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Donna Black-cat: Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris et al, please ask politicians for ‘delegated authority’ for you to buy a Sim-card for me to collect from any post-office, so I can organise ‘personal injury’ pension with civil servants ’in lieu’ of civil jury & lawsuits in UK, to avoid ‘contractual disputes’ of state parties et al (20.05.2019)




Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris & Australian Department of Human Services et al,




I am the female ’mixed-race’ Catalan Italian British Australian who was exiled from the UK, in the EU, because British politicians used life-threatening violent attacks by a) undercover agents and b) torture etc, with the knowledge and complicity of Australian politicians.


The fact I was doing voluntary unpaid public service in Parliament Square, Central London, did not mean politicians et al could do what they liked.


Therefore, I would like to make some constructive progress in my ‘exile’ case, so please forward this (ie: consider this service) to the politicians who run your departments, asking for the relevant ‘delegated authority’.



... 'delegated authority'.... for a sim card...


I should then be able to organise my ‘personal injury’ pension, that Australian politicians can call whatever they like, from… my own… home in Breizh, France, with a mobile phone, that civil servants can speak to me on, so civil servants can fill out whatever ‘forms’… politicians like, without my endlessly being caught between any/all manner of ’contractual disputes’ between ‘state parties’ et al.


(There are as you know, no public phone boxes in rural Breizh, France, any longer)


The Australian consulate in Paris is fully aware I do not have the considerable sum of money necessary to pay to go to Australia, including on a non-stop 26 hour journey ! regardless of my health, to in any event ‘at best’ fill out bureaucratic forms that could be done with a civil servant over a mobile phone, while I am in my home in Breizh, France. There is no good legal reason for me to incur a substantial further… debt, I would also need to pay back, when a ‘personal injury’ pension could be arranged by a mobile phone.


If Australian politicians want me to sell my home in Breizh, France 'to return' to Australia to apply for a 'personal injury' pension, that I can.... then travel anywhere on, politicians really do need to say so.


We can then agree if necessary, to go to court, so politicians can argue whatever they like, on a 'point of law', which doesn't change that... in the meantime Australian politicians will still have to give me access to a 'personal injury' pension 'in lieu' of my civil jury and lawsuits in the UK, so that I ... survive.


The self-evident fact is Australian politicians are for legal purposes, the ‘country of origin’ who could have easily stopped the British government repeatedly torturing an Australian citizen (dual national or otherwise) in the UK in the EU. 


The fact I did not have legal representation in the UK over civil jury lawsuits, made me extremely vulnerable to being 'exploited' by anyone who knew that was the situation, which is very clearly what happened on (for example) 4 September 2009. 


I have yet to find the 'Australian department' of 'human services' who helps an Australian citizen tortured etc by British politicians in the UK:



... i have never found the 'australian department' of 'human services' who help australian citizens tortured etc by the british politicians... 



I am currently settled living in my own home in Breizh, France in the EU, and should not be further inconvenienced by politicians ‘contractual disputes’ with each other etc really. The ‘presumption’ is supposed to be in ‘favour’ of the civilian.


The Australian politicians have various ‘International Social Security Agreements’ with other governments that provide the necessary… evidence it is of course possible for politicians to pay ‘social security’ to any Australian citizen anywhere, without the citizen being resident in Australia. In fact, there is no legal reason, politicians cannot agree an ‘International Social Security Agreement’ with me.


The Australian politicians were responsible for my exile from the UK, because the British politicians completely relied on Australian politicians not taking any practical steps whatsoever, to protect an Australian citizen (dual national or otherwise) from torture etc, in the UK.


In fact Australian politicians could have paid me a ‘personal injury’ pension while I was… in the UK (despite ending their agreement with the UK… government in 2001) while the UK continually ‘side-stepped’ our very serious civil jury lawsuits in the UK. It is a legal impossibility to explain why Brian did not have his lawsuits settled -or- a disability pension after police were recorded, in the precincts of a courthouse, admitting they crippled him.


I am the person who was tortured etc, who should not have to go through or encounter any further ‘obstacles’ etc like having to buy a property for €1 euro in another country in the EU, like Italy or Catalonia in Spain, where the Australian government do have a reciprocal agreement’. In fact the International Social Security Agreements show the Australian government can pay an Australian … citizen, a pension etc, regardless of whether the person rents, or owns their own home or are homeless, or wherever they are.



... tent-size eco homes etc.. www.koateco.com


The fact remains I am entitled to a ‘personal injury’ pension from Australian politicians who can call it whatever they like, in what is part of a bigger global jigsaw puzzle to try and put together a universal (ie: pan-EU & Commonwealth) health and welfare package that benefits everyone. 


I guess it is possible a mobile-phone should make it possible to manage and organize much from almost anywhere regardless of whether a person rents or owns a home or is homeless.


I still do need the ‘master copy’ for my medical treatment, of the British governments ‘trophy footage’ of me from 4 September 2009 politicians have been ‘horse-trading’ over (when life-threatening torture was used) which I will need to be able to store in a safe space an insurance company can have access to. I would like to look into having medical treatment at the Cerdanya cross-border Hospital


... a cute little newby calf...



The ‘personal injury’ pension should mean I will be able to enjoy a more balanced life as a ‘mixed race’ Catalan Italian British Australian because I would like to eventually be able to peacefully spend time in both continental Europe and Australasia.


I am not opposed to... visiting Australia per se.


P.S. It is impossible to actually contact a errr...  human via email at the Australian Department of Human Services !




It is my personal view and practical experience that politics would only be improved by it becoming an voluntary unpaid public service. 


I was a Chair of Governors at a primary school (having originally been elected as a parent governor) when I refused to implement Brown’s cuts to education so he could fund war. And so his political policy failed, because of course other schools also refused. However, interestingly not a single politician from any political party supported me because all the councillors and Members of Parliament who are by contrast paid, were united in their opposition to being challenged over ‘policy’ by a… voluntary unpaid elected member of the public.     


I then properly opposed politicians ‘anti-competition’ legislation (s132-138 SOCPA 2005 now repealed) in Parliament Square, Central London, which was violently trying to stop peaceful public participation in politics. This was most obvious with politicians like the quisling Livingstone and the opportunistic Johnson along with the top brass at New(s) Scotland Yard et al trying to stop members of the public, like Brian, standing in for example, the London Mayoralty.


Millions of people all across the world are involved in voluntary unpaid public service every single day including in the important business of jury service so people everywhere really do have a valuable contribution to make to politics which can take the form of voluntary unpaid public service.


The fact Brian and myself essentially did voluntary unpaid public service in Parliament Square, Central London did not mean politicians should have also been able to avoid our personal injury lawsuits that arose from politicians using legislation they did know they did not have insurance cover to use.


My own contribution to free speech in Parliament Square, Central London was purely ‘apolitical’.


I was a young child of only five years old myself when I was terrorised by a gunman in Australia in 1967 which left me completely traumatised, in the same year as the Six Day War with the backdrop of the Vietnam War during the Franco era. I was a responsible adult woman in Parliament Square, Central London who wanted to stop terror, precisely because I know exactly how young children feel. 


I was exiled from the UK because the PM Brown & Livingstone et al’s original life-threatening attack by an undercover agent on me on 17 August 2007 was directly connected to the life- threatening torture by the government under Brown and Johnson on 4 September 2009 etc etc.


The British politicians only did what they did to me in the UK, because they knew the Australian politicians would not and did not take any practical steps to protect an Australian citizen, dual national or otherwise. The former Australian FM Alexander Downer for example, was too busy making money ‘privatising’ spying and selling ‘Yellow Cake’ uranium to all and sundry, all without proper oversight or regulation. 


The British monarchy are demonstrably the biggest ‘welfare’ recipients in the world in the far from Commonwealth and EU, having never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service. However there isn’t necessarily much difference between a monarchy or republic when neither involve the ‘politics’ of voluntary unpaid public service. The unelected EU President and House of Lords are further examples of an absence of any functioning democracy.


My case which involves torture in the UK within the EU, while serious, and over which there is no statute of limitations etc, can also make an important contribution to help others.





Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.





27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!