Donna Black-cat: Claim for ‘personal injury’ pension from Australian govt. while in EU ‘in lieu’ of civil jury & lawsuits should be ‘ratified’ by ECJ & ICJ in binding universal legal ruling, to help stop politicians financial motive to use life-threatening torture &… exile (15.05.2019)





Dear Australian Ambassador in Paris,


The purpose in my claiming a ‘personal injury’ pension from the Australian govt. while I am in the EU (that politicians can call whatever they like incl. because there is no difference in the amount between for example ‘disability’ or ‘age’ pension) is to help stop the use of life-threatening torture and… exile.


The fact is politicians use life-threatening torture to exile a defenceless civilian like myself, solely to avoid paying -both- a pension and lawsuits. Therefore at least part of the financial motivation/‘incentive’ for politicians to use life-threatening torture etc is removed when politicians know a victim will at the very least receive a ‘personal injury’ pension anyway. The British Establishment’s ‘enthusiastic’ use of life-threatening torture is deliberate and could in no way be construed as a ‘no fault’ situation. 


It was a legal impossibility to explain why Brian did not have a disability pension -or- his lawsuits settled when lawyers in the UK witnessed and actually had the recording of police officers admitting they crippled him while threatening others outside a court.


I do not personally have any need beyond a ‘personal injury’ pension which is most important for my survival, ’in lieu’ of a civil jury or settling lawsuits there is… no statute of limitations over anyway.


It would be polite for the Australian govt. to reimburse me for my expense during the past six years.


A human Australian government official in a real government department is going to have to deal with the real paperwork of what is a real case involving real life-threatening torture.


The fact is, Australian politicians do have very real legal responsibilities, to protect Australian citizens, from life-threatening… torture.


The pension payment while I am in the EU will need to be ‘ratified’ (i.e: rubber stamped) by the ECJ & ICJ so it becomes legally binding universal case law. 


The Australian government are legally obliged to pay me a ‘personal injury’ pension now, regardless of the fact politicians knew about and did nothing to stop my torture in the UK by the British government.


It’s similar in some ways to the ‘unusual’ situation that arose when one of the British Attorney Generals maliciously sought to prosecute me for a… second time over an alleged Contempt of Court regarding what the government did not contest were accurate contemporaneous records of court proceedings. Any ‘Judge’ who then refused to let me keep a contemporaneous record of Contempt of Court proceedings could be construed as biased, while a judge who agreed to a contemporaneous record of proceedings being kept in a Contempt of Court case, showed there was no need for a malicious prosecution.


The Australian government are in fact, legally obliged to make sure I have a pension while I am in the EU, so that I can… survive !! while they argue whatever politicians like at the ECJ & ICJ.


The most important point is a ‘personal injury’ pension should help stop politicians ‘horse-trading’ over civilians and civilian populations for politicians own… personal financial gain.


The fact the Australian government and French government do not have an ‘International Social Security Agreement’ does not preclude payment to me of a ‘personal injury’ pension by the Australian govt, while I am in Breizh, France.


I would suggest there just needs to be proper confirmation the person… collecting the ‘personal injury’ pension payment is actually me, because I do not for example, live in the city where consular services are. That is why I think the insurance company are possibly a good go-between.


A person from the Australian consular office in Paris/insurance company can also help me arrange to properly register for health care in France. There is for example, the Cerdanya cross border hospital.

Those sort of matters can be arranged by email.


The Australian government will also need to help make sure the cases that publicly named me in the UK, are referred to the Court of Appeal in the UK to be ‘corrected’.


The Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair illegally leaked my name on 26 March 2006 and the BBC et al never corrected the lies that only grew into possibly biggest politically motivated miscarriage of justice in England. In technical legal terms, I was unlawfully ‘arrested’ 48 times so the top cop could collect his… pension. His motivation to deceive, like others, was either primarily or solely financial.


The ‘landmark’ Contempt of Court case in the UK 2007, later naming me, along with Brian, can for example be easily ‘amended’ by the Court of Appeal, because the High Court ‘erred’ in remitting a case back to a lower court… after the Magistrates Court admitted they failed without lawful excuse to keep any contemporaneous record.


It is of course well known in the UK the government also typically run bogus cases around real legal challenges to try and stop the real legal challenge/s. The governments ‘Democracy Village’ between 1 May 2010 and 4 May 2012 was one such very public example. In 2013, the UK government illegally named me in bogus administrative proceedings in the UK that were nothing to do with me !! but were trying to illegally ’overtake’ my by comparison, High Court civil jury lawsuits.


Indeed the same current PM TM (who was posing as Home Secretary then) and Corbyn along with Starmer and Johnson are all very obviously covering up the illegal use of undercovers on 17 August 2007 etc with their bogus undercover 'inquiry' which is really running cover for the likes of Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair and the quisling Livingstone. 


I am only now aware that my High Court Order from April 2008 most likely means the so called Extradition Act in the UK is invalid too.






I have observed my own 'miscarriage of justice' is ‘distinguished’ from for example, the later Assange and his Swedish cases incl.:


a) I have actually been exiled from the UK, which the British govt... first attempted to do in April 2008


(which has not happened to Assange or those in the Swedish case, all of whom have had the benefit of lawyers)


(It was always a self evident matter of fact and law, the UK could not even use the ‘Bail Act’ in a malicious S5 Public Order allegation made by a politician against… me in the UK in 2008, in a politically motivated case I did not even have to appear in court over, and prison authorities admit, I could never even be imprisoned over. The politician did personally financially profit & not just because he was covering up the violent attack by an undercover agent on me on… 17 August 2007 ).


Assange by contrast has not actually appealed the use of the UK ‘Bail Act’ against him.


b) I do have and have always had the evidence of the… repeated violent life-threatening attacks (including the use of undercovers) in the UK and the use of life-threatening torture in the UK within the EU by ‘public officials’.


The essential difference is I have always had the evidence of wrongdoing by the… UK government (and media) in the UK, who like the ‘union’ leaders in the anti-competition legislation, liked to claim they have ’superior’ rights over and above civilians too.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)


P.S: It is common-sense the highest echelons of the British & Australian governments intelligence services who posed as my parents and god-parents, did not ‘acquire’ a Catalan Italian child called Donna Bugat by… ‘happenstance’ whose identity they then completely changed when I was a child during the Franco era, for their own personal financial interests in the global ‘Treaty of Utrecht’.


The intelligence services did hand me financial records to show they did profit from what they did to me, while I was punished, including financially.


The global ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ colonialism inexorably led towards Two World Wars. The Holocaust took place during World War Two when over 50% of the casualties of war became civilians with the increasing and sadly continuing use of ‘collective punishment’ against entire civilian populations.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.