Donna Black-cat: If politicians ‘elected’ me EU President on 2 Nov 2019 I would transfer power/repeal Treaty of Utrecht with elections for publicly elected civilian EU President etc in 2020 that would also set important legal precedent for universal health care (13.04.2019)




The EU President should be a) a civilian b) directly elected by the public, which would peacefully transfer power/repeal the Treaty of Utrecht.


It is six years today since I was exiled in the EU (where I have been resident for the past six years) from the UK in the endless 11 April (2008) Treaty of Utrecht ‘switches’ etc.


If politicians elected Donna Black-cat as EU President on 2 November 2019 to do the transfer, I would hold elections for a publicly elected civilian EU president etc in 2020 (that would effectively repeal Treaty of Utrecht) that also set an important legal precedent for universal health care.


This would include everyone having access to alternative medical health treatment too.


I could in turn also nominate someone else, to what would effectively be an interim EU Presidency, having still set an important legal precedent on universal health care. (Politicians would however need to agree to give me access to medical treatment of my own choice now).


I would probably need a 30 metre 4G mast with 289 sq metres etc coverage etc somewhere within a 4km vicinity of my nature lovers paradise to share/transfer power and so on.


I am also going to spend time in Australia (i have been resident outside the UK in the EU for 6 years now) to use a ’New Start allowance’ to encourage the business community in Australia to invest in the new ‘gold rush’ which is the conversion to clean renewable energy.


It would be nice if I could find somewhere small near Prahran Market in Melbourne, because I missed out on being there with my family when I was a small girl, but I could have business meetings there in the courtyard of a different kind, over a cappuccino.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)