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Donna Black-cat: My reply to 29 April 2019 email from Australian embassy in Paris is… there was more than enough evidence to put Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair, the top cop in UK on trial, so I qualify for pension on medical grounds, from Australian govt, while I live in Breizh, France (03.05.2019)


The autonomous Mediterranean Catalonia is my Jerusalem (which along with later independent Jewish State Israel are both) vulnerable to ‘excesses’ in European and Arab worlds.


Dear Paris embassy,



... 03.05.2006 - 03.05.2019...






I am a Catalan Italian British Australian civilian exile from torture etc in the UK (British Commonwealth) claiming pension from Australian govt. now on medical grounds, while I live in Breizh, France (and in lieu of civil jury and lawsuits)


The pension on medical grounds establishes an important pan-EU and universal legal precedent that benefits everyone (incl. politicians who get a ‘new start’)


The legal precedent is a pivot to help stop torture and exile of civilians and encourage:


a) real autonomy which is the natural human state can only exist within a functioning legal system that promotes the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law (rather than global corporations who operate in lawless so called independent states buying politicians and anti-competition legislation)


(therefore autonomous states are preferred to whatever independent states might claim to be)


b) investing in the unlimited potential of clean renewable energy to help make everyone healthy and wealthy




I qualify for a pension on medical grounds now from the Australian government, while I live in Breizh, France:



a) because of the repeated use of torture in the UK (the Australian government had the ability to stop and protect me from torture etc, in so many ways, and yet did nothing)


b) that is regardless of and incl. additional physical ailments/illnesses.


The primary reason there is no statute of limitations on torture is because states resort to the use of torture on defenceless civilians because/when they have ‘no recognized defence in law’.




The 'Old Bill' Lord Blair’s ‘pension’.


There was always more than enough evidence to put Lord Blair the top cop in the UK, on trial over 26 March 2006, and everything that happened after and because of that.


Lord Blair the top cop in the UK lied to the BBC, on 26 March 2006, while the BBC published the lie without question, naming me, which was never corrected, and was a massive data breach, so everything after that everywhere was a lie (Lord Blair continued even after he was found to be ‘void ab initio’ in court on 14 September 2006) in what became an ‘extraordinary’ miscarriage of justice.


There was no 'consent form': 




It was always so very straightforward.


Lord Blair covered up the only relevant witness statement from an Inspector Lyons on 26 March 2006, with so many other perjured and wholly irrelevant subsequent witness statements, because that one witness statement, would contradict him and the rest of the top brass in New(s) Scotland Yard, and then some.


The very simple truth always was I was the one who made the complaint against Lord Blair on 26 March 2006, which was always a civil jury lawsuit against him.


So Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair put in place a sequence of events that only harmed me and put my life at risk.


Lord Blair could have resigned and collected his pension on 26 March 2006, but he didn’t because it turned out he was using the seriously flawed legislation I eventually forced the repeal of, to make himself the political kingmaker, by blackmailing politicians et al.


There was no legal grounds for Lord Blair to remain as top cop when -he- covered up the violent attack by a not so ‘unknown’ assailant on me on 17 August 2007 that benefited him most of all, because of the mounting civil jury lawsuits.


Lord Blair was only forced to resign after the rigged Mayoral election in the UK in April 2008, because he had not found a way to exile me, then.


He still collected his... pension when he was finally forced to resign.


One evening when I was returning to Parliament Square, he was lurking in the shadows by Westminster Abbey. I never said a word to him and he never even apologised for anything.


All I saw in him, was the typical coward, who is an armchair general, who has never been on any front line, which of course he never had, while he sat spying on everyone else in his ivory tower at New(s) Scotland Yard.


I have less problem with the 'Western Wall' legislation made against me in 2011, because it only serves to highlight the quisling Livingstone and Corbyn et al never supported Brian (or myself).


** So it is strange but true, I am an ordinary civilian woman who was unlawfully ‘arrested’ 48 times, and repeatedly tortured etc and exiled, so… one man who wasn’t ‘following orders’ from anyone else, but himself, could collect his pension !! **



My material assets to declare for my pension, on medical grounds, are my sole ownership of my mortgage-free 89,000 euros cottage in my nature lovers paradise on the pink granite coast in Breizh, and my black Peugeot 208 which was recently valued by Peugeot at €3,300 euros.


(I would actually prefer to trade in my black Peugeot 208 for an iconic (green) Peugeot 206 like Y901 RLB I owned in the UK, and an electric bicycle. I think a competitively priced electric version of the Peugeot 206 would be very popular. Everything I owned in the UK, incl. house, car and job was literally stolen by the British government)




The Australian government should either:


a) begin the payments to me of a pension on medical grounds while I am in Breizh, France


which could actually be paid in cash for me to collect with ID, because it is non-taxable




b) agree an appointment for me with a member of staff from the Australian embassy in Paris, who will need to produce identification for me, at a private meeting in a neutral space, in Breizh, France, to help me fill in whatever forms the government deem necessary for a pension, along with an accompanying signed and dated witness statement from me.


(The member of staff will also be able to verify the visible indication I require access to specialist medical treatment. In the absence of medical diagnosis, I can only attribute some illness to long term damage caused by the overwhelming physical use of torture on my legs and abdomen)






4. There will always remain two legal certainties however anyone else wishes to spin anything.


a) I am a Catalan Italian British Australian woman, mother and pipsqueak peacenik converso called Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker) who was the biggest possible “why don’t you F-Off Mr Osama Bin Laden who btw had always lived a privileged lifestyle, before his invoking 9/11 that had divided Catalonia”.


(Most people know UN sanctions, Bin Laden et al terror, and the liberation of Iraq that became an occupation, only punished civilian populations, while artificially inflating the price of oil which promotes bad governance all governments benefit from in one way or another, including through tax revenue.


The Cold War had previously sold a phoney version of ‘communism’ with successive Soviet leaders really only helping artificially inflate the price of oil for Gulf royals et al, because there was an abundance of oil available in the U.S.S.R too.


There was no real liberation of Europe after World War Two because the military dictatorship of Franco who began WW2 with his war against Catalans on 19 July 1936 remained, during which 30,000 children disappeared without anyone asking any questions. The European governments including Soviet dictators too, just divvied up Europe between East and West)


b) Lord ‘void ab initio’ Blair the top cop in the UK should have resigned on Mothers Day 26 March 2006 which is when legislation should have been repealed, instead of in 2011 (and he still could have resigned at any time incl. after he was declared ’void ab initio’ by a court on 14 September 2006)


The disparity in ‘power’ between for example the top cop in the UK and myself could not have been greater. 


Lord Blair’s claim on 19 May 2006 he had legal cover from “both houses and black rod” did not cover his leak on 26 March 2006 that became an ‘extraordinary’ miscarriage of justice involving all the top brass at New(s) Scotland Yard and then some.


(Brian and myself never did the British Establishment and their Gandhi’s disingenuous canard of ‘civil disobedience’ because it is only about protecting the class and caste systems including global corporations from legitimate lawsuits)


There was the escalating use of non-life threatening torture and life-threatening torture.


When Murdoch published the incumbent PM Cameron (Tory) agreeing on 19 July 2009 to illegally ‘remove’ Brian and myself, without any caveats on how that was done, that gave the go-ahead to the PM Brown (Labour) and Mayor of London Johnson (Tory) and next top cop Stephenson to use what was life threatening torture in what could only be construed as an attempt to murder me on 4 September 2009.


On 19 July 2007, I had literally been kidnapped from a court by Lord Blair et al, during live proceedings to stop me giving evidence in a case I nevertheless won)   


The British Establishment of politicians and media et al then invited along the worlds intelligence services et al and their mercenaries to pose as protesters between 1 May 2010 and 4 May 2012 to try and illegally ‘remove’ Brian and myself, during which Brian, who would have made the best Mayor of London ever, because he did love and care about people, died.


(The British and Australian governments only admitted in 2011, the adults who had posed as my parents and godparents etc who very obviously exploited me against my will when they completely changed my identity when I was a child in Australia, during the Franco era, so I could never find my family or way home, had really worked for the highest echelons of the intelligence services.


I was only five years old when I was terrorised by a gunman in Australia (at the farm) in 1967, which was the same year as the Six Day War in the Golan. I was left so traumatised by what happened to me as a small child that I was powerless to do anything about, that the first words I ever really spoke of my own, when I was ten years old were, I want to go home.


When I was a responsible adult I stood up, to stop terror in the UK, and the top cop who posed as the protector of people, literally terrorised me.


The people who declared the independent Jewish state acted legitimately and did not need to rely on Balfour, because no government helped Jewish people during World War Two. No-one could say they did not know the Holocaust could happen because there had been centuries of persecution including the Spanish Inquisition and Albigensian Crusade. The Jewish State legitimately used reasonable force in self defence (ie. S(3)1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 in the Golan)


I had travelled to Australia on 10 September 1996 to be re-united with my little sister, who I was raised separately from, who sadly while I was then living in the UK, died four years later on 10 September 2000 during the summer olympics in Australia, when she was 36 years and six days old.


... 10 september 1996 - 10 september 2000... 


This was during the ‘landmark’ R v Osip ‘era’ in Australia that I guess can be attributed to the Treaty of Utrecht too, when my twin nephews in my brothers family were executed and died on 19 February 1999 and later in 2001.


That all happened on the ‘watch’ of Mr Osama Bin ‘Yellow Cake’ Downer who had been installed as the (now former) FM in Australia on 11 March 1996, before he was later wholly complicit in my torture in the UK from 2006 onwards, until he resigned on 14 July 2008. This was before he was later hiding away as an ‘ambassador’ in the Australian embassy in London still profiting from ‘privatizing’ spying etc, before the former AG Brandis followed him by hiding in the London Embassy too)


I am an ordinary civilian woman who is different from Australians, like the Global Murdoch et al, incl. Cardinal Pell, ‘Sir’ Lynton Crosby, and fmr FM Downer and fmr AG Brandis, because I never claimed ’superior’ rights and entitlements over and above anyone else.


This statement is true.


Donna Bugat (formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with their global centuries old illegitimate landholdings which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.




















27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!