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Donna Black-cat ‘Press Release’: I am going to return to the UK, from exile in the EU, where I have been resident for past six years, to launch (pan-EU) ’Autonomous’ (political party) (12.04.2019)


‘Press Release’




I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion pipsqueak peacenik ‘converso’ who at 57 years young and 5ft 5 and a half inches tall and 7 and a half stone (45kgs) is an authentic civilian voice of peace who can do international law.


I am going to return to UK from exile in the EU where I have been resident for the past six years to launch (pan-EU) ’Autonomous’ (political party) which means I will be living and travelling in the UK and elsewhere in the EU, which will help promote genuine freedom of movement too.


(God sent me into the wilderness to a nature lovers paradise because he knows I am fond of peace)


‘Autonomous’: a community based political party for all the family, responsibly leveraging the unlimited potential of clean renewable energy to help build stable economies to make everyone healthy and wealthy.


A central platform of the ‘Autonomous’ political party will be to reverse the cycle of government debt by responsibly leveraging the unlimited potential in clean renewable energy to help build stable economies that make everyone healthy and wealthy.


The ability to organize a modest political party is obviously more important to me than my lawsuits which I would therefore put in ‘abeyance’ because politicians only used political trials to try and exclude me from politics. 


It is possible I could initially apply for ‘Job-seekers Allowance’ instead because building a pan-EU political party which would require me to spend time in the UK and on the continent is certainly going to be a full time job in itself, to produce elected representatives. However, it would be better for ‘Autonomous’ to accept small donations from members of the public to help with food, water and logistics like transport etc.


There would be a £1 donation for people who want to enjoy membership of ‘Autonomous’ and all members would be Ambassadors. People would be able to make small regular donations to ‘Autonomous’ too.


Businesses would be invited to donate/sponsor goods and services rather than money.


Autonomous would also run an NGO ‘wing’ so members had the opportunity to initiate and participate in voluntary work in the community in the UK and elsewhere.


The registered address for the ‘Autonomous’ political party would be my private residential address outside the UK in the EU.


I know Brian would have approved of and encouraged this endeavour, because he wanted to stand for election as Mayor of London. 



‘Autonomous’ welcomes:

  • enthusiastic and energetic people of all ages and from all walks of life, and in particular young people interested in contributing to and being involved in shaping all aspects of politics.

  • family participation

  • a willingness to build links and work with and further international dialogue with politicians from other political parties including in the UK, EU, British Commonwealth, and elsewhere.

  • the business community

  • encouraging safe public spaces for everyone in the family of all ages to enjoy politics.

‘A Festival of ideas’ everyone can help make a reality incl:

  • publicly consult and agree on a UK Constitution

  • campaign for a publicly elected EU President and pan-EU referendum to build public consensus for an EU Constitution to help reduce the democratic deficit in the EU.

  • agree a health and welfare package valid for all UK nationals in the UK, EU, British Commonwealth and elsewhere to build genuine freedom of movement

    This would include a review of ‘Job-seekers allowance’ so it supports people in building cottage industries.

  • consider a British Commonwealth - EU - United States union with freedom of movement for people and trade (which begins to address all ’sides’ of referendum arguments) 

          (In practise it would probably be easier to negotiate an EU-United States union with freedom

           movement for people and trade. The practical historical legacy of the larger British far from

           Commonwealth which includes India means an ‘anomalous’ colonial ‘union’ of all sorts, which

           has a larger population than the combined population of the EU and United States)

  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would become equal partners in decision making in Westminster in England.

  • participate in helping to facilitate and progress peace talks around the Mediterranean and elsewhere

  • (re) introduce free university education a ‘no truncheons policy’ (and we mean it. The ‘Autonomous’ party would not enter into an agreement/deal with any other political party unless they subscribed to this fundamental policy)

  • ** invest a minimum of at least 2% of the annual GDP in conversion to clean renewable energy in the public and business sector

  • create a new clean renewable energy department to develop and bring in specialism to this growing and important public and private sector which has sooooooo much unlimited potential to help make everyone healthy and wealthy

  • *** conduct and publish the results of a comprehensive public consultation and review of simplifying the tax system for the public and businesses.
  • prioritise providing affordable accommodation for all homeless people incl. a 24 hour phone-line to connect and direct people to the necessary services while keeping a database of the causes of homelessness. Build partnerships with the business community to operate ‘kibbutz’ initiatives that offer training and communal living.

  • conduct regular on-line referendums with party members and the public.

  • union and business leaders would be invited to consult on encouraging higher wages and generating meaningful employment opportunities.

  • ‘Autonomous’ party members who are elected representatives in Parliament would agree to a basic personal salary that was the same as the average wage/not more than 4 times the lowest average salary.


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)














27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!