


There are nevertheless so many options for a peace deal.


I am reminded of the fact, the French government relatively recently, quietly ’re-united’ the Agenais and Languedoc as Occitanie on 24 June 2016. I mention this, because some Bugats who are Catalan live in Occitanie and some Bugats who are Occitan live in Catalonia, which I guess does mean people are joined across the wider areas in a more historically accurate manner.


Catalans unlike Palestinians have never been offered independence, whatever that means, and the recent ‘right of return’ to Spain is confusing because it doesn’t really correspond to what was the Kingdom of Spain etc etc.


I personally think all states should be autonomous within one functioning universal legal jurisdiction, and I live in Breizh, which has some autonomy of sorts with very much it’s own identity. So I think Catalonia has arrived at the future ideal other ‘nation’ states should catch up with. I respect however that other people prefer the word ‘independence’ when they talk about what they would like, wherever they are.


There are an increasing number of multi-national families which happens naturally, but is not yet properly reflected in global administrative governance.


I hope to personally build some some new good memories by ’switching’ my ‘residency’ to Melbourne in Australia, although my only home remains in Breizh, France in the EU, so I can share my time between both, and I hope Jewish and Muslim people in Israel and Palestine can build new good memories too, with an ambitious peace deal.


I have every reason to want to see a peace deal between Jewish and Muslim Palestinians, which really would be celebrated all around the world by so many people, who want to see a peace deal.


Maybe the Golan is the key to a peace deal, because a peace deal that agreed the Jewish State had the Old Jerusalem as it’s capital, while the Golan became the New Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, would draw a new line in the sand that wasn’t colonial. There would be an even more ambitious peace deal if there was one state, with two capitals !! with one being Jewish and one being Palestinian.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.