Donna: Messrs, policy AN3991XX dated 12 July 2013 means British Commonwealth, EU and US should unite with improved governance incl. freedom of movement for people & trade in conversion to clean renewable energy to begin repeal of Treaty of Utrecht on 11 April 2019 (08.04.2019)





Re: Your letter dated 2 April 2019 asking for my response by 12 April 2019.


I am a Catalan Italian British Australian ‘mixed’ race and religion ‘converso’ pipsqueak peacenik exile who at 57 years young and 5 and a half foot tall and seven and a half stone (45kgs) is an authentic civilian voice of peace who can do international law.


The relevant facts include I am the only person who holds:


a) a High Court Order dated 16 April 2008




b) a policy number AN3991XX I bought dated 12 July 2013 which gives me legal representation and protection so only my claims remain.


I have a claim on that policy.


I am respectfully requesting the current EU President from Luxembourg resigns so there is a new deal for the UK to stay in the EU, with:


a) an interim EU President appointed to hold an election for a publicly elected EU President in 2020 along with


b) a pan-EU referendum to publicly build/agree a justiciable EU Constitution, which would naturally begin to repeal the Treaty of Utrecht 11 April 1714.


My policy allows me to make a claim to a) provide me with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover so I can choose whatever medical treatment I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, and to be reimbursed for b) all the expenses I have incurred since I was forced out of the UK on 13 April 2013 along with c) a ‘new start’ allowance/pension etc and d) ‘green cards’ for my family and myself, should we ever wish to make use of them.


I could, if necessary, meet and sign any relevant documents in a small public cafe, opposite the church in a nearby village, within a reasonable walking distance.


The British Commonwealth, EU and United States should be united with genuine freedom of movement for people and trade because it makes legal and economic sense at all levels, including to make a new union more competitive with the emerging economies of India, China and Africa. The conversion to clean renewable energy is an ideal time to make positive change that has so much unlimited potential to make everyone healthy and wealthy.


The Catalan President in exile is for example an equal of and to the Unites States President.



The historical facts are, I was grabbed by the British and Australian Fremantle intelligence services when I was a child and they posed as my parents and godparents, while they completely changed my identity including my nationality, during the Franco era, purely because of my being a Catalan Italian and my father’s surname.


The actions of adults in the British and Australian governments towards a defenceless civilian child were identifiably grossly negligent etc. I am the Catalan Mr Tebbit was referring to on 2 April 2018, because I have obviously been completely 'disenfranchised' in every conceivable way possible, since I was a child.


A jury would know the governments hijacked my identity solely because they were trying to stop any legal challenges to the British Treaty of Utrecht over Gibraltar, because that would ‘unravel’ the entire colonial era, to I guess inevitably also include a legal challenge to colonial rule in Australia too, involving stolen generations of Aboriginal children.


The UK government passed anti-competition legislation on 7 April 2005, to stop ordinary people standing for public office and competing with global corporations. So following the terror atrocity in the UK on 7/7 I stood with Brian Haw who did want to stand for public office, to do our best to try and stop terror and repeal the anti-competition legislation to try and protect everyone.


There were no terror attacks in the UK on my seven plus year watch, in the disputed Golan of Parliament Square, Central London (during which Brian and myself were subjected to the longest political trials in English history) because everyone saw politicians and global corporations trying to stop and illegally ‘remove’ our doing peace !!


We visibly really did publicly stand and ‘defend the realm’ to protect defenceless civilians, while politicians et al who were blatantly rigging elections, lamented that otherwise "a protester" could get elected to politics.


We walked the talk and did what we said we would try and do, for everyone, to repeal legislation, without the luxury of lawyers, politicians and what are really government NGO’s, none of whom wanted to repeal blatant anti-competition legislation.


I was the small child who as an adult woman did do my best to take back sufficient ‘control’ by visibly doing peace, in the most public way possible, on a very difficult front line, for a very long 24/7 seven plus years.


When the British PM and Mayor of London orchestrated a violent attack by an ‘unknown’ assailant against me on 17 August 2007,  I was not in Parliament Square or campaigning, while they were trying to exile me. It was too ‘inconvenient’ for politicians et al to a) have our lawsuits with a jury, which would b) have obviously resulted in elections, so I took back limited ’control’ with a High Court Order on 16 April 2008, against everyone involved.


The evidence is the British and Australian governments intended to at best exile me the minute I walked into Parliament Square, Central London, because I had paid taxes in both countries and so the only way they could avoid a jury over civil lawsuits in the UK was to exile me, because they would also have to avoid paying benefits too, in the absence of legal representation to settle lawsuits.


I was eventually forced into exile on 13 April 2013, after Brian died in Bremen Germany on 18 June 2011, and the government introduced the ‘British Mandate’’/Western Wall legislation against me in 2012. The records show that after I was exiled from the UK on 13 April 2013, I travelled by train from Hanover in Germany on 4 July 2013, to where I now live and am settled and paid for a policy on 12 July 2013. The records show I could not know and did not know at that time that the governments would continue to refuse to settle my lawsuits etc, which can nevertheless be peacefully settled through that policy.




The legal and economic reality is the British Commonwealth, EU and United States would be better off joining together in freedom of movement for people and trade in a time that includes a conversion to clean renewable energy that has unlimited potential to make everyone healthy and wealthy. In the future people will be able to make the choice where they want to live and work based on all sorts of political, cultural, religious and familial variables. Germany for example had to import 1 million people from outside the EU, to meet its labour needs, while Poland moved to the UK after enlargement, because we proved with the anti-competition legislation that Europe has not modernised since the Treaty of Utrecht, in real terms, so there are all sorts of anomalies across the EU. A wider union would address most of the publicly articulated concerns of people and a number of legal issues, such as the US military in Europe which is probably the Americans biggest trade deal really.


The British Commonwealth and EU are holding back progress for the public with genuine freedom of movement, because the EU like the British Commonwealth does not have a publicly elected Presidency or publicly agreed Constitution. The original Benelux countries who grew into the EU were a mix of monarchies and republics so they quickly regressed to accepting the model of an unelected Head of State.


The EU must have a publicly elected Presidency and publicly agreed Constitution so everyone else can either agree or amend their own and find common ground with the U.S. The centre piece of a political union must begin with an agreed pan-EU health and welfare package which is not a ‘cultural’ choice but rather a basic necessity for anyone, to guarantee genuine freedom of movement for people. This would for example not only make it harder for politicians et al to exile someone but mean that exiles can genuinely make a ‘new start’ anyway.


It is possible politicians may have to work out a new wider form of the ECJ to manage the different/competing legal systems because there are strengths and weaknesses in all the legal systems, that could be combined to produce the best possible legal system to first serve the public. However Russia who does not belong to European Union does belong to the ECHR and litigates in European countries as do other countries so it is not clear there are insurmountable legal issues.


The British Commonwealth, EU and US should start the legal processes in the wider conversion to clean renewable energy to make everyone healthy and wealthy. China is already embarking on developing solar energy at the business level. The Arab world must do a deal with the Jewish state of Israel because future governance will not be solely based on/nor able to rely on oil, so part of the process around the Mediterranean will also eventually be the managed removal of borders there too.


The Jewish State of Israel should be a safe space like Switzerland. People were legally entitled to declare their independence with a Jewish State, which was not contingent on the Balfour Declaration or anything else at the time of a deliberate failure in Europe to acknowledge and address the true situation of exiles at the supposed end of World War Two.


Catalans were still living under and never liberated from the brutal dictatorship of the unelected Franco in Spain, while Europe et al looked the other way and divvied up the spoils of war and offloaded eastern Europe too etc etc.


Catalans ‘autonomy’ rather than whatever ‘independence’ is supposed to mean, is arguably the best model for improved governance because central governments in nation states will eventually need to recognise autonomous regions as equals. 


The world including Latin America, Russia, Asia and Africa will eventually be re-united too through the conversion to clean renewable energy which will naturally help to improve governance.


People everywhere will have the ability to develop the unlimited potential to build cottage industries alongside more responsible global corporations which will complement one another. 


This statement is true.


Donna (formerly known as Babs Tucker)