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Donna Black-cat: I am Catalan (Italian British Australian) living in Breizh, France, making claim on insurance policy AN399164 to transfer ’permanent residency’ to Catalonia (& like Druze et al in Golan without relying on ’citizenship’) while Catalonia becomes truly autonomous state within EU (09.05.2019)




re: Claim on insurance policy AN399164


A letter dated 23 April 2019 was received, requesting my response by 9 May 2019.





I am a Catalan ‘dual’/multi-national called Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker) who like most other people, reflects human evolution, rather than ‘empires’ socially constructed ‘borders’ of all sorts.


I personally support Catalonia really being autonomous, rather than being ‘either’ a republic or monarchist. 


The global ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ etc


The British (and Australian) governments calculated millions of people from all around the world literally saw Brian and myself publicly peacefully practising free speech in Parliament Square, Central London.


So I guess, Mr Assange (for example) with his by contrast entourage of lawyers, who all only spin about torture outside the UK and therefore EU, has proved to be very useful to the British (and Australian governments) et al incl. ‘five eyes’ Murdoch etc who:


a) illegally… ‘leaked’ my name in 2006

b) illegally used undercover agents (ie: 17 August 2007)

c) illegally failed to comply with my High Court Order (dated 16 April 2008) which I guess would have repealed their ‘Extradition’ Act too because 

    that is actually only about the arbitrary ‘whims’ of any politician

d) before claiming ‘superior rights’ for (‘politicians’ and) ‘journalists’ et al to… hide their ‘trophy footage’ of their torture of me, from… me !! while I am also the female peacenik in the UK, who was raised by the intelligence services in Australia, who posed as my parents and godparents to completely change my identity when I was a child etc etc.


I did not give my consent for my name to be (illegally) leaked in 2006 -or- for the use of torture etc -and- undercover agents used against me etc etc.


I obviously need the ‘master copy’ of the ‘trophy footage’/torture tapes relating to me in the UK, for my medical treatment etc.


(It is well known the British New(s) Scotland Yard have a “long and proud tradition” of “training” foreign police forces, sometimes in the UK under the guise of ‘criminology degrees’ on the use of torture)


It has been clear for a long time, I have a watertight ‘waterboard’ case I would win at both the ECJ and ICJ, and that I (had and) have an insurance policy/ies (in both the UK and) France I can claim on. I would like to claim on and extend policy AN399164 to transfer ‘permanent residency’ to Catalonia to help address ‘inconsistencies’ in ‘Constitutions’ or lack thereof that extends to medical cover too.


The Australian Consular services (along with the British government more generally) have notably been grossly negligent in failing/refusing to properly inform me of medical treatment I should have in fact always been able to access in France, presumably because politicians wished to conceal the repeated use of torture in the UK, that forced my exile.


The Bugat family who are Mediterranean rather than European or Arabic, have lived in the mountain and valley regions all around the Mediterranean and through Eastern Europe to the Central Asian steppes. The European and Arabian myths about djinns, genies, Cathars, conversos and so on obviously disguise ‘lines in the sand’ drawn by empires all too often leading to families being divided on supposed ‘sides’ etc.


The nature of humans however means it will always remain natural for people to have social relationships, often with people from outside their immediate community, sometimes building families that can have multiple links all around the world.



... a quiet contemplation in a cathedral, which happened to be practising some wonderful organ music in preparation for their local 'pardon'...


I know that people of different religions can be united in peace with one god, like we all were in Parliament Square, Central London. It was only the other day I enjoyed visiting a Cathedral, listening to an organist practising for their pardon. That is all just like I know peaceful autonomous states within one (functioning) universal legal jurisdiction are natural, unlike socially constructed ‘secessionist’ republican or monarchists ‘special’/‘superior’ rights of all sorts.



... the justice stained glass window...


The global ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ has obviously long been -the- primary financial interest of the British Establishment who profited most from colonialism etc.


It is common-sense, the ‘highest echelons’ of the British & Australian ‘Fremantle’ intelligence services did not just happen across a Catalan Italian child called Donna Bugat, before posing as my parents and godparents to completely change my identity, including religion etc during the Franco ‘era’. I don’t personally think I fully suffered from ‘Stockholm syndrome’ although I know I was certainly ‘conflicted’ in a number of ways. My over-riding natural desire from when I was a very small child however, was simply to go home to my own family, and it turned out there was never any legal or other reason I could not.


The Jewish State of Israel was legally established in self-defence during the Franco era, which continued after World War Two. In fact, the Jewish State did not rely upon and was not contingent on what is really politicians et al spin of Balfour, because there wasn’t a single government who protected Jewish people, during World War Two.


I am not claiming anything different from (for example) Druze living in the Golan or Jewish people in Israel, who all have ‘permanent residency’ regardless of ‘citizenship’ etc, which is really the true legal position for people living in the EU too.



... golan druze et al...



I really wasn’t thinking about anything beyond trying to find a safe space of some kind, to try and recover as much as possible, when I was forced into exile in 2013, after being repeatedly tortured in the UK.



... sadly my little sister, who I was raised separately from, died exactly four years after I had visited Australia to be re-united, while I was living in the UK, and she was 36 years and six days old...


This was before the Spanish government belatedly offered people an obstacle course of a supposed ‘right of return’ conditional on Spanish ‘citizenship’ which requires people to for example recognize the Spanish ‘Constitution’. The issue of Spanish ‘citizenship’ can therefore obviously be problematic in many ways for some Catalans, including those who were born or lived outside what is now called Catalonia during for example the Franco era. A problem with Spanish ‘citizenship’ per se, is not necessarily in any way a criticism of any or all Spanish people, but rather reflects the difficulty with politicians more general abuse of incl. ‘dual’ citizenship so they can cancel one or the other, often competing among themselves to do so. The current British PM, TM is an example of a politician who has been ‘pre-occupied’ with condemning ‘dual’ citizenship since her previous years as Secretary of State at the Home Department from May 2010, long before politicians ‘referendum’ in 2016 (Phoenician ‘purple people’ historically preceded the Catalan & Aragon thalassocracy which was the first real Parliament of any kind in Europe. Both thalassocracies etc included Italians who are liquorice all sorts in terms of ‘identity’)     


The British and Australian governments do not deny (it would be a legal impossibility to) the use of overwhelming life-threatening torture in what could only be construed as an attempt to murder me on 4 September 2009 (I only survived because Brian heard me scream).


That ‘scandal’ which is in particular directly related to 17 August 2007 and the electoral 'process' in April 2008, is why politicians and ‘journalists’ et al then ran significant public and undercover operations from 2010 onwards, again beginning during an ‘electoral’ process. They have illegally sought to try and control the ‘trophy footage’/‘snuff movie’ that does exist, from 4 September 2009 by illegally with-holding it from... me. I am obviously legally entitled to and need the ‘master copy’ for my… medical treatment.




The British & Australian ‘governments’ would have known the multiplying and indeed escalating ’scandals’ of:


a) Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair the top cop in the UK, illegally ‘leaking’ my name to the BBC state broadcaster, with neither making any effort to use facts or correct their lies, incl. after my legal victory in court on 14 September 2006. The British Establishment only ever sought to try and ’sidestep’ a/multiple High Court civil jury lawsuit/s.


b) the ‘Vitol conspiracy’ involving the violent attack on me ‘authorised’ by the PM Brown and Mayor of London quisling Livingstone and Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair by their not so ‘unknown’ assailant (undercover agent) on 17 August 2007 in what became the electoral ’switch’ between Labour and Tory ’sides’ (orchestrated by another Australian Lynton Crosby et al) who were no different


c) their “torture tapes/trophy footage/snuff movie” from 4 September 2009


would among much about ‘governments’ in both Australia and the UK probably also:


d) begin to raise questions over the murder and deaths of family members in Australia, particularly in 1999, 2000 and 2001 during the R -v- Osip era, which was also under the former FM Downer’s ‘watch’ while I was living in the UK. The former FM Downer (for example) was also complicit in the first time non-life threatening torture was used on me on 5 August 2006 in the UK, which the British and Australian governments originally tried to cover up incl. on 4 September 2006.


e) lead back to and raise questions about my childhood and the involvement of multiple intelligence services.


The global ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ is the common denominator that includes/means Australia always was the original ‘Guantanamo’.



The evidence is the British government (with the knowledge of the Australian government) kidnapped me off the street in the UK on 7 October 2009 to at best try and falsify and make duplicate records over 4 September 2009, to try and give a false impression, they did not deny me medical treatment they had denied me, on 4 September 2009. In fact corroborative records exist which show I spoke with the Foreign Affairs Department of the Australian government on 7 October 2009 who did then cover up what happened on 4 September 2009 too. I remember the British police at New(s) Scotland Yard were cynically opportunistic in the timing of their kidnap, complaining I shouldn’t be ‘allowed’ consular access, because there were bush-fires in Australia at that time, following the earlier Black Saturday. 



... 7 october 1996...


So when the Australian government ‘consular’ services -always- dishonestly claim they are unable to provide any ‘humanitarian assistance’ necessary for my survival, what they really mean is they have a ‘conflict of interest’ and cannot provide impartial etc advice or help, because they were always involved in what happened in the UK. The Australian ‘consular’ services could hardly be considered impartial since Downer installed himself as Ambassador in the Australian embassy in London, after he resigned from politics, to give himself free legal cover, which the former Attorney General Brandis has done too.


I am therefore making a claim on insurance policy AN 399164


so that lawyers from that company can sort out practical needs that include my reasonably making a claim for and having a pension from the Australian government now on medical grounds.


This includes I do obviously need to be able to drive my car and/or have other transport available to use, including if I chose to travel to Catalonia to have (some) medical treatment.


In many respects, a claim for a pension now on medical grounds from the Australian government that really cannot be disputed however anyone looks at it, is far better than a civil jury or settling my lawsuits because it establishes an important pan-EU and universal legal precedent for civilian exiles from torture within the European Union.


It remains, there is currently no legal and effective system to stop or prevent torture and therefore exile of civilians from within the EU.


The evidence is the British government failed to settle Brian’s lawsuits in a timely manner too, while he was crippled and not in receipt of a pension on medical grounds either, all of which very seriously compounded his physical health, leading to a medical professional saying the “catastrophic breakdown in his immune system”.  Brian and myself were obviously both witnesses for each other too.


I would also like the lawyers from the insurance company to help me practically transfer my ‘permanent residency’ to Catalonia, which would also help me contribute to making a real ‘right of return’ for Catalans, while also making Catalonia a truly autonomous state within the European Union.


I don’t want to leave Breizh in France ‘permanently’ because I do love living here in so many ways too, so either a small rented or owned apartment or land in Catalonia would be suitable. The legal reality is ‘permanent residency’ exists across the EU, but isn’t recognised because the legal system isn’t properly updated/hasn’t caught up, so in many ways transferring ‘permanent residency’ is a paper transfer, in particular because I am also ’retired’ so to speak. A pension now on medical grounds is obviously tax-free too. The Australian government are certainly legally obliged to reimburse me for my past six years of expenses, not least because there was so much the Australian government could have done, but did not do, like attend court as observers and make representations, and so on. (I also had insurance policies in the UK regarding my home, contents and car etc) The Australian government have only always made ‘excuses’ over torture, regardless of whether I was living in a city or countryside.


A ‘political coup’.


I personally support Catalonia really being autonomous, rather than being ‘either’ a republic or monarchist. 


A truly autonomous Catalonia within the EU and or part of the Mediterranean anyway, would help begin what would globally be a far more prosperous system of autonomous states ultimately within one functioning legal jurisdiction.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!