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Donna Black-cat Bugat: The ‘Melbourne Mission’ is ‘switch’ in my ’residency’ to Australia (in British Commonwealth) although my only home remains in Breizh, France (in EU) to reclaim my true identity and build ‘mobile’ universal health and welfare program (17.06.2019)


Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris.


I am Donna Bugat, a ‘mixed’ race & religion Catalan Italian British Australian who at 57 years young and 7 stone (approx 45 kgs) can nevertheless peacefully do international law. The Bugat family are historically Jewish -and- Catholic and live in for example Catalonia, Italy -and- Jerusalem.


It is my intention as you know to shortly ‘switch’ my ‘residency’ to Melbourne Australia in the British Commonwealth, although my only home remains in Breizh, France in the EU.



... Brian tried to unite everyone in peace....



One of the reasons for this, is because as an exile from the UK, there is no basic health and welfare/social security agreements including for exiles, between the relevant countries, like the UK and Australia or Australia and France, although each have various agreements with other countries within the British Commonwealth or European Union.


I guess it is similar to when I did the ‘switch’ over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 (now repealed) from the pavement in Parliament Square, Central London, to the grass area in Parliament Square, Central London on 18 November 2009, because the same ‘area’ of Parliament Square, Central London was administered by (so many) ’different’ state ‘departments’. So when I did that ‘switch’ which was reasonable ‘self-defense’ (because the government had used life threatening torture on 4 September 2009 and then completely trashed all my property) and Brian followed because I said however you look at it, the green space is safer, we had done a ’New Jerusalem’. We had gone the full circle back to 17 August 2007 when I was subjected to a life threatening attack by a not so ‘unknown assailant’ (undercover agent) and the government could not longer prosecute us. The ‘landmark’ published cases against Brian and myself after that -all- show the government was not awarded ‘costs’ in their malicious prosecutions, which eventually resulted in their having to write legislation that copied the quisling Livingstone’s emails Corbyn et al always hid from 4 March 2007. The fact is I was violently attacked by the state using their Tabernacle tent legislation from 2011, but I was never prosecuted under the new legislation, while I was on the green space in Parliament Square, Central London. Westminster Council’s Chief Supt Ingledew, who had transferred from NSY in 2007, only made a failed attempt with a private prosecution on the pavement.


The government was always only trying to stop our High Court civil jury lawsuits, because they had no insurance cover to use the legislation against us. If Brian and myself had had ‘private’ insurance cover, so (incl. access to) medical treatment and so on was not entirely controlled by the government, Corbyn et al, and their various ’union’ cronies would never have laid a hand on us. The shameful con-artist Wallinger with his ‘State Britain’ rip-off at the Tate Britain was paid £100,000k by the government to try and help stop our High Court civil… jury lawsuits, while he toured around courtesy of the British Council too, which gives an indication of the sums of money being handed out.



... there was  lot of  hacking of our phones after this...



The politicians and their cronies ‘exemption’ from their ‘anti-competition’ legislation against us, really sought to give themselves (and their ‘journalists’/propagandists “immunity” from High Court civil… jury lawsuits. The British government clearly always intended to ‘at best’ exile Brian and myself because they could never reconcile ‘delaying’ our growing number of High Court civil jury lawsuits, while Brian who was also… visibly so poorly because he was literally crippled by the police on 5 May 2008, was not even in receipt of any kind of disability pension. The government had to hire a quack-adoodle called Dr Lam from Harley Street on 13 August 2010 to try and cover up hospital medical records from 4 February 2010 showed a fracture in Brian’s spine which had originally been ‘overlooked’ by the hospital in 2008.  Dr Lam ‘overlooked’ Brian had cancer which was diagnosed shortly thereafter by.. another doctor, that happened because of a “catastrophic breakdown in his immune system” obviously due to continual violent attacks accompanied by the constant pain.



... I remember Brian...


I therefore hope to be able to use my latest ‘switch’ of a more positive kind to build my own ‘mobile’ universal health and welfare program (‘in lieu’ of my lawsuits in the UK) so that I can peacefully share my time between the British Commonwealth Australasia and Breizh, France in the EU.


This involves my accessing either the ‘New Start’ or ‘Disability’ pension in Australia, and then I will purchase a sim card for a mobile phone and ’private’ health cover etc, to try and manage as much as possible from a ‘mobile’ phone regardless of wherever I am.


The words ‘private’ and ‘public’ health cover are just words really, because what is really important is what… choices you can have, or access, with or without… politicians.


I am quite a technophobe, because I personally find technology too similar to bureaucracy in many ways, so it will be a big cha(lle)nge but also very interesting, for me to try and adjust as much as possible, to see what I can achieve in building my own small universal ‘mobile’ universal health and welfare program, which I can do using a ’New Start’ allowance etc.


I remember when I was asked to be Chair of a Bereavement charity which was voluntary unpaid public service, which I often did, that our task was to help set up new management and administrative systems. We used quantitive and qualitative statistics, to help identify systemic strengths and weaknesses, which worked really well, because everyone could contribute and participate in improvements. I resigned from that voluntary role when the government black-listed me from my paid employment too. I had previously been a Chair of Governors, before I was in Parliament Square, Central London, when I stymied Brown’s economic ‘policy’ to take money from primary education to fund war. I hope to be able to research and use quantitive and qualitative statistics to learn about the best available health and welfare systems while I personally try and build something that should be more than ‘travel insurance’. (I did a Diploma in Health and Social Care as part of a degree I was doing when my sister passed away) It will be interesting to see how the French government manage their recently approved use of medicinal marijuana.


The EHIC is definitely meaningless, and in need of change because all the governments in the EU have such very different health systems.




The Ambassador in Paris should raise as a formal complaint the issue of Wallinger & State Britain.


I obviously ‘own’ State Britain really because it was a rip-off over our lawsuits, so it is equitable that it is handed over to me ‘in lieu’ of my lawsuits. I would also like our campaign property the British government stashed in the Museum of London in the City of London. The British and Australian governments can send both to Australia and pay for storage there in the Commonwealth, until  I can find a suitable property to put together a private exhibition (by invitation only) to tell the true story.




Re: the Saur ‘Waterboard’ case. I am currently working in my front garden which will be completed by the end of the month. I will then be able to turn off the water in my private property, so the French government should then be able to install the new water meter from any time from the beginning of July onwards -and- I will be able to start paying off any bill monthly via a mobile online account as soon as that is arranged.




I will need a form from the Director of Public Finances in France to fill out a declaration that I didn’t have and don’t have the income for the small emergency hospital bill from July 2017 which should have been covered by the EHIC number that was given to the hospital along with the doctors letter.


I couldn’t afford the prescription charges of €150 euros per week so it took a long time to get as well as possible. I will also need the medical records from then too.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!